Dove Bronzewing is a former student of Beacon Academy, and a member of Team CRDL. His weapon is Hallshott, a bronze short-sword.


Dove has light-brown hair that is combed to the left. He keeps his eyes nearly closed, at a very noticeable squint, though it is unknown why he does so. He wears tan-colored chest and back armour with shoulder armor alongside a belt that bears a dove on its buckle with four sections of tanned fabric attached to it. He is described as being pudgy. He also wears tan knee-high boots.

He also wears vambraces on his arms that are the same color as the rest of his armor. Underneath the armor, he wears a black shirt and black pants with a black scarf around his neck.


Although he has not had any speaking lines, Dove appears to be a serious person. Like the rest of his team, he has shown himself to be a bully, as he was laughing when Cardin Winchester pulls Velvet Scarlatina's ears.

Dove seems to get annoyed easily, quickly brushing off Sky when he puts his hand on Dove's shoulder. Dove is seen to be a coward as he flees from an Ursa with Sky Lark and Russel Thrush, leaving Cardin to fend for himself.

Powers and Abilities

Dove displays impressive acrobatic ability and balance as he performs multiple-spin flips to evade Pyrrha's strikes. He also has some skill in marksmanship, with all his shots being directed toward Pyrrha and not missing, although they are blocked.

The The World of RWBY: The Official Companion confirms that Dove was the most skilled member of team CRDL.


Main article: Hallshott

Dove's weapon of choice is Hallshott. In "Extracurricular", Dove is shown to have exceptional skill with a sword, being able to go toe to toe against Pyrrha Nikos, although he is later inadvertently knocked aside by Cardin and removed from the fight. When fighting Pyrrha alongside Russel, the two have coordination enough to avoid hitting each other as they continually drive back their enemy.


Color Naming Rule

  • The name "Dove Bronzewing" is in keeping with the bird theme for Team CRDL.
  • Doves are also a bird species known for their pure white color. Another form of dove, known as a Bronzewing, has feathers colored bronze.
  • The bronzewing pigeon is a type of pigeon native to Australia.


  • It is mentioned in the Volume 2 Directors Commentary that Dove might be the strongest member of Team CRDL.


  • Dove typically has his eyes closed. The only time they are seen opened is in "Forever Fall".


  • Ironically, although Dove has been shown to be a bully and disloyal teammate, doves are a near-universal symbol of peace and faith.
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