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The Domain of Light is the former home of the God of Light and the antithesis of the Land of Darkness. The Fountain of Life is located there at the God of Light's Shrine.


The Domain of Light is a sacred place and was the domain of the God of Light. Humans used to come to pray to the God for his blessings, who would emerge from his Fountain of Life.

It is set in a small canyon, walled off on all sides save for one point of terrestrial access via a tan set of stone stairs. The area is filled with brilliantly golden-yellow flowers broken up only by patches of gray rock. In the center is the Fountain of Life, at the back of which is an immense tree with dark gold leaves. It is a serene location that emanates a sense of life and power about it.

The Domain of Light appears to have been located in a mountainous region, as snow-capped peaks can be seen behind the Fountain of Life and from the area leading to the entrance.

The Fountain has magical properties imbued by the God of Light, as being submerged in it granted Salem immortality. After she is submerged, the surface of the water supports her body as land would. It is unclear whether this is a general property of the Fountain or as a result of the God of Light.


The God of Light created the Domain along with the world that would become Remnant. One day while residing there, Salem approached him with the plea to bring Ozma back from the dead. The God of Light denied her, and she went to the God of Darkness. After the God of Darkness accepted her request for Ozma, the God of Light arrived, and, after a short disagreement with his brother, revealed that Salem had gone to him before the God of Darkness. After the Brother Gods clashed, the God of Light was at odds with Salem, and he transported her back to the Domain of Light, where she was cursed with immortality as punishment for her deception.

After receiving this punishment, Salem united the world's people as an army against the Gods and led them to the Domain of Light. They unleashed their gift of magic on the Gods who granted it to them, and the God of Darkness harnessed their attack. He collected the magic in his hand and crushed it, sending a shockwave around the world that exterminated all of Humanity except for Salem. The Gods departed Remnant, and Salem was left to toil in the aftermath.

Given that the Land of Darkness exists in present-day Remnant, it is likely the Domain of Light remains in the world as well, albeit changed.


  • The initials of the Domain of Light and Land of Darkness are mirrored, tying into them being parallels of each other.
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