Notes on Transcript

  • The commentary is continuous, and is meant to be heard in the movie mode on the DVD.
  • Curly brackets {} are for things they said while someone else was talking (if heard clearly enough).
  • Horizontal lines mark 1 minute intervals from the beginning of that episode.
  • Sections in italics mark specific parts of the episode, for example the intro narration or the onscreen appearance of a character.

Best Day Ever

1. Kerry: Ayy!

2. Gray: Ayy.

3. Miles: "Must be the money!" (laughter) Sorry! I'm sorry!

4. Kerry: And {Miles: I'm sorry.} that's the beginning.

5. Gray: Two seconds in.

6. Kerry: Uh, welcome, everybody, to the "RWBY, uh, 2, I don't know what we're calling this commentary." The ug, (stutters) top, top men.

7. Monty: Big dog.

8. Miles: The top men commentary.

9. Kerry: Yeah, uh...

10. Miles: If it's not labeled as that on the DVD I'm gonna be really disappointed. (laughs slightly)

11. Kerry: It's probably not gonna be.

12. Miles: It probably won't.

13. Kerry: Uh, I am Kerry Shawcross.

14. Monty: Monty.

15. Miles: Miles Luna.

16. Gray: Gray.

17. Kerry: Alright. That's us.

(Multiple people laugh slightly.)

18. Gray: Who're you?

19. Miles: Thanks for coming, everybody. (Kerry laughs.) (Shopkeep impression) "Uh uh."

20. Kerry: Some of you, some of you got our last names, who knows, we'll see... It's on the back of the box, I guess.

Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai start talking next to "From Dust till Dawn"

21. Miles: Uh, oh my gosh, so...

22. Monty: Look at Mercury and there is, {Miles: It is.} Emerald and Mercury...

23. Miles: Here we are again guys. Another year, another, another RWBles.

24. Monty: RWBles...

25. Miles: Kinda hard to believe man.

26. Monty: And bewbles.

27. Miles: RWBles and bewbles. {Monty: Yeah.} Dude! Look at how far we come! Look at how pretty this is. {Kerry: Look at this.} Look at them facial expressions, them {Monty: Shadows...} color, them {Monty: Fingers...} yeah... I think that it'll, there's a car now right there. This is, um...

Scene change to shots of Vale.

28. Kerry: I think that car's still there.

29. Miles: Oh, whoa! Whoa, whoa, guys! We screwed up. Where're the shadow people?

30. Kerry: (Miles laughs.) Oh no.

31. Gray: I thought you were gonna put them in.

32. Kerry: I forgot to make them all dark.

33. Miles: (while laughing) "Oh no."

34. Kerry: That's what I was doing last year.

35. Miles: Yeah, that's it. You, you were compositing black over all the {Kerry: Yeah.} extras, y'know.

Emerald and Mercury walking through Vale.

36. Kerry: Yeah. (Miles laughs.) So that, that is history. And very true. We can go on with... The fact they're colored now. I'm really tired guys.

(Miles laughs slightly.)

37. Miles: Yeah, we're all really tired.

38. Monty: You guys have been sleeping right over there.

39. Miles: (with Kerry) "Yeah." Not, yeah, not five feet from where we're recording this audio commentary right now, Kerry {Monty: Uh...} and I were passed out.

40. Kerry: Miles, I think {Monty: Uh,}, I think uh, I think you need to re-evaluate five feet is.

41. Monty: Just to make {Miles: I...} sure {Miles: Can't answer.} uh...

Tukson's Book Trade interior.

42. Monty: J.J., Mercury.

43. Gray: Yes.

44. Monty: Katie, Emerald.

45. Gray: Yes.

46. Miles: Uh, book, book. Uh...

47. Monty: Tukson...

48. Miles: Adam Ellis.

49. Monty: Adam Ellis. We like Tukson so much, too bad he died.

50. Miles: Uh... (with Kerry) "What?"

51. Kerry: Spoiler alert.

52. Miles: (elongated) "Spoiler alert."

53. Kerry: Uh, just to be very clear right now. We're going to say things that are spoilery, {Monty: That bell is huge.} so don't watch the commentary first. Also we're probably gonna swear.

Tukson faces Emerald.

54. Miles: I'm gonna try not to. {Kerry: Oh, these kids.} I always, I always try to make a point not to swear with RWBY stuff, but it's very difficult seeing as I spend...

55. Miles: ...most of my time in Red vs Blue land these days.

56. Gray: Eh, some of the other commentaries have already blown it.

57. Miles: Yeah.

58. Kerry: Yeah that's fine. We're actually...

59. Miles: Uh, I, it is a principle of mine.

60. Monty: Remember when Tukson had blonde hair?

61. Kerry: Yeah, I remember that.

62. Miles: I do, yeah. I remember when we misspelled his name Tucson.

63. Kerry: Yeah. I just kept (Miles laughs slightly.) pronouncing it "Tukson" because we were awesome. (Miles laughs slightly.) Gr-Gray was trying to be really nice about it. He was like "Are you sure you don't want to make it like a K, or something?" (Miles chuckles.) I was like "Well, I mean the color's with a C..." And he was like "Okay..." And I was like "Alright." {Miles: We're dumb.} I'm stupid. He's like "You know it's Too-san (Tucson), right?" I was like... "Shit."

64. Miles: (laughs) Um, so this was a, so this was, the first scene, that we wrote obviously. Uh, and uh, it was one that, I was really excited about because I love me some good bad guys. {Kerry: Yeah.} And uh, Emerald and Mercury were a lot of fun. It was um, it, it, this was a fun scene, y'know, showing off that, y'know, they're kids. They're, y'know, immature. That guy's kind of a punk.

65. Monty: Also I remember, like, you guys always wanted to start like a, like an established show...

66. Monty: With like "Hey! Here's some new characters." Let's go really like, left side and just be like "Let's start with someone completely different {Miles: Yep.} and shoot someone right off the bat.

67. Kerry: I think that was like the kernel of the idea was like, {Monty: And you did it twice.} let's just start, well yeah, let's start the season and let's just like, not even say who these people are, let's not relate them or anything, let's just like show "Hey, here's this other, these other characters doing this other thing."

68. Monty: You did it with the, them and then you did it with Sun and Neptune.

69. Miles: Yeah.

70. Monty: Kinda. Like, you start with these guys.

71. Kerry: Yeah.

72. Miles: (elongated) "Yeah."

73. Gray: I'm trying to think, is this like, really the first body hitting the floor in RWBY?

74. Miles: (talking over Gray) Yeah, no. This is like the first person to die, I think.

Mercury walks towards Emerald and Mercury.

75. Gray: You're like, uh, gonna open up Volume 2 with this, and here we go!

76. Monty: J.J. was very- (People talk over each other for a moment.) J.J. was very excited about that. He's like, he always mentions that he's the first person that ever got to kill anyone in RWBY.

Tukson leaps onto the counter.

77. Miles: Man, that's not disturbing.

(Kerry laughs.)

78. Gray: Well, you know, {Miles: Some of the papers.} maybe he's not dead. We don't actually show it, so maybe they're just were here to spar, and then help him pack and...

(Miles laughs slightly.)

79. Kerry: You say that, but then the idea of putting blood on the door came up several times.

80. Gray: That's true, yeah, we actually- {Miles: Oh my god, really?} Yeah, we wanted to show blood spatter behind, {Kerry: Yeah.} on {Miles: Jesus!} the wall back there.

Scene change to Blake's book.

81. Kerry: Yeah, we decided against that, but it definitely came up.

82. Miles: Oh man.

83. Monty: They also say they killed him later.

84. Miles: Hey, who's that- {Kerry: There's that, too.} Who's that handsome guy? Oh, oh, {Kerry: That's Blake.} too late.

(Multiple people laugh slightly.)

85. Kerry: Learn the characters?

86. Miles: Oh... Hello ladies, it's been a while, good to see ya. Oh my gosh, this was uh, this was fun.

87. Monty: Yeah.

88. Miles: So Monty...

Ruby Rose slams the binder on the table.

89. Miles: pitched this, this opening scene to us with "Guys, I wanna do a fight scene, dot dot dot, by Monty Oum." (Monty laughs slightly.) And we were like: "That sounds great!"

90. Gray: Yeah.

91. Monty: Wait, wait, this was my idea?

92. Gray: (inaudible) ...Food fight so much as it is a...

93. Miles: The food fight, I'm pretty sure was your idea.

94. Monty: Oh, okay man. {Kerry: I think so.} It feels like forever ago.

95. Kerry: Right?

96. Gray: We never, we never put in the cherry stone.

97. Kerry: But it, yeah.

98. Miles: Oh, do you wanna talk about that, Gray?

99. Gray: Yeah, we were right on the fence of, like, how... What, how tongue-in-cheek we wanted to get with the, the humor {Miles: Hah, hah, tongue-in-cheek.} in RWBY. (Miles laughs slightly.) Where, uh, like one shot later, {Kerry: What tongue touches cheek?} she catches the cherry right here. Uh, yeah, she'd actually be holding a cherry stem {Miles: Yeah we...} with a knot in it.

100. Miles: ...we, we posed her hand exactly that way so we could add it in-comp if we wanted to.

101. Gray: Yeah, we just didn't have the...

102. Miles: I think, I think it was like 50 percent like "Ehh" and 50 percent like "Eh, we don't have the time".

103. Gray: Yeah.

104. Miles: Little bit of column A, little bit of column B.

105. Kerry: Little bit of column C.

106. Miles: Ooh, talking about that C column!

(Multiple people snicker, followed by something unintelligible and Miles' laughter.)

107. Kerry: There's this Brad Pitt, uh, SNL skit from like, four years ago that I just showed Miles and he hates it.

108. Miles: I hate it, it doesn't make sense! {Kerry: It makes totally sense.} Brad Pitt doesn't talk like that at all!

109. Kerry: He makes, he talks like that.

110. Miles: Oh god. {Kerry: Anyways, let's not talk about SNL.} So- (stutters) So this was, this was, this is okay.

Weiss Schnee is hit in the face with a pie.

111. Miles: I, I'm gonna, I'm gonna go ahead and get this out there. I think, honestly, my favorite...

Sun and Neptune appear.

112. Miles: ...thing to happen in RWBY Volume 2... (breathes) is getting to see Weiss trying to be a friendly person. {Kerry: Yeah.} It uh, it, it melts my heart man, like...

113. Monty: Yeah, it's pretty awesome.

114. Miles: She's still the ice queen, but...

115. Monty: Was, was it mostly planned or was it part performance, part, like- Y'know 'cause like... {Gray: Just a pattern that kept coming up.} Right, it just, it, I don't think you guys did it intentionally, it just kinda happened, right?

116. Miles: It, it started off, well it started off with— It, just like when, when it comes to fight scenes you have, uh, you, you do a good job of keeping in mind...

Jaune Arc hits the window next to Sun and Neptune.

117. Miles: long the team's been together, y'know, how much energy have they expelled, like, at what point, y'know, they've been together for, y'know X amount of days, years, months, whatever the heck. Um... Love that guy (Neptune). {Monty: Yeah.} Uh, (with Monty) "what a jerk."

118. Monty: Kerry...

119. Miles: Anyways, anyways, um, it looks so...

Students rush past Sun and Neptune.

120. Monty: Such a great drawing of that shot right there. (People talking over each other.) it was also a, like {Kerry: Yeah.} {Gray: It took a day or two.} Anyway, yeah, we uh...

121. Miles: So, so yeah you, you do, you do a really good job of trying to keep up with the character relationships in fight scenes and stuff and that was something that we wanted to try and do.

Ruby squeezes a milk carton while making her declaration.

122. Miles: I love that shot. With, uh, and the girls in this, so yeah we, we wanted to try and make a point of making Weiss a little more friendly. {Kerry: Yeah.} Making them a little more open, but, but still, uh, y'know she's still, she's still Weiss. But then yeah, a lot of, Kara, Kara really nailed that awkward friendly kind of vibe. {Monty: I think—} They just blended well together.

123. Monty: After reading it thinking "Oh, that's like, y'know, it's pretty subtle." But no it's like, when you see people react to it it's like "Man, she's really trying." And it's like all the, crazy poses and actions she goes through its like, once it gets to animation and performance then...

124. Kerry: The execution really made it. So yeah, I think, it's just part of natural character progression. {Miles: Hah, loser (following Yang hitting Jaune with turkey projectiles).} It's like, as you get to know people you open up a little bit more.

125. Monty: I wanted {Miles: Yeah.} to do more (Miles speaks but is talked over by Monty.) with Jaune in this fight by the way. It's just like, in, in my fights, it's like, it's easier when you have like X amount of people and this is like {Kerry: Right.} eight people. It's like {Kerry: Yeah.}, you just knock, like, KO as soon as possible.

126. Miles: Yeah.

127. Kerry: Seven's the perfect number. (Monty and Miles chuckle.) Eight is just "Eh."

128. Monty: Like you got to establish, that someone's KO'd (pronounced a lot like "kale") for x amount of time so that you can just get to like...

129. Kerry: I thought you said "kale".

(Multiple people chuckle.)

