Throughout the years, the world of Remnant has seen hundreds of technological advances that changed society, the most influential out of all of them, being the Cross Continental Transmit System.

Prior to the invention of the CCTS, long range communication was extremely limited. The discovery and development of radio technology allowed for communication within the boundaries of most Kingdoms. But communication with other parts of the world was restricted to the physical delivery of messengers.

With every alternative form of communication that was proposed, there seemed to be the perfect obstacle.

The destructive nature of the creatures of Grimm severely limited the reliability of ground-based technologies.

The concept of relay satellites orbiting around the planet was promising. Unfortunately, modern man has yet to make the technological advancements to achieve spaceflight, as all known Dust types lose their power as they begin to leave Remnant's atmosphere.

Eventually, it was the people of Atlas, the world's leader in science and technology, that developed the Cross Continental Transmit system.

It was revolutionary. Like radio, signals were sent and received wirelessly, though the contents of these transmissions were not nearly as limited. Audio, video, images and text were all capable of transmission. Eventually, an entire online web of information was at mankind's fingertips.

Currently, the system is supported by four primary relay towers, each located within a safeguarded area of the kingdoms. These towers allow for wireless communication within a Kingdom through the use of devices such as Scrolls. The signals become less reliable the farther a user travels from the CCT Tower.

And although smaller support towers do exist outside of Kingdoms, they are constantly at risk of destruction by the creatures of Grimm.

Shortcomings aside, for the first time in history, digital transmissions between Kingdoms were possible through the use of slightly more advanced devices, typically found in homes and CCT centers.

The Cross Continental Transmit System has, and will continue to advance the progression of mankind. However, if one of the four towers is taken offline, the entire network falls with it, a slight inconvenience during routine maintenance.

But to be honest, I find the limitations somewhat poetic. No one voice is louder than the others, and no voice may be silent without the rest. If the people of Remnant are to speak, then they shall do so together...

... or not at all.

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