But for a generous tip, we can make sure your passenger car gets extra special attention should things get dangerous.
—Dudley, to Ruby and her friends

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Dudley is a Huntsman appearing in "Argus Limited" with his friend Dee. He was hired to protect the Argus Limited from the Grimm on its way to Argus.


Dudley is a tall, muscular man with a goatee beard. His brown hair is tied to a bun, with a small fringe hanging over his right eye. Dudley wears a beige shirt with a blue and yellow sleeveless, unbuttoned tailcoat over it. He wears black fingerless gloves with leather paddings on them and gray pants.

Powers and Abilities


Dudley's weapon is a black and brassy yellow hunting rifle, capable of firing a singular shot at a time. It is unknown if he still has the weapon, as Dudley was holding the rifle when he broke his arm trying to retreat aboard the Argus Limited.


Dudley and his friend Dee are introduced in the Mistral train station, telling Team RWBY, Team RNJR and Oscar Pine that they will keep the passengers safe from the Grimm. Qrow Branwen then appears, telling the two Huntsmen that one of them left the staff entrance to the caboose wide open and warning them about losing their job. During the train fight, a Manticore took Dee out of the fight and Dudley broke his arm trying to retreat back inside the train. Jaune Arc uses his Semblance to heal Dudley's arm.

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  • Dee and Dudley appear to be based on Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Through the Looking-Glass, the sequel to Alice in Wonderland.
  • The name Dudley has its origin in Old English and means "Dudda's clearing", with the element "lean" meaning wood, clearing, meadow.
  • Both Dee and Dudley struggled to graduate from their respective academies before being hired as escorts for the Argus Limited.[2]


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