130. Gray: Speaking (someone else speaking, possibly Kerry, says something that sounds like "Someone, 101.") of food, shout out to the Beacon Cafeteria staff for leaving a bajillion whole watermelons and turkeys just lying around.

131. Kerry: Yeah, you know.

132. Miles: It was (with Gray) "Swordfish" Saturday too! (Gray and Miles chuckle.) {Kerry: Heh.} Oh man. Yeah this was just a uh, this was just a delight to see s- Yeah, one, one thing that, uh...

Nora Valkyrie knocks away Ruby while she defends Weiss.

133. Miles: "Ahh." {Kerry: Ahh.} One thing that uh, oh there we go. One thing that was unique, uh, this season for, for me at least was, um, Red vs Blue's been taking up so much of my time that I haven't, I haven't had the uh... (laughs in response to Ruby catching Weiss) Oh, this was, this was just great. Little...

134. Monty: We put this in the trailer and everyone was like "What's gonna happen!?"

135. Kerry: We took, took out all the food. So it was like—

Yang Xiao Long charges ahead, behind Ruby holding Weiss

136. Gray: Yeah, we took out all the stains on their clothing, we took out all the food {Kerry: Yeah.} and cups in the {Miles: Oh.} background, just to mess with them.

137. Miles: Real quick, real quick this okay, now Ren, I think, would totally have this fight but there's one problem, upskirt, right there, totally distracted. (Monty chuckles slightly.) He can't, he can't focus. {Kerry: Yeah.} It's game over, he doesn't know it yet but he's down for the count.

138. Kerry: So, by the way, so that's celery. It started out as...

139. Monty: Those are leeks and they started {Kerry: Leeks.} out, if you look at that table I {Miles: Oh yeah!} think I mentioned in another commentary. {Kerry: I don't know vegetables.} He picks up, a pair of cucumbers but all it looked like was he was, like trying to smack Yang with a pair of wobbly dildos.

140. Miles and Kerry: Yeah, I was like...

141. Gray: It was like sausages or something wasn't it?

142. Kerry: My suggestion was sausages {Gray: Yeah.} and Monty {Miles: Boom (in response to Yang being knocked upwards by Nora).} just looked at me like {Monty: Like I tried to add...} "Really, we're {Monty: ...I tried to add spots.} going to make it flesh-colored?"

143. Monty: To the cucumbers, then they started looking like, y'know a...

144. Kerry: A spotted dick.

145. Monty: A very spotted {Miles: Gross.} dick. And it's just like... yeah, so it's like "Alright, I, I have some leeks lying around, I'll just give him the leeks." But there's, uh, there's a, there's a table full of dicks there that he could've used.

146. Miles: Um, but what I, what I was getting at with the RvB thing was, uh...

Pyrrha Nikos uses her Semblance on a bunch of cans.

147. Kerry: So another interruption.

(Multiple people laugh slightly.)

148. Miles: Was um... Uh, last year's commentary, I, I hadn't had a chance to see the final episode...

149. Miles: ...with the Penny fight. And it was like, I was blown away because I was just like (high-pitched voice) "What is this? This is awesome!" (breathes) That's been like every episode of RWBY this season and it's great every time Thursday, Thursday hits, because then it's just like "Oh my god, (Monty laughs slightly.) that was ridiculous!"

150. Kerry: Yeah. You don't even wait, like you could just get the episode off of our like, internal server.

151. Miles: Good point.

152. Gray: So as we're watching, for us we're doing the commentary {Monty: Yeah, its...} you're just, more or less binge watching your own show.

153. Miles: Yeah, I pretty much, yeah I- {Kerry: Yeah.} {Gray: That's, uh...} I remember what we wrote and now I get to see how it was executed.

Food caught in Ruby's tailwind slams against Team JNPR on the wall.

154. Monty: Also as we recorded today episode 5, Chapter 5 is coming out.

155. Miles: Oh my god, {Kerry: Yeah.} is it Thursday?

155. Gray: Yeah.

156. Kerry: You get to wa- You get to watch five early now, Miles.

157. Miles: (laughs with Gray and Monty) Take that, {Kerry: Special Screening.} Internet! (laughs slightly)

158. Monty: I also have to fly in about four hours to PAX. {Kerry: Yeah.} Which is like, we're so last minute on everything we're just...

159. Kerry: Yeah, we're not doing this one at 6am this time but we are doing it while...

Glynda Goodwitch starts fixing the cafeteria.

160. Monty: Oh, this shot is awesome.

161. Miles: Oh, this was really, really cool, dude.

162. Kerry: Who ended up doing this, Shane?

163. Monty and Gray: Shane, yeah.

164. Miles: Oh, no kidding?

165. Monty: Yeah. Shane did the simulation on {Miles: Oh my god.} the computer. He, like, bowling-balled up a sphere through the tables and then had Jeff do a reverse.

166. Miles: Yeah.

167. Miles: Shane was just like "Man, it would be cool if all these key frames were backwards." And Jeff was like "I can do this."

168. Kerry: Yeah.

169. Gray: Dude, this whole thing was foreshadowing for something that we're just gonna talk about later.

170. Kerry: (high-pitched) "Dun dun dun!"

171. Miles: So... I gotta say man, uh, mad props to Shane. Uh, he always manages to find a way to slip in, just so much character into every little shot. Like, {Kerry: Yeah.} that last table that's just like, late {Kerry: Yeah.} to the party. Like, that's not, if like, he didn't have to do that at all but it, it gives that table a little bit of character. And you'll see in the next scene with the bad guys, you know he, he's always giving, uh, y'know...

172. Monty: You can point at Emerald.

173. Miles: Yeah, yeah, {Monty: Y'know...} yeah facial expressions. Like, Torchwick's whole, uh, like cutting the throat and all that stuff? He just added that in {Monty: ...that was not planned} and it was beautiful!

174. Monty: That's just Shane being Shane {Miles: Yeah.} and just adding random shit.

Scene change to warehouse.

175. Miles: Oh my god, it's great.

176. Monty: If we're lucky he'll probably end up, end and like add in a random rap video or something when we're not looking.

177. Miles and Kerry: Yo, yo, yo!

178. Gray: Or a Raptor video.

179. Monty and Gray: Or a Raptor rap video.

180. Miles: Oh, (with Kerry) "Did Raptor, Raptor" make it into this, {Gray: I hear he's in.} this Volume?

181. Kerry: Yeah.

182. Miles: Really?

Roman Torchwick turns to see Emerald and Mercury.

183. Gray: He's in.

184. Monty: Wait, what?

185. Gray: Yeah but, we'll see.

186. Miles: Oh god. Uh, Gray, I love you. Can I just say that? I love you. You, Torchwick makes me smile everything single time he is on screen.

187. Gray: (whispers) "I'm not bad, I'm just written that way."

(Multiple people laugh slightly.)

188. Monty: I've got, I even got to do a little Torchwick animation this year. Like, not action stuff {Kerry: Oh, yeah.} and it's so much fun to do Torchwick. Like...

189. Gray: That sass.

190. Monty: It's just so sassy. He- (stutters) he should be, could be a black woman.

191. Kerry: Just, Jesus...

192. Miles: I love it when bad guys {Kerry: Lots of hair gel.}... I love it when bad guys get together and hate each other.

(Multiple people laugh.)

193. Kerry: Yeah. Like they're still assholes, like...

194. Miles: Yeah. {Kerry: It's not like they get together...} They're still total jerks.

195. Kerry: ... like "Oh hey man, what's up? How's it goin?"

196. Miles: Yeah. Yeah it's, it's so great. And this was a, this was a lot of fun, again getting to show off like- (breathes)

Cinder Fall arrives.

197. Miles: To Torchwick these are just some kids that happen to have a very, very powerful boss that he's kind of afraid of. Um, and he, he's, y'know, he thinks he's hot stuff, but at the end of this scene Emerald takes his little lighter thing. I dunno that was just, another moment that I thought was lot of fun.

198. Monty: Like this moment right here, and just watch Emerald, she's like...

199. Miles: Denied!

200. Gray: Senpai notice me!

201. Kerry: Yeah. {Miles: Denied.} I was just, I was so worried people weren't gonna catch that, but that was like the main comment {Gray: Yeah, everyone got it.} on this episode. {Miles: Yeah.} Yeah, I was so happy.

202. Monty: Our, our viewers are so perceptive.

203. Kerry: Yeah, they are.

204. Miles: Yeah.

205. Monty: They really are.

Emerald, Mercury and the Red vs. Blue reference.

206. Kerry: They keep their, yeah, they keep being things where I think like "Is that too subtle?" And then it's like, that's what they'll talk about the most.

207. Miles: Yeah.

208. Kerry: I'm like, "OK, I guess, I guess it wasn't subtle."

209. Miles: About as subtle as that Red vs Blue reference! (laughs a little) That we just {Monty: Yeah.} threw in! That was fun. Oh gosh. And there it is (as Roman moves his hand in front of his neck). {Gray: Yeah.} Oh, I love you, Shane. God, I'm gonna go hug you as soon as this is over.

(Monty chuckles slightly.)

210. Kerry: Do you wanna like, group hug him?

211. Miles: Dude, yeah. Let's team up on that guy in a circle. Oh man, shout out to Jessica Nigri.

212. Gray: That was {Kerry: Yeah.} Jessica as Cinder.

Roman gestures around the room.

213. Miles: She... was... awesome. Continues to be awesome.

214. Monty: Yeah, she does so much with, it's, it's like a hard voice to do, y'know? Like, the...

215. Gray: No, you can tell she's been, y'know, watching and studying anime for a long time. {Miles: Mm-hmm.} But this is, {Kerry: Yeah.} the first real voice part.

216. Kerry: Yeah, it is.

217. Gray: Yeah. (Miles mumbles.) First time, just nailed it it right out the gate.

218. Kerry: Yes, she did.

219. Miles: She's such a goofball. It was so much fun getting to hang out with her when we, well the, the week that {Monty: Yeah.} we recorded this.

220. Monty: When we had conversations about potential characters, she was like "How about this character? How about this character?" And when really, like, "Mash that in my head for a bit and come back to you." 'Cause like then, that's how kind of the genesis of Cinder. But it's just like, y'know, uh, she had a lot of comparison of animes that she likes and stuff, things that she thinks she could play so it's like, "Yeah, I think I have a place for that."

Cinder goes to place her hand on Roman.

221. Monty: So, it was really cool, like this moment right here.

222. Kerry: Mm-hmm.

223. Gray: (with Monty) "Yeah." That was fun.

224. Monty: Yeah, and then Shane's like, little like acting right there, with the smile. It's like {Kerry: Yeah.} "What's goin on there?" Oh, and then you had a little bit of fire in that shot.

225. Kerry: Just a little bit. Just a little bit.

226. Gray: Jess still hasn't cosplayed Cinder as, as of this recording yet.

227. Monty: No.

228. Kerry: As of this recording.

229. Miles: We'll see.

(Monty slightly laughs.)

230. Gray: Hint hint.

(Miles chuckles slightly.)

231. Monty: Well, maybe, maybe there's another outfit that she can wear.

232. Kerry: Hint hint!

233. Miles: I don't get it.

(Kerry and Monty chuckle.)

234. Kerry: Oh, she's gonna cosplay as, uh, Jaune.

235. Monty: She could do it, too.

236. Miles: Nice!

237. Kerry: That she could, absolutely.

Emerald holds Roman's lighter.

238. Miles: Well, that works great, 'cause I was working on a Cinder cosplay. So this just works out.

239. Monty: Awesome.

Welcome to Beacon

1. Kerry: We didn't, y'know, we-we had a way to record her a little bit. Um, so we were animating...

2. Miles: Oh, you're gonna {Kerry: Uh...} bring up the thing.

3, Kerry: Of course I am. Um. So we're animating with temp dialogues sometimes. Uh...

4. Miles: Shout out to Dustin for the shot! {Monty: Yeah.} Sorry, sorry. Oh {Monty: There's something really...} my god!

5. Monty: the bottom of that shot.

6. Kerry: Yeah, there is.

7. Miles: Yeah. {Monty: Uh...} I almost— Never mind.

8. Kerry: So we had Miles re-record a temp for Cinder. That was just wonderful.

9. Gray: I, we, I wonder if we can find this and make it an easter egg.

10. Kerry: Oh, we definitely should.

11. Miles: (high pitched) Uh. No, I don't think that file exists anymore. I'm pretty sure {Kerry: Oh, it definitely does.} I punched it. I think there was a, uh, I hacked into the mainframe and cross-referenced {Kerry: Oh, it definitely does.} some databases and, y'know, I-I-I just don't— I don't think, um...

12. Kerry: I'm just saying, I think you could pull it off.

13. Monty: I think moving forward we should always, we had, we should have all these alternative tracks.

14. Kerry: Yeah.

15. Miles: Yeah. Why is it every volume I end up voicing girls (Monty chuckles.) for temp stuff.

Ozpin greets James Ironwood.

