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Ace-Ops vs. Geist "Ace Operatives" Won
Team RWBY vs. Ace-Ops "With Friends Like These" Lost


Prior to the start of the series, Elm graduated from Atlas Academy, enlisting into the Atlesian army and becoming the member of the Ace Operatives specialists.

Following the Fall of Beacon, James Ironwood enlisted Elm, as well as the rest of Ace-Ops, into his secret group with the goal of stopping Salem and her forces through the use of the Amity Communications Tower.


In MantleEdit

V7 02 00052

Harriet and her team were called into Mantle because of reports of a stolen Atlesian airship entering its airspace and because of the unauthorized use of weapons by civilians. The culprits were Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Qrow Branwen and Oscar Pine, who defended the city from a pack of Sabyrs. Harriet and her team caught them by surprise and seized their weapons before leaving them in the custody of the authorities.

Following their release of their quarries, Harriet and the rest of Ace-Ops apologize for the miscommunication, before the students are introduced to Atlas Academy by Penny Polendina

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Geist HuntEdit

V7 04 00100

In the mission to the Schnee Dust Company Mine #2, Elm joins Vine Zeki and Team JNPR into the caves. She later defeats the Geist in the caves along with the rest of Ace-Ops.

After the mission, Elm is seeing lifting Ruby Rose on her shoulders in celebration. Team RWBY, Jaune Arc, and Nora Valkyrie later discussed Huntsmen work with Elm and Harriet Bree, where the two Ace-Ops Huntresses relented that the Ace-Ops team weren't friends, to the students' shock.

After the mission, Elm joins Vine and Marrow Amin in congratulating Ruby's Group for their promotion into being fully-fledged Huntsmen. She later helps them train and to prepare for the Amity project.

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A Banquet at Schnee ManorEdit

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Harriet later attended the dinner at the Schnee Manor in "Cordially Invited", as one of Ironwood's guests. Harriet, along with Elm and Vine Zeki, attended the main party on standby in case Ironwood needed further evidence in defending his seat in the council.

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