We understand if you bear any skepticism towards these claims. The White Fang's tactics are admittedly, more aggressive since you stepped down as High Leader and became Chieftain of Menagerie. But this, this is no way to make our message heard.
—Corsac Albain, about the White Fang

Corsac Albain is an antagonist in RWBY. He first appeared in the Volume 4 episode "Menagerie" alongside his brother Fennec Albain. He was a representative of the White Fang on the continent of Menagerie. His weapon of choice was one of Cyclone and Inferno laced with either Fire or Wind Dust, with his brother wielding the other. He serves as a secondary antagonist in Volume 5.

After losing the fight to eliminate the Belladonna Family Household and losing his brother Fennec in said fight, Corsac is arrested by the Guards.


Corsac, without his hood

Corsac is a dark-skinned man who wears his hair styled in a mohawk with shaved sides. He is a fox Faunus whose trait is a tail, and is noticeably taller than his brother.

Corsac wears a red hood that functions partially as a cloak, made of two pieces held together by yellow buttons and string. He wears a black tunic with two sections extending farther down than the rest at his front, and a hole is cut out for his tail. Both the hood and tunic have white trimming. He also wears detached white sleeves, bound at the mid-bicep and the wrists. Black gloves serve that function and attach to his middle fingers. His white pants are pleated. He wears black open-toed sandals with fabric extending up to his knees.


Corsac is not too dissimilar from his brother personality-wise. He is a rather soft-spoken individual, but this belies the lengths he is willing to go to promote the White Fang's beliefs in what is best for the Faunus, which includes assassination. Unlike Fennec, Corsac appears more readily willing to follow Adam Taurus' leadership, despite acknowledging the questionable state of Adam's mental health. He acknowledges that Adam's leadership may not last very long, but believes it to be the best course of action for the time being. However, this was because he and his brother only saw Adam as a means to an end who had his faults and were willing to discard him if necessary.[2]

Like Fennec, Corsac is shown to be manipulative, convincing Ilia Amitola that assassinating Ghira and Kali Belladonna is necessary, and that Ilia should use her former friendship with Blake Belladonna to help accomplish this.

However, after his brother's death, being asked by Saber Rodentia if what he did was really worth it and Blake's rallying speech, Corsac starts to show regret, and to a degree, remorse towards his actions.

Powers and Abilities

Corsac and Fennec were leaders of the White Fang branch on Menagerie and were skilled in planning and manipulating. In "Alone Together", he and his brother showed leadership skills as they led the assault on the Belladonna Mansion.

Corsac demonstrates his strength in "True Colors", engaging Ghira, a much larger and stronger opponent, in hand-to-hand combat.


Main article: Cyclone and Inferno

Corsac's weapon of choice was Cyclone and Inferno, which he and his brother wielded together. In "A Perfect Storm", it is shown that their weapons can be loaded with Dust. Corsac's is seen channeling Fire Dust, which can be combined with his brother's Wind Dust in a collaborative attack. Both weapons were destroyed when Fennec was killed.



  • Corsac and his brother may allude to Tabaqi from The Jungle book. Tabaqi was a Jackal that fed on Scraps from Shere Khan and the wolves of the Seeonee pack.

Color Naming Rule

  • Corsac is named after a species of fox known as the Corsac Fox. The foxes are typically a sandy color, but can range from red to white.



  • Many Faunus have additional elements in their design that tie into their animal traits: Corsac and Fennec's hoods are in the shape of a fox snout.


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