16. Miles: Oh, dude! Look at that James, got that I.W. I uh, I was really excited about this guy, man. This is, um...

17. Monty: Yeah.

18. Kerry: We-we-we've...

19. Miles: Before even Volume 1 started, we kinda have this road map...

20. Miles: ... of where we want to go with the show and characters that we want to meet and stuff like that, and Ironwood was a character that I was really looking forward to even before we-we started animating Volume 1. So, it's cool to see him, and um... Uh, I believe, uh, we-we knew his voice actor through you, right, right, Monty?

21. Monty: Yeah. Jason, Jason Rose (inaudible), good friend of mine for many years now. (Miles burps.) And um... Y'know, he's-he's been wanting to work with me on something and I know, I've known him, mostly because we like a lot of the same stuff: Animes and games and stuff. And he's like, he's been, I mean he came to the first RTX and everyone was like "Is it, is it, is that, is that Monty's gay friend?" 'Cause he's like (Miles chuckles.), he's really handsome. (Miles laughs a lot, joined a little bit by Monty and Kerry.) And like, and then like...

22. Kerry: Dude, he's handsome shit.

23. Monty: Yeah. He's (stutters) he's also a model. But he's also, because he's a producer, a friend of mine (stutters) who's main role is, he's a producer of films in Los Angeles. And he comes, mostly every RT, he's come here most every RTX and he just...

24. Monty: ... stays with me and we'd hang out and talk for hours about film and stuff. And uh, we're, I was like "Hey, how about (inaudible)" 'Cause he has a really deep like...

25. Kerry: Um, hm.

26. Miles: Dude...

27. Monty: ... commanding voice.

28. Miles: Arryn, Arryn heard, saw this scene and she goes "Who is that!?" (Miles and Kerry laugh.) I'm like "It's Jason." And she's like "Can I meet him?" And I'm like "Alright, easy!"

(Miles and Monty laugh.)

29. Monty: But he's really good. And he has a, he has a very commanding presence because he, he has, he wrangles a lot of money(?) is, is what he does. Like, it's like everytime I go to Jason it's like "Oh yeah, so I got this deal with this guy in like, Si-Singapore and y'know it's only about five or seven million dollars (inaudiable).

30. Miles: (Inhale sound) Only!

31. Monty: "Yeah, OK Jason, yeah. (Whispers) Gotta go pay by the bills."

(Miles and Kerry laugh.)

32. Kerry: "I'm gonna eat fast food now (Monty chuckles.) to back..."

Team RWBY are seen playing a board game.

33. Miles: Welcome to the Xbox 360 library.

34. Kerry: Uh...

(Monty and Miles laugh.)

35. Miles: Oh man, it's the cards {Monty: Board games.} game. Alright, so, Kerry.

36. Kerry: Sup. Hey I'm here.

37. Miles: We, uh,

38. Kerry: Shout-out to D-Money for animating this.

39. Miles: Dude.

40. Gray: Yeah.

41. Miles: He was like, "Alright. What's the style?" And we're like "You ever watched YuGiOh?"

(Multiple people laugh.)

42. Kerry: Yeah.

(Laughter continues.)

43. Miles: We... We put in so many dumb {Kerry: They're...} references.

44. Kerry: ...They're gonna, throw their hands up in the air and scream...

45. Miles: Hey-o!

46. Monty: We're fans of so many things.

47. Kerry: Yeah.

48. Miles: Yeah, we like stuff.

49. Monty: But also this was an opportunity to put in a lot of story stuff that we... Well, people have questions about the world and we want {Kerry: Yeah.} to find natural ways to answer it, right? (Miles and Kerry make a noise of agreement.) Y'know?

Yang slams the Giant Nevermore card on the table.

50. Kerry: Yeah. We had, we had the, um... this is a better fit...

51. Monty: Very smart way of doing it.

52. Miles: Uh. (in a silly voice) "Oh thank you." Whether the, yeah, we had the benefit of having the uh, the World of Remnant uh, uh, mini-series videos. {Kerry: Yeah.} Whatever (Gray mumbles inaudibly.) you want to call them. Um, yeah the, yeah the history lessons...

Camera changes to Team JNPR's table.

53. Kerry: I wasn't sure we were calling it like, the map name, (Miles laughs slightly.) what's going on here?

54. Miles: Yeah. We had the World of Remnant videos to kinda get, uh, some exposition across. Pancakes. Um, as best we could.

55. Monty: True that.

56. Miles: Um, heh, but a, but yeah no, that was like, I was really proud of the-this board game scene. 'Cause, yeah, it-it was like, yeah, we, we got a lot of... In terms of like...

57. Kerry: It took us a long time to write it 'cause we kept going like "OK, this is too much exposition. OK, {Miles: Yeah.} let's back it up. Uh, let's take, like, a move out or, like, OK, how do we phrase this in a way that'll like..." It all, it all makes sense, too, which I was really happy with.

58. Miles: Um hum.

59. Kerry: Um...

60. Monty: Also, it's like, I mean it's a four-person board game but you really only have two people that can talk about the stuff because one of them's not interested and one of them doesn't know what's going on.

61. Miles: Um hum.

62. Monty: So, which is great 'cause then it's like...

Ruby crying.

(Miles snickers.)

63. Monty: With Ruby and Yang, y'know, they're sisters. They probably played this before. I really liked the moment coming up too. With the, uh...

64. Miles: "Don't touch me"?

65. Monty: Yeah. {Miles: Yeah.} That's so great.

66. Kerry: I like it.

67. Miles: Yeah, it was, it was a lot of fun... (singing) "My body is still a myth(?)".

68. Kerry: Oh, now we can't put this out.

69. Miles: Oh, was it (Monty chuckles.) that good singing?

70. Kerry: It was just too good.

71. Miles: Oh, gosh darn it.

72. Kerry: E2(?) would've picked that up.

73. Miles: Dude, uh, we probably spent a little too much time trying to actually make this board game, like a thing. We, we {Kerry: Yeah.} really tried to nail down the rules for a while so we could {Kerry: I think.} potentially make this game.

74. Kerry: We've always spent at least. like, a half-day extra after we wrote this just going like "OK. So like two to eight people...

Ruby hangs on to Weiss.

(Miles snickers.)

75. Kerry: ...Oh, and like, you play as the four but maybe there's another one" Like, we just like tried to figure out every single rule for it and then at some point we just went...

76. Kerry: ... "OK, we kinda need to write episode 3 now".

(Multiple people laugh.)

77. Miles: "Let's just move on."

78. Monty: And the background JNPR stuff is great. Where they're just like, they're just being JNPR {Miles: Yeah.} without actually doing anything but just like, (inaudible) all of them have, to be themselves in a...

79. Kerry: Yeah there's like, there's like one shot {Monty: Yeah.} that's like "Oh, this is JNPR in a nutshell".

80. Monty: Yeah, pretty much.

81. Miles: Nora has, Nora and Ren... each have one line this episode {Kerry: Yeah.} and they were both my favorite lines {Kerry: Great.} so... "Thank you!" and "Women." (laughs) That was, that was...

82. Monty: Yeah, Sam Ireland again as Nora is great. {Miles: Yeah.} I don't know who plays that Ren guy though.

Pyrrha puts her hand over Jaune's mouth.

83. Miles: Oh, Pyrrha, you are just a delight. Jaune, you're just an idiot.

84. Monty: And then we got grumpy Blake again.

Jaune bows

85. Miles: (Jaune voice) "Enjoy your battle." (laughs slightly)

86. Kerry: Can you just do all the lines?

87. Miles: No. (Monty chuckles.) Just don't even.

88. Kerry: Just come on.

89. Monty: Oh by the way this library is beautiful.

90. Gray: It is.

91. Kerry: (possibly) "Yes, it's purty."

92. Monty: It's very pretty.

93. Miles: Almost as pretty as that blue-haired angel.

94. Kerry: Who?

95. Miles: Weiss.

96. Kerry: Oh yeah.

(Miles chuckles.)

97. Miles: Um,

98. Kerry: Blueish yeah.

99. Monty: Blueish.

100. Miles: Dude... We uh, we spent, we spent a little bit of time trying to get the voice for Neptune down. But uh, dude I think you pulled it off {Monty: Really?} really well man.

101. Kerry: Thanks dude. Yeah it was um, it was a "Hey writer record(?). Hey Miles, let's go in the conference room and I'm just going to talk at you for like half an hour and you're gonna tell me how to make this better." {Miles: It was fun.} It, it didn't turn out too much different from my normal voice. {Miles: Yeah, no.} It's a little bit, like I go a little bit deeper.

102. Miles: Yeah, it's more of, I think it's more of just like a, like,

Scene change to RWBY dorm room.

103. Kerry: Intonation kind of thing. Eh.

104. Monty: Yeah.

105. Miles: Yeah, that's a word.

106. Kerry: Th-that is a word. (Multiple people laugh.) That's a word, I don't know if it's the right word 'cause I'm tired.

107. Miles: Shout-out to the deadliest bunk beds in the world! (laughs slightly) Oh, this was a great transition.

Scene change to what appears to be an interrogation room.

108. Kerry: Apparently they have no RA's. Like, there's nobody to come by who's just like "You can't do that."

109. Monty: I've, I, I always liked the conversations with Ozpin. I feel like, he's a good like, a good like meter for each character to like reflect off of. {Miles: Um hum, um hum.} So like, I, I would, I would have like, a conversation with Ozpin per character y'know?

110. Monty: Let's have like three conversations with Ozpin next year.

111. Kerry: Alright.

112. Miles: It'll be an ongoing so, like, it'll be like inside the Ozpin studio.

113. Monty: It's like, {Kerry: Yeah.} it's uh err, yeah. It's like, I feel like it's like "Hey, come to..."

114. Gray: (inaudible) Gears.

Ozpin picks up his mug.

115. Monty: Come, like... (Miles laughs slightly.) Alright, I got sent to the teacher's office a lot when I was in school and they're like...

116. Miles: (prolonged) "No. You!?"

117. Monty: Ha, I wasn't the best student. And I wasn't sure what they were trying to, what sort of information they're trying to get out of me, but I felt like I was being interrogated each time.

118. Miles: "Where's the bomb Monty? (Monty laughs.) We know you hid one." "I'll never tell."

119. Gray: Course the fact that we keep doing these in the actual interrogation room doesn't (inaudible).

(Miles chuckles.)

120. Kerry: Yeah, you know.

Ozpin drinks from his mug

121. Monty: Is this interrogation room in the school, you think?

122. Miles: Uh, I think we wrote this as {Gray: That's just supposed to be—} like the police station {Kerry: Yeah.} type area. 'Cause this is right after the events of the docks {Kerry and Monty: Yeah.} in Volume 1.

123. Kerry: Ozpin's just got his own key to this one. (Multiple people laugh.) At this point.

124. Miles: Well I mean, y'know the way we kinda, the way we kinda talk about the importance of huntsmen and the, and the schools and stuff. This dude, Ozpin's kind of like a big deal in uh, in Vale. He probably {Kerry: Yeah.}, he's probably got a key to, like six interrogation rooms!

125. Kerry: Yeah dude.

126. Miles: Y'know, for weekends.

127. Miles: I don't know what...

128. Kerry: What, what does that mean?

129. Miles: I have no idea.{Monty: It's for the summer.} I made the joke, I was like "I don't get it, my own joke."

130. Kerry: Is he gonna put sunglasses on and like (inaudible) himself around? {Miles: Yeah.} To people? I don't know (mumbles)

131. Miles: Meh, Blake, if only you trusted people. This is uh, she st- he just want's to help. He's, he's g-good cop good copping you, I think sort of. Ozpin's just kind of like a sh, not shady, but like you, for both the audience and, and the characters like you, you get the vibe that he wants to do what's right but he's also kind of, he, he keeps a lot of secrets from people. It's like, it's kinda {Kerry: Secrets.} hard to trust him right off the bat and...

132. Kerry: Well that's what happens when you're in power man. {Miles: Yeah.} You gotta, y'know, you gotta play certain things close.

133. Miles: Yeah.

134. Kerry: I burped in the middle of that sentence.

Ozpin gets up

135. Kerry: Look at them bars, what does it represent? (Multiple people laugh.) Yeah.

136. Monty: He just wants out and (inaudible).

Scene change back to Team RWBY's Dorm room.

137. Miles: Transition. (Kerry laughs slightly.) Oh man, so this was a moment, uh...

138. Monty: I love this scene.

139. Miles: Yeah, this is a moment you really wanted to do Kerry and I'll, I'll be honest...

140. Kerry: I have no idea why.

141. Miles: When, when, when I first write what you wanted to do, we were writing at your apartment and I was like (high-pitched) "This sounds a little weird." {Monty: I did not get it at first.} And you were like, you were like, you were like "Dude, just trust me." And I was like, I was like, OK. I believe. And, {Kerry: I assumed this was not going to work.} I was a little nervous. I was like, even when we were recording I was like "Man, I don't know how this moment's gonna play out." Dude...

Weiss asks Blake about what is wrong.

142. Miles: This is the best Weiss thing ever. {Monty: Yeah.} Oh my, and the, this, this right here, wait wait eh...

143. Monty: This was all Harley {Kerry: Yeah, it was all Harley.} as well.

144. Miles: Eh, I'll, wait wait, (in response to Weiss' movement after placing the chair back) {Monty: Dink dink dink.} dink dink dink.

