For the episode of the same name, see Divide (episode).

"Divide" is a song from the RWBY: Volume 3 Soundtrack that was played over the credits of the RWBY Volume 3 finale, "End of the Beginning". It is the theme of Salem.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Does it feel good? Knowing you tried?
Knowing that all that remains
Is the slow cold brutal death
Of the fools that will all die in vain

How does it feel
Knowing your efforts will fail?
All that you've built will be torn down
The hope of your people assailed

Send your guardians
They will fail
Legends and heroes will crumble and fall
You will not prevail

When allied together
A threat men display
Divide them with doubt
It will all wash away

One spark can incite their hope
And ignite the hearts of their weary souls
I will extinguish that flame

Form your armies dream your dreams
Make your plans and plot your schemes

Send your fighters one and all
Then in battle watch them fall

It was you who ended their lives
Made them to dig their own graves
With your dark, sick, cruel design
Convinced them their world could be saved

Have you no shame?
Signing them up for your war
Train them to fight what they can't beat
Your sins are what they'll pay for

Sacrifice them
For your needs
Slaughter is coming, the end drawing near
You'll regret your deeds

Legends and fairy tales
Scattered in time
Maidens and kingdoms
Wrapped up in a lie

These children you mislead
You'll watch them all bleed
Strength will not bring victory

Divide them
Tear them apart
Sever their trust
It will strangle their hearts

Inside them
Plant seeds of doubt
Hope will be smothered
They'll turn on each other

Hatred will sprout
Suspicion and doubt
Friendships deny
While allegiances die

The taste will be sweet
When you get what you've earned
And I'll watch you burn[1][2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This song, playing right after the appearance of Salem at the conclusion of "End of the Beginning", appears to be directed at Ozpin.
    • The line "Strength will not bring victory" calls back to the first episode, in which Salem also states that "there will be no victory in strength" during the opening narration.
    • "Maidens and kingdoms / Wrapped up in a lie" refers to the four Maidens and four Kingdoms of Remnant.
    • The line “Train them to fight what they can't beat” might be a reference to Salem’s immortality, and how she cannot be destroyed.
    • The last line, "And I'll watch you burn" is also reminiscent of Salem's line from "End of the Beginning", "And I can't wait to watch you burn".
    • The line “Legends and fairy tales scattered in time” might be referencing both the motif's of teams JNPR and RWBY which are gender-bent warriors and legends and fairy tale characters.

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