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White Fang vs. Belladonna Household

"Alone Together"
"A Perfect Storm"
"True Colors"



In Menagerie

Corsac and Fennec at the Belladonna doorstep

Corsac Albain first appears with his brother Fennec Albain at Blake Belladonna's home on the continent of Menagerie. They arrive for a meeting with Blake's father Ghira Belladonna as White Fang representatives. Their presence visibly displeases Blake and Sun Wukong who reveal the White Fang's presence at the fall of Beacon Academy. Corsac and Fennec defend the organization from Adam Taurus' involvement and offer to give Ghira documents suggesting how to "apprehend and punish these strays", but he refuses and later shuts the front door on them. While departing from the large home, Corsac and Fennec plan to tell Adam of Blake's return.

Ilia Amitola, a close White Fang member, meets with them on a rooftop at night and kneels.

As Ghira goes public about Adam Taurus' involvement at the fall of Beacon and his plans to usurp the White Fang and attack Haven Academy, Ilia disrupts him and escapes. The brothers look at each other in approval.

Corsac and Fennec order Ilia to attack the Belladonna family.

Sometime after, Corsac and Fennec receive a message from Adam about his success in taking over the White Fang. He instructs the brothers to have Ghira and Kali Belladonna killed and Blake brought to him alive. Corsac says Adam is the right person to lead the organization for the time being. When Ilia arrives, the brothers task her and others with capturing Blake and killing her family.

Corsac and Fennec personally lead the White Fang during the attack on the Belladonna Household. Finding Ghira, the brothers prepare to fight to depose the chieftain permanently. The brothers nearly defeat Ghira until he is rescued by Blake and Sun, with the former trapping their weapons in an ice Shadow clone. After breaking free, Corsac and Fennec prepare to fight Ghira and Sun while Blake leaves to find Kali.

Downfall and Arrest

Eventually, the fight is taken to an open room that was set ablaze. Despite Fennec stabbing Ghira in the back, the brothers are knocked out by Ghira. While Corsac is unconscious, Fennec tries to kill Ghira but is crushed by a fallen walkway and dies in a Dust explosion. Getting up, Corsac prepares to attack the Belladonnas again but is electrocuted and knocked out by Ilia. He is then arrested by the Menagerie Guard, with their captain asking if Fennec's death was worth carrying out the attack.

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