(Multiple people laugh.)

145. Monty: And then the two girls in the back. That's is all Harley {Miles: Oh my god.} after work right there.

146. Kerry: I... I assumed that this was not gonna work because every single person who read it was like...

147. Monty: "I don't get it."

148. Kerry: "What, what is this? I don't... I don't, what?"

(Monty chuckles.)

149. Miles: I love it, I, I, I {Kerry: Um...} freaking love it, dude.

150. Kerry: But, yeah definitely like, I definitely like, I was like "Harley we have to make this work."

(Miles and Monty chuckle.)

151. Monty: Well, uh, you really, you really sold off the confidence 'cause when I asked you, you were like "Trust me it's gonna be good." I'm like...

152. Kerry: Yeah, and then I, well didn't I turn around I'm like "Ahh. (Monty chuckles and Gray laughs a little.) Ahh".

153. Miles: I really do love...

154. Monty: This expression right here is great, with Harley.

Weiss puts her hands together while Blake is behind her.

155. Miles: Yeah. She just does wonderful facial expressions.

156. Monty: She puts in that extra mile to put in like the asymmetry and like, she records her own face {Kerry: Yeah, she does.} and then acts the camera.

157. Kerry: If you go look at her, for like, from her timelines, the end of it is just like her face, like, just shot at her desk. Of just like, her acting things out.

158. Monty: I also, y'know, I, I, I, I've learned from watching them work on this stuff that I need to do a better job of like, making the rigs. Suddenly I'm in the animation commentary, make the rigs more capable (Miles chuckles.) of them to allow to do this kinda work because it's like...

Ruby's idea.

159. Monty: She puts in that extra mile but it's also, it's an extra mile. Y'know? (Miles laughs a little.) Where it should be a lot easier. And then this stuff.

160. Miles: Man... And shout out to the ladies of RWBY for uh, jumping right in to some heavy character stuff. Like episode two man.

161. Kerry: Yes.

162. Gray: I thought Arryn did a really good job with that {Miles: Well.} monologue.

163. Kerry: Yeah.

164. Monty: Y'know what's really great? Is like this exposition stuff in any other anime is you sit down and talk about it for like twenty minutes. Y'know? And nothing happens but the camera might scroll from left to right.

165. Miles: Um hum.

166. Kerry: Yeah we try, we try and do a version of it where it's still, y'know? We...

Mercury and Emerald are in front of Ruby.

167. Monty: You, you get the information...

168. Kerry: Yeah.

169. Miles: Sup girl.

170. Monty: ... but it's also really entertaining.

171. Miles: That skirt.

172. Kerry: Yeah, I just, it's those things where I just don't know the, the internet audience's (Miles gasps in response to Cinder.) ready for, y'know just scrolling looking at one image. {Miles: Whoa.} But that would (Gray says something but can't be heard over Kerry.) be awesome. Yeah.

173. Miles: Wait! Cinder goes to Beacon?! Dun dun dun! So we had, we, we actually talked about this Monty. Uh, er yeah you were like, you were like "Uh, so the bad guys infiltrate the school." And we're like "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Like uh, uh, uh, Emerald and Mercury?" He's like "Yeah, yeah, and Cinder." And I'm like... {Kerry: We're just like...} (laughs a little) Like, "Wait a second!" (Monty laughs slightly.) Um, but yeah no we, we definitely, she's got that like youthful look.

174. Monty: Yeah.

175. Kerry: Yeah.

176. Monty: I mentioned in the livestream, she, she moisturizes.

A Minor Hiccup

1. Kerry: Exactly.

(Miles laughs).

2. Miles: You gotta exfoliate.

3. Monty: Yep.

4. Miles: Yeah. Sweet clock.

5. Kerry: That's terrible.

6. Monty: Port! Aw man, oh should we... (stutters ) ah, I would, man there's so many, there's so many characters you want more of but...

7. Miles: Um-hmm.

8 Monty: ...this season was really "Let-let's focus on Team RWBY." Y'know? And, we, I mean we're lucky to get as much JNPR as we did and I know it's still not enough.

(Miles and Kerry chuckle.)

9. Monty: Which, is like, I know, I know, believe me we would have as much of everything if we could, if we could but we gotta focus on what we need to.

10. Miles: It makes me think of, uh, (Kerry starts to speak.) one of—Oh, go ahead.

11. Kerry: I—

12. Monty: You might as well talk about something relevant.

13. Kerry: No, actually I was going to say, now this is where we announce, uh, launch our Joey spin-off "Jaune". (Monty laughs.) Umm...

14. Miles: He wants to be an actor.

15. Kerry: Yeah. Sorry, go ahead.

16. Miles: T-t-t-to act with, uh, what was it? Spruce Willis?

(Miles runs out of breath, followed by Monty laughing.)

17. Miles: Ah, Spruce Willis, Spruce Lee. We, we talked about, that was a, that was an joke name that we came up with in Volume 1 when we were talking about

18. Monty: Yeah.

19. Miles: Pumpkin Pete's.

Scene change from Port's Classroom to Team RWBY's Dorm Room

20. Miles: Um, oh dude, new costumes.

21. Kerry: Yeah!

22. Monty: Yeah.

23. Miles: That's pretty cool.

24. Monty: I, I, I just like had a day where I was like "Let me just, whip these outfits together."

25. Monty: These outfits are so hacked together it's like, Weiss' outift is actually Ruby's outfit colored white with like buttons and a collar added to it, like Ruby's original outfit.

26. Miles: And Yang's outfit's just body paint.

(Monty laughs.)

27. Kerry': Yeah.

28. Miles: Like she's actually naked in all of these shots it's just um, yeah.

29. Kerry: She's more in her element, she, she's, she's not restricted.

30. Miles: Yeah. She's like uh, she's like Mystique.

31. Monty: Yeah.

32. Miles: Yeah.

33. Kerry: Jennifer Lawrence?

34. Monty: No, uh...

35. Miles: Yeah.

36. Monty: Romijn-Stamos.

37. Kerry: Okay.

38. Miles: Yeah!

(Monty chuckles.)

39. Monty: I, I...

40. Miles: Yeah?

41. Monty: I know you prefer Jennifer (stutters) prefer Jennifer Lawrence, Mystique but...

42. Miles: J-Law! I just prefer Jennifer Lawrence in general. Jennifer Lawrence, I know you're listening, um, hey.

(Miles, Kerry and Monty laugh.)

43. Gray: So J-Law if you're out there, you wanna get cast in the live-action version...

44. Miles: Yeah.

45. Gray: Give us a call.

46. Miles: Hell, if you wanna get cast in the normal version.

(Monty laughs.)

Sun hangs upside down outside Team RWBY's Window

47. Miles: Hey! What's up painted abs, how you doin?

48. Monty: I, I like that, he doesn't get what she was really asking here. Is that how it is, it's just like "Oh, yeah."

49. Kerry: Yeah.

50. Miles: It's a way, (Monty inaudible under Miles) the way I always took it was, the way I always took it, was he gets what she's askin, he's just dodged. (All laugh.) That's how I always interpreted it.

51. Kerry: Which is, y'know, typical Michael.

52. Miles: Little perv! (All chuckle) Oh my god.

Neptune shown outside of window.

53. Miles: And uh...

54. Monty: They each have a different...

55. Miles: (chuckling) Typical Neptune.

56. Monty: ...expression on here which is great.

57. Miles: This was another, this was another you (inaudible), we don't do it in this scene but we, we, we've put, 'cause it's a cartoon we're able to put the characters in like impossible...

58. Monty: Yeah.

59. Miles: positions and stuff like right there Yang was like eight feet off the ground. Uh, and I think it's in, the, Weiss rejecting Jaune scene. I don't know who did that scene but Ruby notices that she's standing at an impossible angle...

60. Monty: That was (inaudible)

61. Miles: ...and falls. I laughed my ass off first time I saw that, dude.

Ruby drags Weiss out the room.

62. Miles: And that, and that grip with that Lindsay chuckle. "Nah."

Scene change to CCT building exterior

63. Monty: That is, the, the, stiff as a board Neptune (inaudible).

64. Miles: Yeah.

65. Kerry: We have a pretty big policy of, if an animator has an idea just like, just go ahead and just like rough it out, just like we'll watch it, we're, we're probably gonna go with it. 'Cause that was Harley when she was like "Can I make Neptune like, stiff when she pushes him?"

(Miles snorts.)

66. Kerry: And I was like "Yeah, absolutely you can."

Ruby impersonates Weiss.

67. Monty: This is uh, Joe.

68. Miles: Yeah.

69. Monty: Ninja turtles Joe animated this.

70. Miles: Joe MacDonald.

71. Monty: What we have here is, is er one of, everyone's little uh, favorite, uh, characters coming back.

72. Miles: Yeah.

73. Monty: Torchwick.

74. Miles: Torchwick. Yeah, he was in the last scene and people miss him.

75. Monty: Also this new scene, the CCT like some exposition stuff. I think, there was a little back and forth about like, how much they should say about, like, the communications tower.

Penny Polendina picks up Ruby's Scroll.

76. Miles: Yeah.

77. Kerry: Yeah.

78. Miles: It was really hard.

79. Kerry: A lot of it was us figuring out how it worked when we went to go write it.

80. Miles: Yeah. We had to, (stutters) the, uh- Yeah, the way communication works in, in Remnant is a really important thing, um, so it...

81. Monty: Down the line.

82. Miles: Yeah, yeah. Uh, so we—

83. Monty: Oh, the hiccups.

84. Miles: We really had to figure out how to, how to make it work, and, yeah just figuring out the roles of it to (inaudible).

85. Kerry: What I was saying was it, yeah. It wasn't really important right now but we had to make sure that we knew what was going on.

86. Miles: Yeah.

87. Kerry: We're trying not to like, Lost it. Y'know?

88. Miles: Yeah.

89. Kerry: Or as we were talking about yesterday, Battlestar Galactica it. (Miles and Monty chuckle.) Even though, I would be happy to, have Battlestar Galactica. I want that, I want to go watch Battlestar Galactica right now.

90. Monty: It, it's gonna, go to, get, go unnoticed for like throughout this show but look at how...

91. Miles: Slide (in response to Ruby sliding down a handrail)

92. Monty: ...much background character it has acting...

93. Miles: Yeah.

94. Monty: ...and movement and there's like personalities going on with the scene.

Ruby stops Penny.

95. Miles: Um hmm. Yeah there's been a lot of comments that have had people like, (inaudible) a lot more.

96. Monty: It just makes it feel more alive.

97. Kerry: I just wanna, I just wanna like put out a version where they're all colored black again. See what people think.

98. Miles: Director's cut!

(Miles and Kerry chuckle.)

99. Kerry: Yeah. It's the only thing that's different. (Miles laughs.) Just silhouetted characters.

100. Miles: And I voice Cinder.

101. Kerry: Obviously.

102. Miles: Oh Penny, look at you, you little angel.

103. Gray: Shout-out to Taylor.

104. Miles, Kerry and Monty: Yeah!

(Inaudible comment)

105. Monty: I like her hair, like those little rolls on the side, the way they bounce.

106. Miles: Yeah.

107. Monty: It's great.

Scene change to CCT interior

108. Monty: But yeah the CCT. Uh, oh and th-then her going off and... This was an insert right here. Of her actually having to put her phone in to, security purposes.

109. Kerry: This, this one that you wanted to do to kind of, help us out...

110. Monty : Was that my idea?

111. Kerry: ...and show a bit more. Yeah in—

112. Monty : Okay.

113. Kerry: Just to, to show more in seven when uh, Cinder infiltrates, like...

114. Monty: Right...

115. Kerry: Why it was such a big deal that she infiltrated.

Weiss enters an elevator.

116. Monty: Right, right.

117. Kerry: It's not as big a deal of (inaudible) like library.

118. Monty: This was also, I mean, Weiss gets her, her, like uh, a completely solo scene here.

119. Miles: Uh...

120. 'Kerry: Yeah.

121. Miles: And it was awesome.

122. Monty and Kerry: Yeah.

123. Miles: Again, this, this, yeah this was not something that we originally wrote.

124. Miles: This elevator moment yeah was not something we had in the script. And then when I saw it and her just trying to like, try the different types of smiles, oh my god I loved it. It is, I loved this, this scene right here.

125. Kerry: This was, the (inaudible) going like "Oh she, she doesn't really wanna do this right?" I was like "Yeah. She's like, 'He's like "Alright"'".

Weiss exits the elevator.

126. Miles: Oh! So we wrote in uh, CCT Receptionist and then as soon as I saw that I was like "Oh there's a ghost! What's going on!? (Kerry and Monty laugh.) What is this!?"

127. Kerry: Nin, man, she haunts. She-she she's like a very helpful ghost.

128. Miles: Who, yeah, who made the call on, on...

129. Monty: She's our Moaning Myrtle.

130. Miles: ...robot girl.

(Monty chuckles.)

