Edward Caspian is a character from RWBY: After the Fall. He is a veteran Huntsman from the settlement of Sumire, and the grandfather of August Caspian.


Edward is a slender, old man in his early 70s who is described as being surprisingly fit for someone his age. His hair is silver and is tied into a ponytail.


Edward can best be described as a person who is proud of their past. He is highly attached to his occupation as an active Huntsman, even though most other Huntsmen don't ever live to be that age. He is welcoming and confident of his abilities despite his age.

However, Edward can be somewhat defensive of Gus, due to the feeling of wanting to protect him, given August's parents passed away recently. Additionally, due to his age, Ed can occasionally have flashes of foggy memory, resulting in him sleepwalking on the occasion,

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite his age, Edward remains a capable Huntsman in combat. He wields a small buckler shield with a metal blade attached to it, and it has a gun mounted onto it.


Edward's Semblance allows him to temporarily block a target from using their own. When he is lucid, Ed can focus on singular targets at a time. However, his foggy memory causes his Semblance to be unstable at times, affecting everyone in the area.


At some point in his youth, Edward became a professional Huntsman and had a child. Eventually, his child married and had August Caspian, making Edward a grandfather.

Edward's progeny was killed during a Grimm outbreak in the settlement of Sumire, causing Ed to take Gus under his care. The two of them befriended and hired Carmine Esclados and Bertilak Celadon to safely transport them to Gossan. The group eventually reached Gossan, but then moved to Feldspar as the original settlement was destroyed by Grimm, where they met Team CFVY.

The Huntsmen-in-training lead the nomadic tribes to the settlement of Coquina, but when a sandstorm blew over, Carmine and Bertilak revealed their scheme to kidnap and traffic the Caspians to an unknown employer for their Semblances. Ed was captured by Bertilak, then was rescued by Fox Alistair. From there, they helped the rest of Team CFVY defeat Carmine, resulting in the duo's arrest. Edward and Gus safely make it to Coquina, a safe settlement.


  • Edward is derived from the Old English name Eadweard, meaning wealthy or fortunate guardian. Wealth brings silver, bronze, gold, and green colors to mind
  • "Caspian" is a shade of the color blue, as well as the world's largest inland sea.
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