But for a generous tip, we can make sure your passenger car gets extra special attention should things get dangerous.
—Dudley, to Ruby and her friends

Dudley is a Huntsman appearing in "Argus Limited" with his friend Dee. He was hired to protect the Argus Limited from the Grimm on its way to Argus.


Dudley is a tall, muscular man with a goatee beard. His brown hair is tied to a bun, with a small fringe hanging over his right eye. Dudley wears a beige shirt with a blue and yellow sleeveless, unbuttoned tailcoat over it. He wears black fingerless gloves with leather paddings on them and gray pants.

Powers and Abilities


Dudley's weapon is a black and brassy yellow hunting rifle, capable of firing a singular shot at a time. It is unknown if he still has the weapon, as Dudley was holding the rifle when he broke his arm trying to retreat aboard the Argus Limited.


  • Dee and Dudley appear to be based on Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Through the Looking-Glass, the sequel to Alice in Wonderland.
  • The name Dudley has its origin in Old English and means "Dudda's clearing", with the element "lean" meaning wood, clearing, meadow.
  • Both Dee and Dudley struggled to graduate from their respective academies before being hired as escorts for the Argus Limited.[2]


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