131. Miles: Yeah, not Penny. Not Penny though, Jesus!

(Multiple people chuckle.)

132. Kerry: Whoa, what!? How did you know!? Uh, no it was, it was also, part of it too was we wanted to use Megan again for uh, the elevator. So we thought, how do we make her do both? Oh, she's a computer.

133. Miles: Yeah, it, it was cool.

Weiss prepares herself to make the call.

134. Miles: Oh Weiss.

135. Monty: Mirror, mirror, she's a loli.

136. Miles: Really, I, yeah I'm just really happy with the stuff we get to do with Weiss this season.

137. Monty: Yeah.

138. Miles: We get to see why she's so cold.

139. Kerry: And she don't, and used no jacket.

(Monty and Miles laugh slightly.)

140. Miles: Yeah, she, uh, Weiss also body paint.

141. Kerry: Yeah.

Weiss downloads information to her Scroll.

142. Miles: Little known fact.

143. Monty: I, I really like (inaudible) facial animation as well...

144. Miles: Yeah.

145. Monty: 'Cause there was a lot, there was a lot that needed to be, a lot of this scene and performance was just in the face. Y'know? Which is great. Especially like the, th-the quiet moment afterwards and, and even the receptionist was just like, was a placeholder. Who did the receptionist?

146. Miles: Uh, that was Emily. And she did a great job. Emily McBride.

147. Monty: Ah right.

148. Miles: She runs our store.

149. Monty: She was also like, Surgeon Simulator Receptionist but,

150. Miles: She was.

151. Gray: Yeah, yeah.

(Monty chuckles slightly.)

152. Miles: Your iTunes have now been synced to your Scroll.

(Miles laughs, followed by Monty.)

Scene change to Penny waiting outside a cafe

153. Kerry: Yeah.

154. Miles: Google Drive is up to date.

155. Monty: Is this the same cafe that Sun and Blake were at?

156. Miles: Yeah.

157. Kerry: (extended) "Ssh."

158. Miles: It's called uh, Caf, uh, Caf, uhh, Cafe la Coffee.

(Monty chuckles.)

Ruby and Penny walk down the street.

159. Miles: Things gonna be on RWBY Wiki now.

160. Kerry: Yeah.

161. Miles: I do—

162. Monty: Yes.

163. Kerry: Next to the White Castle?

(Monty chuckles.)

164. Miles: God d—

165. Monty: This is Austin's scene.

166. Miles: Um hm.

167. Monty: Austin, make your walks asynchronous. Okay good.

168. Kerry: Yeah. (Monty chuckles.) And, we're good.

169. Monty: Oh right. And uh, some Penny backstory stuff too.

170. Miles: Yeah.

171. Monty: Uh, um, I like Austin's facial animation too. Especially on Penny and like, some of the crazier stuff like when he did Weiss last year, when he, sh, Weiss was freaking out...

172. Miles: Um-hmm.

173. Monty: ...over, like Penny stuff.

174. Kerry: He does uh, cartoony and just exaggeratory stuff really, really well.

175. Monty: Um hm. It, it helps that he's a cartoony and a, and exaggerated person.

176. Miles: Yeah and his original cut of this scene, uh, an anvil fell on Penny after she held up a sign that said "Help." Um, (Kerry speaks, but is inaudible.) you know we feel that added a lot, and then piano fell. (Monty chuckles.) Yeah, yeah, it um, it was really...

Ironwood hologram begins its demonstration.

177. Kerry: And then, and then Ruby popped up behind her.

178. Miles: Yeah, yeah it was nice. But um,

179. Monty: Robots!

180. Miles: Robits.

181. Monty: Those robots look familiar.

182. Kerry: Robits.

183. Miles: Uh, yeah T-1000 right?

184. Kerry: Yeah. Continuing our hologram approach to things.

Unveiling of the Atlesian Knight-200.

185. Monty: But uh, robots from the "Black" Trailer.

186. Miles: Um hm.

187. Monty: And uh...

188. Kerry: These are the fancy versions.

189. Monty: And then there for a better version.

190. Miles: Yeah, we went through a few different ideas, uh, for these guys. At one point, uh, they had a um, I think Daft Punk, they had like a digital face and we wanted them to have like different emoticon faces.

191. Kerry: Yeah.

192. Miles: Uh, that ended, that ended up getting scrapped and, yeah, it was, it was supposed to be, 'cause y'know the, the uh, the original, uh, Atlesian Knights were the scary looking skull dudes from the Blake trailer. Um, so on that line, a little a scary one, we wanted the, the cute faces to come over the other ones.

193. Monty: Um hm.

194. Miles: We didn't end having time to do that, so instead we just got the goofy poses and...

195. Monty: Yeah.

196. Miles: ... I just, I thought that was great. We told uh, we told Jason here we're like "Alright. Imagine Steve Jobs if he ran a military. iPhone 7, go."

197. Kerry: Which by the time this comes out there might be the iPhone 7 or 8 or so. How is it? 6.

198. Miles: Well it's the first phone to generate its own aura, so {Monty: Ooh} that's pretty cool. Oh, but uh, service sucks.

(Miles, Kerry and Monty chuckle slightly.)

Guard spots Penny.

199. Miles: Do you think he's on Time Warner Cable? (snickers)

200. Monty: That was crazy by the way. Oh the chase scene. Chase scenes are fun.

201. Miles: Oh, snap girl.

(Miles mimics chase scene music)

202. Monty: Austin's come a long way with the action stuff especially like, y'know, first pass it's like. it was like, y'know, initially it's very Austin and then I'm like, he takes some notes and he worked with Daniel on some of these edits too.

Guards continue chase after being nearly hit by a car.

203. Miles: Look both ways kids.

204. Monty: Where it's just like um...

Structure with crates on top are seen at the end of the alley.

205. Miles: Shout-out to those crates.

206. Kerry: Yeah.

207. Miles and Monty: Breakable things!

208. Monty: Dammit Austin. But like y'know, I'm like "Hey. An insert shot here would be good and, y'know, pull this a little more or hold this a little longer."

Ruby uses her Semblance while holding Penny.

209. Monty: And, yeah that shot where it's just, I just like "Hey, shake the camera just a tiny bit." And he was like "Oh my god it makes a huge difference!" Like, yes. Cool right?

Ruby in the middle of the road

210. Monty: And then this, and this thing.

211. Kerry: Yeah he,

212. Gray: You guys spent forever on how to look like, make it read that she was running out of steam early 'cause she's never had experience with that...

213. Kerry: Yeah.

214. Gray: ...that much mass before.

215. Kerry: That was a big deal for him, he was like "I have to make this work." And we're like "Okay, do it!"

216. Monty: Yeah.

217. Kerry: And it looked good.

218. Monty: Yeah.

219. Kerry: Also the, the, the car hit looked really good too because he—

220. Miles: Yeah.

221. Kerry: He did, um, uh, he did a or...

222. Kerry: ...Original version of it and there's gonna be a lot more for comp to do. Uh, and then long story short, files went missing, he had to do it again and then he did a, an even better job with it.

223. Monty: Um hm.

224. Kerry: And then everybody had the same haircut. (Monty laughs slightly.) Shopkeep's like "Oh, I'm going to be late to my noodle restaurant." (Monty laughs.)

Ruby catches up to Penny.

225. Miles: So it's don't established if it's the same Shopkeep or if we're Nurse Joy'ing this guy...

226. Kerry: We'll—

227. Miles: ...and he's got a bunch of brothers.

228. Kerry: We'll establish it at some point, I don't know.

229. Miles: That's the big reveal...

230. Kerry: The mystery is still out.

231. Miles: Volume 3.

232. Miles and Kerry: Yeah.

233. Monty: Heh.

234. Miles: This was uh,

235. Monty: Oh and the hiccuping.

236. Miles and Gray: Yeah.

237. Miles: Taylor, Taylor did a great job in this scene. This was, this is a stuff scene.

238. Monty: I remember like, I mean this is a year ago and I'm like "I really like Taylor's voice. What if we use her for Penny?" And then we're like. Well, y'know, she, she was brought here as y'know, art director, modeler, but it's like, can she do this like, I'm like "But will she be able to do the serious scenes later?" It's like now we're later and it's like—

239. Miles: Yeah.

240. Monty: "Oh my god she's great. This is awesome."

Painting the Town...

1. Miles: Guess who's awesome?

(Kerry and Monty chuckle slightly.)

2. Monty: And there's a little Gus on that dumpster if you look closely.

3. Kerry: There's a bunch of little references (inaudible).

4. Miles: Big Gus made us do it.

5. Kerry: SMG. Speaking of big Gus...

6. Miles: Oh, my god you're right.

7. Kerry: We have a promise to keep later.

8. Miles: So, do you wanna talk about that a little bit?

9. Kerry: So, Miles and I were on a podcast a couple of weeks ago, as of this recording.

10. Monty: Talking about commentaries.

11. Kerry: Yeah, what was it Vanilla Sky I think.

12. Miles: Vanilla Sky (Monty spoke but was inaudible under Miles), he talked, he said it was the worst duty (?) he had ever seen.

13. Monty: Seen.

14. Miles: Because uh, uh, who was the director?

15. Kerry: I don't even know.

16. Monty: Crowe.

17. Miles and Kerry: Crowe yeah.

18. Monty: (inaudible) Crowe.

19. Miles: In the middle of it...

(Somebody caws.)

20. Miles: . . . he, like the whole time he was just like (pompous voice) "I'm great, I made this movie, here's my wife playing guitar in the background." Or something like that.

21. Kerry: Yeah.

22. Miles: And then he was like (pompous voice) "You know what? I'm friends with Tom Cruise. In fact, let me call him right now."

23. Monty: Yeah.

24. Miles: Takes out phone, "Tom, hey it's me! No just recording DVD commentary. Remember that one time we made a movie together? We're great." So uh, we cross-guessed that we (inaudible)...

25. Monty: Yeah.

26. Miles: ...the RWBY commentary.

27. Kerry: Well, uh...

28. Monty: 'Cause, you know we're friends with Gus we talk...

29. Kerry: Yeah, we know, we know him.

30. Monty: . . . to him all the time.

31. Miles: I, I don't call him Mr Sorola.

32. Miles: Never.

(Kerry and Monty chuckle.)

33. Miles: I just call him Gus. So that will happen. That'll happen at some point. Oh my god, Pen (high, short noise that makes the end inaudible)

34. Monty: Anyway back to the movie.

35. Kerry: Yeah.

(Monty chuckles.)

36. Miles: Her hair makes me want Cinnabon.

37. Monty: Yeah. She's so...

38. Miles: Aw.

39. Monty: ...she's so bouncy.

40. Miles: I haven't had breakfast yet. Now...

41. Kerry: Yeah.

42. Miles: ...I'm hungry.

43. Monty: I, I had Taco Bell breakfast.

44. Miles: I am so sorry. (laughs slightly)

45. Kerry: That's gonna... Are you we're gonna be able to get through the commentary?

46. Miles: I was going (runs out of breath before laughing)

47. Monty: Well I've had, I've had trouble pooping lately. {Miles: And...} So it's like, I was hoping it would help out.

48. Miles: Ladies and gentlemen there we are, how many minutes in? Not enough alright. (laughs) At least we don't have jellybeans for me to accidently spit out on the table.

49. Kerry: Hey we made it half an hour in before the poop came out.

(Miles laughs.)

50. Monty: I, I mean I want, I want the poop to come out. I've been eating Fiber One.

51. Miles: Oh! Jesus.

Penny carries Ruby over to the dumpster.

52. Monty: It's, I mean I like, talk about dumpsters.

53. Miles: Penny is, so socially oblivious.

54. Monty: Yeah.

55. Miles: I love her so much.

56. Kerry: Yes. So this is the, uh, the second worst kept secret in the show.

(Miles and Monty chuckle.)

57. Kerry: It's one of those things too, it's like I don't know that we're actually, all the times trying to make it...

58. Monty: I don't even.

59. Kerry: ...this big reveal.

60. Monty: Yeah.

61. Gray: Same.

62. Monty: People get stuck on like "Oh my god, it wasn't a twist." I, (stutters) we didn't even think w-we thought of it as a twist.

63. Gray: We just finally got around to confirming it.

64. Kerry and Monty: Yeah.

65. Kerry: And uh, I was really happy that, y'know, there was a ton of comments that are like "Oh, duh, I know." But then there's just a lot of comments that are like "I knew but this is a really nice moment."

66.Monty: Yeah. (Miles and Gray are inaudible under Monty.) Especially like, there was a, there was a twist on top of it. It's like she's not just a robot, she's a robot with a soul.

67. Miles: Yeah.

68. Monty: Kind of thing.

69. Kerry: It's the, full...

70. Monty: I really like that episode of, uh, what was it? Batman episode, uh, Soul of Silicon?

71. Miles: Yeah, that was a great episode.

72. Monty: Hmm.

Scene change to road leading to Junior's club

57. Monty: Oh yeah. Oh, we're, we're back at the club.

74. Kerry: Back at the club.

75. Miles: I love Ironman.

(Monty chuckles.)

