Chapter 2: The Starfall Ghost

But you have done me a good turn already! You have used your Semblance, and now it's time for me to use mine. It would be terrible for me to prove myself in the quest of the Zodiac--
—Diana, demonstrates her Semblance to Blake
Let me show you the hidden star-path to my island, my new firend... My mothers will be worried about me.
—Diana, to Blake

Chapter 4: The New Team RWBY

If you are wondering, I do have a soul, and I do have a Semblance. In times of need, I can call upon three gifts.. A tiana, to keep my mind clear. A lasso, to make the truth known. And gauntlets, to defend all living things from harms.
—Diana, introducing herself to everyone

Chapter 6: The Machine Teen

I must you, new friend. I have completed the twelve trails of the zodiac. And whether you like it or not, we are alike. And I know the one thing and both our bodies are vulnerable to is powers.
—Diana, to Victor

Chapter 9: The Answer

The many colored comet was the first sign among my mothers. It led them to the prophecy of the black, the white, and the gray-- The trinity that would bring order to chaos, and avoid a terrible war.
—Diana, speak about a prophecy to everyone
My mothers thought I was ready to go into the world. They knew I would not belong. They knew I would be singular and alone. I never expected to find friends. And though we have only just met, you are each more dear to me than you shall ever know. And when I say I will risk you. Risk my heart's desire to do the right thing, I know what it is I ask.
—Diana, to everyone

About Diana Prince

From the sacred seas, we took water to turn that earth into lcay. In the heat of the yellow sun, in the fires of the deep, we forged that clay into pottery, into ceramics, into nacre. Others are born. Our princess was built.
—Diana's mothers explaining Diana's origins
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