Episode 7 - "Dance Dance Infiltration"

  1. Model - At 6:17, the background characters shown on the dance floor are replaced by Sun, Blake, Ren and Nora in the next scene.
  2. Model - The background characters at 7:27 are replaced by Ren and Nora at 7:32 after Jaune takes Pyrrha to dance.
  3. Model - During the JNPR dance routine, the circles indicating light sources are still visible on the chandeliers.
  4. Model - During her infiltration of the Cross Continental Transmit System Tower, Cinder Fall's mask had disappeared during some scenes in her fight with the guards at 9:48, 9:50-9:52, 9:54-9:57, and 10:05-10:08. (This was later fixed in the Netflix version.)
  5. Model - At 9:52, the guard Cinder kicks in the stomach has two swords.
  6. Model - At 10:03, the guard Cinder knocks down is improperly layered into the scene. He is supposed to be between her and the camera, but he is behind her instead.

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