76. Kerry: Anyways.

77. Miles: At the club.

78. Kerry: There's this thing we started doing with Neptune, I don't really remember why.

79. Monty: When it, or when it started.

80. Kerry: Yeah, or when it started exactly.

81. Monty: These aren't made in the order we see 'em.

82. Kerry: No, they're not. But we just decided like, he was gonna be there a lot of times and just not be shown at first.

83. Miles: Oh really?

84. Kerry: He's gonna like pop out from behind things or, like—

85. Miles: Oh, I guess you're right.

86. Kerry: We specifically framed that and did it in such way that you wouldn't see Neptune.

Scene change to club interior

87. Monty: Yeah.

88. Kerry: And all of a sudden he would just be there.

89. Monty: I like this layer of the Neptune character where he's a cool guy but no one acknowledges him.

90. Kerry: Yeah.

91. Monty: Y'know where he's just like, he's just there.

92. Miles: Tries too hard man.

93. Monty: He's trying to be cool, and people just like, he's, he, he's, he's, he's gotta 'bout as much presence as a chair at this point.

(Multiple people chuckle.)

94. Kerry: Thanks man.

(Monty chuckles.)

95. Miles: Chair with some sweet hair.

Yang enters the club.

96. Monty: Jus, jus, just add,

97. Kerry: Just like the top of the chair is just blue a little bit.

(Monty chuckles.)

98. Monty: Which is great 'cause it's just like, he, he, like, the kind of like, (stutters).

99. Miles: Sweet mustache. Sorry.

100. Kerry: Anyways.

101. Monty: He's part of, like he's just part of the team instantly.

102. Miles: Yeah.

103. Monty: Without like any initiation it's just like...

104. Miles: Someone's just like "This guy's cool." And everybody's like "Alright." It was {Monty: People just like, roll with it} so much fun bringing Yang back to a {Monty: Yeah} club. Where, she just owns it man.

105. Monty: Yeah.

106. Kerry: She's like, "I'm going to visit some friends!"

107. Miles: This might as well be called "Yang's".

(Monty chuckles.)

108. Miles: Like this, (stutters) they should just change the name of the club.

109. Kerry: "Mr Petio" (?).

110. Miles: "Petio" (?)!" And...

111. Kerry: "Pati ato" (?).

112. Miles: We get, dat womanizing Neptune.

113. Kerry: Yeah.

114. Miles: He just hits on everything with, (Monty inaudible under Miles) not a penis.

Scene change to White Fang recruitment building exterior

115. Kerry: That's a way to describe it. Are you say, are you afraid of the word vagina?

116. Miles: No, I was going to say something else but I'm...

117. Kerry: Oh, okay.

118. Miles: ...also trying to keep it— Port, what are you doing here! Oh no, never mind.

119. Monty: Port, he's a...

120. Miles: It's Moriarty.

121. Monty: He's Port.

122. Kerry: He's, he's the fanciest of the Faunus.

123. Miles: I really do like the way that guy looks.

(Monty laughs.)

124. Miles: I-I loved him.

125. Kerry: I like that he didn't, structure was to make him bow or anything like that, but I think it was, who did this? Was it Bill or Joel who did that scene with Bill?

126. Miles: Yeah, uh, uh,

127. Monty: It was some Bill.

128. Kerry: He just like...

129. Monty: Some Joel.

129. Kerry: Yeah, he's just like, he's—

130. Monty: And some Joe.

131. Kerry: Yeah, Joe. I think it was Joe. Yeah and, uh, he just saw that character and was like "I'll make him bow, that looks good." Like, and it fits, yeah.

132. Miles: Works like a power. Like he bend thy knee.

133. Monty: Hey those, those ears are cute. Right? Anyone?

(Miles makes an almost mew-like noise.)

134. Kerry: Don't say color an hour or whatever it was. I don't even know, I, I missed all of that, all I heard was like the, the end of it where it's like "I guess they wear the same color or whatever" I don't know.

Blake and Sun enter the White Fang recruitment building.

135. Monty: Yeah. Just, more consistency...

136. Kerry: Yeah.

137. Monty: our technology this time around so. That door guy's big. Look at all that crowd! Holy shit.

138. Miles: That's a lot of crowd.

140. Gray: Yeah, poor Joe Mac.

141. Monty: Joe Mac.

142. Kerry: Joe likes it.

143. Monty: He likes it.

144. Miles: Yeah.

145. Monty: He likes adding tiny little things like, guy with glasses over his mask.

White Fang Lieutenant shown on stage

146. Kerry: Like (inaudible) guy.

147. Monty: Oh and then there's Bane guy. We can call him that right?

(Miles laughs.)

148. Miles: (Bane impression) "Ah yes. Welcome."

149. Kerry: Well, it was fun doing commentary with you guys.

(Gray laughs.)

150. Miles: (Bane impression) "Ah..."

151. Kerry: Uh, I'm out.

(Monty laughs.)

Pan up to reveal Roman

152. Miles: (Bane impression) "Well, it appears we have ourself, Roman Torchwick."

153. Kerry: So, Gray, do you wanna talk about uh, how this voice came to be?

154. Monty: It was temp, for start.

155. Gray: Oh, there was so many instances of that throughout the season too.

156. Miles, Kerry and Gray: Yeah.

157. Monty: Glasses guy.

158. Gray: Um...

159. Miles: Don't worry, Deery.

160. Gray: Yeah, we were calling him Edward James Almost.

161. Monty: I really liked that joke.

162. Gray: Which reads better than it actually sounds.

163. Kerry: It (Miles inaudible under Kerry) actually does!

164. Miles: (laughing) Yeah, it does!

165. Kerry: You, you said it to me at one point and it totally went over my head but then you emailed it out and I jus, just laughing at my desk.

(Monty laughs.)

166. Kerry: "Y'know that's not the first time I've said that." I was like "Ah, it's really funny."

167. Gray: Yeah, but we were going for a little kind of a, um, luchadore {Kerry: Yeah} (inaudible).

168. Monty: I did not know,

169. Gray: Something that did not sound like Bane. That was the, we were actually trying to, let's not do Tom Hardy.

170. Monty: I saw this edit and I went up to Gray, I'm like "Who's that?" And he's like

171. Monty: "Oh we got Danny Shrayhall (?)" I'm like "Really?!"

(All chuckle.)

172. Kerry: Yeah. It was those things where it's like we recorded it as temp and then everybody then liked it. So it's like "Alright, let's just leave it in."

173. Gray: Yeah.

174. Monty: Also there's a, a, a little bit of a real feel of a character in the background there. Can't say much about it other that, (Miles makes a noise) there came a need for a character and there was a design in mind and like, a requirement for it and we're like

Unveiling of the procured Atlesian Paladin

175. Monty: "Oh this is" and it's just, all the pieces keep falling into place for her. So, that's cool. We're, you're going to see more of her later. And more of her later after that. And in the mean time, she's, we just like having the idea of like, oh Torchwick,

176. Miles: (whispers) "They've seen the movie."

177. Monty: Torchwick has a right-hand man. Which is great. Oh,

178. Miles: And also not a man.

(Monty chuckles.)

179. Kerry: Yeah.

180. Miles: Oh, speaking of robots, I got a bone to pick with you.

181. Kerry: Oh boy.

182. Miles: Not really but... (stutters) So I saw a bunch of comments that were like "Man, first Freckles and now this. (Monty laughs) Why does Miles love giant robots so much?" And I'm saying more like "It wasn't me!"

(Miles and Monty chuckle.)

183. Monty: Yeah. I, I think one of the first mandates of this season was like,

184. Miles: Shout-out to wave guy. (slight breathless laugh)

185. Monty: (inaudible) Guy.

186. Miles and Kerry: Torchwick!

187. Miles: "Hey, you remember me?!"

(Monty laughs.)

188. Kerry: "Hey!"

189. Miles: "I was at the docks with you a while ago! You said you'd call!"

190. Monty: That um, last year was monsters, this year...

191. Kerry: So say we all.

192. Monty: ...was robots.

(Multiple people snicker.)

193. Kerry: Can we, let's just go watch Battlestar Galactica.

(Monty and Gray chuckle.)

194. Kerry: Please, come on.

195. Miles: Hoo, I need another ripple.

196. Monty: Yeah. (inaudible) Um, but yeah I wanted robots (sound of a beverage can opening) this year. That was the mandate like...

197. Miles: Yeah.

198. Monty: of last like, January or something.

199. Kerry: It's like robots.

200. Gray: How can you do an anime without mechs?

201. Kerry and Monty: Yeah.

202. Monty: Yeah, I like robots.

203. Kerry: Yeah. (Miles inaudible under Kerry) That was one of the comments, uh,

Scene change to Yang at the bar in Junior's club

204. Kerry: I think on like Crunchyroll this, this uh, for this episode was like, and this, this (stutters) "This is the moment that RWBY briefly turned into a mech anime. (Miles and Monty chuckle) It was glorious."

205. Miles: You had a great, great great great, idea for a title for this episode Gray. That we ended up not going with 'cause we, we, we said it sounded more like a Red vs Blue episode.

206. Gray: Oh right, yeah, yeah, yeah.

207. Miles: You wanted to call it "Techs Mechs" but like "T E C H S M E C H S" And I ...

208. Monty: Yeah.

209. Miles: ...thought that was the funniest thing I've ever (laughs slightly). "Where did they go?" "Is this guy for real?"

210. Monty: This, this is...

211. Gray: Built up a lot of slow stare...

212. Miles: "He's an idiot!"

213. Monty: This is William's first scene.

214. Kerry: Yeah it was.

215. Monty: Yeah.

216. Monty: It's great. Th-the, the Neptune.

217. Miles: Cat Williams?

(Monty inaudible)

218.Kerry: Yeah. Cat Williams.

219. Miles: Thanks.

220. Kerry: Ro, I started calling him "Billiam" halfway through the season.

221. Monty: Yeah.

222. Kerry: Is, is that?

223. Monty: Everyone calls him Bill.

224. Kerry: That's not a, that's not a name right?

(Monty laughs slightly.)

225. Gray: It is now.

(Amused, high-pitched noise from Miles)

226. Kerry: It is now I guess.

227. Miles: (high-pitched) "How" tall is Neptune?

Scene change back to White Fang building

228. Monty: Neptune's tall.

229. Kerry: Neptune's tall dude.

230. Miles: He is...

231 Monty: Neptune's tall.

232. Miles: ...tall man!

233. Monty: I've, J, there's A.

234. Miles: Just occurred to me.

235. Kerry: Yeah.

236. Gray: It's his semblance.

237. Monty: The—

238. Kerry: Yeah, you know, it's (Monty inaudible under Kerry) it's inspired by me so clearly he's tall.

(Miles laughs.)

239. Monty: There's a, there's a K-pop group... There's a K-pop group where like the blue-haired guy happens to be really, the tallest member. Just saying, y'know, that might be the reason, I don't know.

240. Miles: (laughs slightly) Sun waves.

241. Monty: At some point or, (laughs with Miles) that was great. At some point or another, Kerry I'm going to need you to say boom shakalaka.

Room goes dark

242. Kerry: Alright, you got it. We'll add it in, we'll throw it in to a combat scene.

243. Monty: Okay.

244. Kerry: Yeah if I ever cosplay as Neptune I'm just going to have to wear like, six inch platform shoes.

(Miles and Monty chuckle.)

245. Monty: Uh, robot,

Atlesian Paladin breaks through the wall of the warehouse

246. Monty: Wall.

247. Kerry: Robit.

248. Monty: Robot.

249. Miles: Ooh, my gosh.

250. Monty: Um, there's a lot of scenes here.

251. Monty: This, that robot has a lot of polygons. It was—

252. Kerry: Yeah.

253. Monty: It was tough. Especially the way it has to be rendered with like adding the lines afterwards. It was, pain in the bitch ass. (inhales, followed by Miles making a noise) But this scene...

Scene changes of rest of Team RWBY being contacted

254. Kerry: Specifically.

255. Monty: The, the, the Sun coming up and down on it, in shot, and talking was like so last minute but I was like "Oh man I love that." It was, I love the storyboard of it where you used that...

256. Kerry: Yeah.

257 Monty: ...card of Sun, popping in and out of frame while talking. Ruby was in that dumpster for a while.

258. Kerry: She was.

(Monty, Miles and Gray chuckle.)

259. Miles: Well, it,

260. Gray: She made a little friend.

261. Monty: She, she made friends with the rat.

262. Kerry: Yeah and then she sealed them in there.

(Monty chuckles.)

273. Gray: Oh yeah right, yeah, all the...

274. Kerry: Yeah.

275. Gray: ...torch wars (referring to the planks of wood on the dumpster presumably) on top.

276. Kerry: Yeah. We didn't have time to like,

277. Miles: Oh is that what that is?

278. Kerry and Gray: Yeah.

279. Gray: We, I had to ask Kerry about that too.

280. Kerry: Yeah we want to, yeah, this is one of those things where it's like,

Highway fight scene

281. Kerry: If we had time, we threw in some last minute if we had time, we would've like, made like a hammer and had her like...

