Episode 2 - "Dread in the Air"

  1. Model - At 3:44, when the Seer wraps a tentacle around Leonardo Lionheart's neck, it has a blade as it is moving toward him, but when it wraps around his neck, it has a spike instead. Furthermore, both of the Seer's bladed tentacles can be seen hanging beneath it.
  2. Model - At 4:06, the Seer points a spiked tentacle at Lionheart's eye. However, at 4:09, the tentacle ends in a blade instead of a spike.
  3. Model - At 8:06, Myrtenaster contains Dust, but at 8:19, it is suddenly empty. Weiss Schnee begins loading vials of Dust into it, starting with red and light blue. At 8:21, she has dropped vials of red and light blue Dust and then drops a vial of yellow Dust, despite there being no need.
  4. Model - At 8:17, Weiss opens a crate containing vials of five different colors of Dust. She uses this crate to reload Myrtenaster, which contains six different colors of Dust. White is the color that Myrtenaster contains that the crate does not.
  5. Model - At 11:44, the right edge of the screen mirrors the Queen Lancer, the explosion, and the sky.
  6. Model - At 15:32, the decorative spears on Sienna Khan's throne are missing.
  7. Model - At 18:16, and 19:13, Blush is missing from Adam Taurus' hip.
  8. Model - At 18:33, when Sienna Khan's body falls down the stairs, Adam has two swords. He is holding one in his hand, and the other is sheathed.

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