282. Gray: She was just finishing.

283. Kerry: ...boarding it up or something but we're just like "Eh, she's put some wood on top."

284. Miles: I was wondering what the story was with that.

285. Kerry: Yeah. Well there you go.

286. Miles: Now I know.

287. Monty: Car parkour.

288. Miles: Alright. Monty...(breathless laugh) gotta ask.

289. Monty: I like side-scrollers.

(All chuckle.)

290. Miles: You knew what I was about to ask, I was gonna say "What, what happened in your early life, that made you just love highway fight scenes so much?"

291. Monty: I, you know I like those side-scrollers where, things that have a lot of energy and movement. I, (inaudible), I like (inaudible) of side-scrollers and like those, those levels. Where you're on the back of a train or there's cars, or those ninja turtles levels where you're like...

292. Miles: Yeah.

293. Monty: ...on the boards. Y'know? I just think it adds a lot of—

294. Kerry: Is it, is it a pearly universe?

295. Monty: I think it adds a lot of energy when the background always moving, y'know? And I always animate these scenes where the camera and the characters aren't actually moving in space, the background is just scrolling by.

296. Gray: Should we just...

297. Kerry: Yeah.

298. Gray: ...make that Volume 3, it's just them on top of a rig or something.

299. Kerry: Yeah it's just {Miles: Ooh} (inaudible under Miles)

Sun clones hit the Paladin.

300. Miles: That was cool.

301. Monty: Oh yeah, (Gray inaudible) Sun's semblance is, Via Sun. Like monkey king stuff.

302. Gray: So is that trickster? Is that anything like, what, what aspect of the sun king (inaudible)?

303. Monty: Uh, he, he does a thing where he like, he can create clones and send them out to the world.

304. Kerry: Which is interesting because it's similar to Blake's.

305. Monty: It's similar to Blake.

306. Kerry: But it's not the same thing at all.

308. Monty: But there's a distinct difference.

309. Kerry: Yeah.

310. Monty: Blake can only leave her clones behind, Sun's projects his clones forwards. So like,

Team RWBY face the Paladin under the Highway.

311. Monty: He has to stand there and actually manipulate his clones and have them do actions, where Sun, uh, where Blake, leaves the clone behind and does action while she leaves a distraction.

312. Miles: I had a really dumb idea of, Sun keeps trying to send his clones out to hug Blake, but Blake just keeps leaving shadow clones behind to take the hug for her. She don't want it.

(Monty and Kerry laugh.)

313. Kerry: Well that's gonna get drawn now.

(Miles laughs slightly.)

314. Monty: Oh and team attacks.

315. Miles: Oh right. Yeah this was uh, I, I'll be perfectly honest, I, I thought, I was a little worried when, when I heard about this idea. You wanted to use the ship names for the attacks, but people loved it man.

316. Monty: Well, well we compromised. We didn't use like—

317. Gray: Not all of them.

318. Monty: We didn't use Monochrome. We used Checkmate, which apparently is another ship name anyways.

319. Miles: I think it's

320. Gray: Ah.

321. Miles: I mean. I...

(Monty chuckles.)

322. Miles: like, (Gray inaudible under Miles) I like Checkmate.

323. Kerry: I, I, I like—

324. Gray: All, all, all of the White Rose fans were like "Oh, Ice Flower's pretty, we can use that. That's fine."

325. Miles and Kerry: Yeah.

326. Miles: They're just like "Okay."

327. Kerry: They, they, they also, I felt like a lot of people thought that we were making an official statement of like "These are the ship names we support." We don't care.

(Monty laughs slightly.)

328. Miles, Monty and Gray: No.

329. Monty: No.

330. Miles: Yeah.

331. Monty: I just wanted code words 'cause...

332. Miles: Yeah.

333. Monty: ...I saw The Hobbit, last December, and there's this thing, that one scene in the, the river scene where they just have this like a...

334. Miles: Whoa.

335. Monty: ...subconscious level of communication, y'know? So I wanted the team to be, like on par with each other this time around.

Blake slices the Paladin's projectiles.

336. Gray: You're showing that they're, they're gelling. They're getting...

337. Monty: Yeah.

338. Gray: ...more instinctual, they don't have to (Kerry says something at the same time as Gray, making both inaudible.) anything.

337. Miles: Did Weiss make Blake super fast?

338. Gray: Yeah, so I what a, yeah. Can, let's go over what's going on with what Weiss did for Blake there.

339. Monty: She,

340. Gray: What's, what's this new glyph that...

341. Miles: Yeah, what is that?

342. Gray: ...we're seeing?

343. Monty: So, she, she casted haste.

344. Kerry: Um, haste.

(Miles and Gray laugh.)

345. Miles: Does it make waste?

(Monty laughs.)

346. Monty: No, but (Miles snickers.), it's actually been churned into paste. (breathless laugh) Um...

347. Miles: Ow... My face.

348. Monty: ...she's made her faster.

349. Kerry: If I had a turkey I would baste it.

(Monty chuckles slightly.)

350. Miles: I hate all of you.

351. Gray: I'm waiting for chaste to come up.

352. Kerry: Ah, you go.

353. Gray: Alright. Eh buddy?

354. Miles: Really that was the baste you could do?

(Multiple people laugh slightly.)

355. Miles: I'm sorry. I'm, I'm just gonna go.

Paladin punches Yang away through a pillar

356. Gray: You can tell that Barb is, uh...

357. Miles: (inaudible) Sort of.

358. Gray: ... out of town right now.

359. Miles: Yeah.

360. Monty: Um.

361. Miles: Speaking of Barb.

362. Kerry: Yeah. Uh, (Kerry inaudible under Miles) she angry.

363. Monty: She Yangry.

(Miles groans.)

364. Gray: The, the fixes we had to do to that particular shot.

365. Miles: Oh yeah her butt was,

366. Kerry: I was, I was staring at Yang's ass for like, a full day almost.

367. Gray: A full day where we're just walking by.

368. Monty: There was just, there was just like polygon clipping, like...

369. Kerry: Yeah.

370. Monty: ...just her, her butt (inaudible).

371. Kerry: People kept walking up being like "Kerry, what are you doing?" And I was like "Look..."

372. Gray: "It, it's for business purposes!"

373. Kerry: I, I think I even named the file like "Yang's Butt" or something like that.

Paladin stumbles back following the destruction of its arm

374. Miles: Hey, we get to explain Yang's Semblance. Um...

375. Monty: A little bit like a real, like a, like a, like a, most animes where they're like, they're talking about the move while they're like, mid-move but,

376. Miles: Yeah.

377. Monty: We at least stop and actually have like legitimate, like exposition scene, I guess?

378. Gray: Yeah.

379. Monty: Um, same here where it's...

380. Gray: Was it hinted at, at all in Volume 1 or just, (inaudible).

Ice Flower team attack

381. Monty: Oh, yeah, it was hinted at since like the Yang trailer.

382. Miles: Yeah, she did.

383. Monty: You can tell because...

384. Miles: Yeah.

385. Monty: ...her hair glows every time she takes...

386. Miles: Love that shot...

387 Monty: ...hit, um, she gets stronger when, uh, uh, Junior beats her.

388. Gray: Does this turn her into Super Saiyan?

389. Miles: Yeah that's...

390. Monty: Yeah.

391. Miles: It's the, uh, the, the, yeah.

Yang destroys the Paladin.

392. Miles: The tough thing is that, she has to, she has to take the damage in order to be able to get it back. So like...

393. Gray: Right.

394. Miles: Y'know, if she gets punched with a giant robot, if that KOs her she's done.

395. Monty: Yeah.

396. Miles: But if she can take that hit and get back up and fight.

397. Monty: Yeah.

398. Miles: She's good.

Neopolitan blocks Yang's projectile.

399. Miles: Who is this?!

400. Monty: Oh yeah, Neo.

401. Miles: This was, uh, this was another one of the, of the scenarios where like, I was watching uh, just the playblast and uh, and, um.

(Monty chuckles.)

402. Miles: I just- (slight breathless laugh) Brandon, go away.

(Monty, Gray and Kerry laugh.)

403. Miles: Brandon just walked up into the thing. Go away, Brandon. (Laughter continues.) You, but yeah, no.

Yang hits Neo's illusion.

404. Miles: So I was just watching this, I was like, "Oh wow, longest fight scene turned out to—"

405. Miles: Did they just shatter into glass?! What, was, what?!

Neo and Roman escape in a Bullhead.

406. Monty: Oh so like, that's like her.

407. Miles: It's pretty cool.

408. Monty: I needed an uh, it's so backwards how like, I needed them to exit the scene like, Neo was like Torchwick's escape plan. And I was like "Oh yeah, th-they could get in the ship and then get away." I was like "That's hard to animate.

(Miles and Gray laugh.)

409. Monty: Let's just have them shatter into glass, that's simple!"

410. Miles: Illusion!

(Monty chuckles.)

411. Monty: So it's like, her illusionary ability.

412. Kerry: Yeah she's a "Ler-net". (No idea, syllables sound like this.)

413. Miles: Yeah. So we saw, so we saw that and then Monty's like "We need a little wrap up scene." So then uh, I'm glad, I'm glad this happened because the wrap up scene we got Weiss telling a pun and that was recorded,

Scene change to A Simple Wok Noodle House

414. Miles: Like, days before the episode came out or...

415. Kerry: Days, yeah.

416. Miles: ...something like that. But then, uh, best thing I think is, you get the Simple Wok. I love that shot so much.

417. Monty: Oh man. I, I had Pat draw that up.


1. Monty: Yeah.

2. Miles: Hm mm.

3. Monty: And, hey Pyrrha.

4. Miles: Sup girl, how you doin?

(Kerry chuckles)

5. Monty: Get, gettin, gettin her clothes on.

6. Miles: She's so pretty.

7. Monty: Yeah, Pyrrha's great.

8. Kerry: Did her head thing come off before that or did you like, have to make it come off...

9. Monty: No.

10. Kerry: ...with the— It does?

11. Monty: It, it built like...

12. Kerry: Nice.

13. Monty: ...that. The thing you don't notice though is that the shadows that it casts are built on to her head.

(Kerry chuckles.)

14. Gray: Hmm.

15. Monty: If you look closely.

16. Miles: She's so pretty. Jaune, you idiot.

(Monty laughs.)

17. Monty: This, l, he'll, he'll learn.

18. Miles: Fool.

19. Monty: This scene was one of the other ve-very early ideas. I was just like "I wanna show Pyrrha be badass and beat the crap out of all of Team CRDL." In a preliminary tournament, qualifier.

20. Kerry: Yes.

21. Monty: Thing. We talk about that?

22. Miles: Round.

23. Kerry: Uh, y'know, there's a tournament, it'll happen.

(Miles chuckles.)

24. Monty: Yeah we, we put it in a, a lot there. You guys wrote it in as like "Tournament at the end of the year." And stuff like that.

25. Miles: Yeah.

26. Monty: I know people are really looking forward to that. Um, we'll get to it.

27. Kerry: Yeah.

28. Monty: Really, there's a lots of story to tell leading up to it.

29. Miles: I-I'm assuming a ton of the comments last's episodes is gonna be "Where's the tournament?"

30. Monty: I know.

31. Miles: (whispering) "Soon."

32. Monty: But yeah, uh... This was a lot of fun, um, I usually, y'know, you, I've done a lot of scenes where one person kicks the crap out of like a team of people. And it's like, I realise that, one of my biggest problems was th-the people who does get their shit beat out,

Russel's cannonball attack

33. Monty: They need to be just as cool. So I have like Russel doing that,

34. Miles: Yeah.

35. Monty: Cannonball attack there and doing some really cool team on team stuff. I honestly like, I honestly like the idea of like Dove being like the best out of the team even though Cardin's like the leader and,

36. Miles: I love that,

37. Monty: Takes the charge.

38. Miles: I love that in one move we show how terrible a leader Cardin is when he smacks (Monty chuckles.) the hell (Gray inaudible under Miles) out of his teammate. That's such a great moment.

39. Monty: And like Russel here doing his thing which, I mean who knows like Russel could be really good too he's just like, Pyrrha's just that much better. Uh Dove, like y'know you think you're, you're kinda like your pudgy characters like doing all these flips and stuff and it's like, he can go toe to toe. If it weren't for-

(Monty makes a noise simultaneously with Cardin hitting Dove, followed by laughter from everyone.)

40. Miles: "He can do it, no."

41. Gray: I kinda like to think of these guys as like Team BIFF from Back to the Future.

42. Kerry: Yeah.

(Monty laughs slightly.)

43. Miles: Dude, exactly.

44. Kerry: Yeah.

Pyrrha grabs Cardin while in the air.

45. Monty: Oh, and then this move where I mean, by all rights, I mean, yeah. Cardin's probably dead.

46. Kerry: Yeah.

47. Miles: Nah dude, Aura.

48. Monty: (laughing slightly) Yeah, totally.

49. Miles: She's so pretty.

(Monty chuckles slightly.)

50. Kerry: Au-Aura fixes necks.

Glynda concludes match.

51. Miles: That was like 18 lucky shots dude.

(Monty laughs.)

52. Kerry: Yeah.

53. Monty: Glynda's got her iPad.

54. Gray: Yeah.

55. Kerry: So uh, I believe we owe a certain somebody a phone call.

56. Monty: Oh yeah.

(Miles stifles laughter.)

57. Kerry: I think it's time.

58. Miles: (holding back laughter) You wanna call Gus?

(Monty laughs slightly)

59. Kerry: I'll call him. Alright.

60. Monty: I, before, uh, before that,

61. Kerry: Uh guys, we know Gus Sorola. Sorry go ahead.

62. Monty: Yeah, pro-props to the next scene which we actually showed a...

63. Miles: (whispering) Oh my. 64. Monty: ...really in a teaser. For like the Mercury-Pyrrha fight.

65. Miles: Real quick.

66. Kerry: Yeah.

67. Miles: Again, uh, and this also goes saying I haven't really seen, like, the last half (running out of breath briefly) animated yet. But as of right now, no offense to Monty or anybody else, I love this fight scene! And I think it is my favorite. 'Cause I've never seen, like, this team do, such a s- I don't want to say simple,

68. Miles: But like it's such a subtle, really really really tense fight.

Mercury enters the arena.

69. Kerry: Yeah. It's a very, (Miles inaudible) like emotion...

70. Monty: Especially 'cause there's like analytical stuff going on...

71. Miles: Yeah!

72. Monty: the middle.

73. Miles: Like there's so few moves but right now I'm just like "What is gonna happen?"

74. Monty: Yeah.

75. Miles: "What is he gonna do?" Like, I don't know. It, this, this just make, I-I could not stop smiling...

76. Monty: The facial expressions.

77. Miles: this fight scene.

78. Monty: Like that, right there.

79. Kerry: Yeah.

80. Miles: Was this Sh—, was this Shane?

81. Monty: This is all (with Kerry) "Shane."

82. Miles: Yeah! 'Cause oh yeah, 'cause we get, we get his uh,

83. Monty: This is, this is all Shane doing like the Emerald stuff, like layering in...

84. Miles: (whispering) Oh my god!

85. Monty: ...that tiny little stuff where it's like, he got the tone of the fight, he knew what this was about.

86. Miles: Yeah man.

87. Monty: Y'know? And like his expression, her expression and it's just like, the way they're able to read each other.

Mercury moves towards Pyrrha to begin the fight.

88. Monty: And the movement. Like, barring the kicks and flips and everything it's just, there's so much going on like, in the performance.

89. Kerry: Yeah.

90. Miles: Um hm.

91. Monty: Right there.

92. Kerry: It's like a silent dialogue scene.

93. Miles: Yeah, it's...

94. Monty: Yeah.

95. Miles: Oh my god...

96. Kerry: Get it.

97. Miles: I love this. (Monty inaudible) I, oh yeah yeah, I'm, I'm (inaudible, then chuckles) Where, where's the shot?

Mercury's boots scrape along the ground.

98. Miles: Ah.

99. Monty: Yeah.

100. Miles: It's so awesome!

101. Monty: Yeah, and this.

102. Kerry: He's like...

103. Miles: I mean...

104. Kerry: "Alright."

105. Miles: Yeah, yeah, yeah. (high-pitched Ruby impersonation) "Your friend's pretty good! heheheh."

106. Monty: And then, and then, (Gray inaudible but finishes with "Yeah") (With Miles) "Bitch."

(All laugh.)

107. Miles: Oh I swore! Darn it!

(Monty chuckles. Miles grunts.)

108. Miles: Oh man.

109. Monty: Shane uh, sat on my sit up chair and like bicycle kicked in the air to (chuckles) do that.

110. Kerry: Really?

111. Gray: Oh, I was wondering...

112. Kerry: That's awesome

113. Gray: ...about that.

114. Monty: Yeah.

115. Gray: Okay.

116. Kerry: You mean Shane can't do this naturally? (Monty laughs slightly and Gray coughs.) I'm pretty sure he can if he wanted to.

117. Monty: Yeah, just give it a few weeks of like

(Miles mimics the noise of Pyrrha's Semblance simultaneously with her using it on Mercury.)

118. Miles: This is not the kick you're looking for. (Monty and Kerry laugh slightly.) "I'm sorry, what!?"

(All laugh, Miles longer than the rest.)

119. Monty: But uh, yeah.

120. Gray: This episode comes out (inaudible).

Mercury forfeits.

121. Monty: Today.

122. Gray: Couple of hours.

123. Miles: Oh whoa, that's right!

124. Gray: So they get to see this (inaudible).

125. Kerry: So that's when we're recording this, so you guys know, yeah.

126. Monty: I'm also going to go show this at Pax and hope they...

127. Kerry: Yeah.

128. Miles: Oh, gosh.

129. Monty: ...haven't seen it. Great stuff, learning is so much fun.

130. Kerry: Alright, let's call him.

131. Miles: Oh, Pyrrha, (Monty inaudible) you're so pretty.

132. Kerry: We saw the cool fight, alright, I'mma call... We here uh, we know Gus Sorola.

133. Miles: (pompous voice) "Yeah we've worked with Gus a few times, a personal friend of ours."

(Gray inaudible.)

134. Monty: I call, I call him G-Money.

135. Kerry: Yeah we're, y'know, good fan. Uh, y'know he's a real Sim-Simmons um.

136. Miles: Yeah, yeah.

137. Monty: Yeah.

138. Kerry: Since we cast him for that part so.

139. Miles: Look how excited Blake was to hear that news.

140. Kerry: Ooh.

(Multiple people laugh.)

141. Kerry: Uh, so let's uh, let's just give him a call see what he's doing. I'll put him on.

142. Gray: Get his input on RWBY.

143. Kerry: Okay yeah.

Scene change to outside of room

144. Monty: I'm sure he has lots of thoughts about it.

145. Kerry: Just gonna, just get some (inaudible with Miles). This is definitely gonna work.

(Phone starts to ring and Monty chuckles)

146. Miles: (whispering) "Oh please, please pick up Gus, pick up Gus, pick Gus."

147. Gus: Hello?

(Miles stifles laughter.)

148. Kerry: Uh, hey Gus. H-how's it goin? (static-like phone noise) You, uh, how you doin?

Blake talks with Sun after being stopped.

149. Gus: Good good, what's up?

150. Kerry: Um...

152. Gray: Where are you right now?

153. Kerry: So uh, we're doing something right now. We're um, (background phone noise) we're recording the commentary.

154. Miles: For RWBY! (Gus laughs, followed by everyone else.) Remember that one time we made a Red vs Blue together!

(Monty laughs slightly.)

155. Gus: It's so great to see, um...

156. Monty: How's Pax?

157. Gus: Nice for having to, hard to play any music or anything (?).

(Miles, Kerry and Monty laugh.)

Scene change Team RWBY dorm room

158. Kerry: Yeah, we actually have Miles just sitting here just (Starts a tune with duns.)

(Miles mimics a guitar tune before the phone is hung up.)

159. Kerry: So, oh, and he hung up on us. Sorry I called.

(All laugh.)

160. Miles: Well, uh, that was absolute, look how...

161. Kerry: Alright, that was worth it.

162. Miles: ...upset Blake is with.

163. Monty: I think he's so upset and tired of this bullshit.

164. Miles: This is, this is your Blake on drugs you guys. (Monty chuckles.) Yeah, poor Blake is, uh, is really running herself ragged. This is something I think we can relate to, is when you just have to keep working and you're just so tired but sometimes you just get a point...

165. Monty: We all.

166. Miles: where you can't, you're not doing yourself any good by just killing yourself working on stuff.

167. Monty: We all need a Yang in our lives to, y'know just hug it away.

168. Miles: Yeah.

169. Kerry: (stifling urge to laugh) Apparently Gus is in a meeting.

(Gray, Kerry and Monty laugh.)

170. Miles: Oh, my, god! He was not! (All laugh.) Did he just text?! (laughing)

171. Kerry: Yeah! He was like "I was in a meeting." (All laugh.) Do you think Tom Cruise was in a meeting but just made them...

172. Miles: Oh my god!

173. Kerry: ...wait?

174. Monty: I think, what if he was in a meeting with Tom Cruise!? (laughing slightly)

175. Kerry: Dun dun dun!

176. Miles: Oh my god. (stuttering)

177. Gray: He also had a stunt call.

(Monty chuckles.)

178. Miles: (slightly high-pitched) "Oh my god."

179. Kerry: That was funny. That worked out really well.

180. Miles: That was great.

181. Kerry: Alright, anyways.

182. Miles: Uh, so thing's that happened while we were calling Gus. Uh, Sun asked Blake to the dance, uh...

183. Miles: Blake...

184. Monty: Blake.

185. Miles: ...was like nah. I don't dance.

186. Kerry: Blake looks like us.

187. Monty: Sun was really upset and the ('inaudible'). Aww. Sun.

188. Miles: He was all like bummed out.

Blake leaves.

189. Monty: Yeah.

190. Miles: Well he wasn't that, he was...

191. Monty: He was upset.

192. Miles: his typical Sun fashion.

193. Monty: He was just like...

194. Miles: He's like "Oh no it's whatever, no it's fine. No it's cool, I didn't even..."

(Miles and Kerry speak over each other, saying "I just wanted to go" together with the last bit inaudible).

195. Miles: I did not inhale.

196. Kerry: Jesus.

197. Miles: That's a thing right?

198. Kerry: Sure.

199. Miles: I don't know.

200. Monty: I thought it was "I did not swallow." Oh wait, yeah yeah.

201. Kerry: Alright, anyways.

202. Miles: Jesus! Speaking off, okay, so

Jaune appears with a guitar.

203. Kerry: This is the dumbest thing ever. It's so good.

204. Monty: This is the best thing ever.

205. Miles: So this is, I went to go visit Nico...

206: Kerry: I forgot about this, oh my god.

207. Miles: Washington to record some RvB stuff and while we were there we recorded this. Uh, so that's Nico on, on guitar.

208. Kerry: Yeah.

209. Miles: Thanks, buddy. And that's me on terrible...

210. Kerry: You did a good job, dude, yeah.

211. Miles: ...vocals. Oh my god.

212. Kerry: You'd actually like you heard the, we recorded it, you heard it and you're like "I need to re-record, one of these is out of key."

213. Miles: Yeah, it was out of key.

214. Monty: This is, uh...

215. Miles: Oh god.

216. Monty: Ian (Kerry inaudible under Monty) did this theme. I like that pose...

217. Miles: (quietly) Jaune.

218. Monty: ...right there.

219. Miles and Kerry: What day is it?

220. Miles: What day is it?

Jaune says "Sunday."

221. Miles: Yeah! (Monty laughs) Nailed it!

222. Monty: He's so into it.

223. Miles: I like that zoom! That was nice. Is this where you, this is where Ruby falls isn't it?

224. Miles: It- it is.

225. Monty: Yes.

226. Kerry: She's about to, yeah. I, we as this, so much time has gone into this production I completely forgot that this was a scene and I'm so happy that I just watched it again. "Ah, waa."

Ruby falls.

(Miles laughs)

227. Kerry: Yeah, Ian was a (laughing slightly), we were like about to do reviews, he's like "Hey so I had this idea where like Ruby, falls 'cause she realises." We're like "That sounds hilarious, Ian." He's really good at that kind of stuff at like, coming up with little gags to throw in.

228. Miles: Um hm.

229. Monty: And time. Saratoga.

Scene change to Pyrrha and Jaune

230. Monty: Jaune recovers pretty fast.

231. Kerry: Yeah.

232. Monty: Well no, I mean there was like a transition there...

233. Kerry: Yeah.

234. Monty: ...and like a, he's like "I'mma go train."

235. Miles: Dawg!

236. Monty: "Let me blow off some steam."

237. Kerry: She's like...

238. Miles: "Look at his swordplay!"

239. Kerry: Yeah. So yeah we wrote that line completely innocently and then everybody...

240. Miles: Oh, yeah.

241. Kerry: ...laughed when they heard it. We're like "What? No."

242. Miles: "Your swordplay has increased immensely."

243. Kerry: "There's no joke there."

244. Miles: And we're like "Oh oh, come on! (Monty laughs slightly) Don't make it weird!"

245. Kerry: You cannot say "Come on" now without sounding like Jaune.

246. Miles: Really?

247. Kerry: Yeah.

248. Miles: Daa! (disgruntled noises) "Oh come on!" There you go, how's that?

249. Monty: Calm (inaudible).

250. Kerry: No, that sounds like Jaune trying to be lame.

251. Miles: Oh, well...

252. Kerry: Trying.

253. Gray: Was that like our, fourth somebody getting knocked on their butt? With the hand picked back up?

254. Miles: Look, man.

255. Gray: That's what the motif is.

256. Kerry: Symbols, in sym-symbolicism. (laughs slightly) "Symbolicism."

257. Miles: And this is the moment, where every fan in the world, screams at their computer "Jaune! No! Why!"

(Monty laughs.)

258. Kerry: She's touching him.

259. Miles: He's so dumb! Jaune you fool, you're just so smitten with another girl you don't see what's right in front of you! (high-pitched) "Beacon!"

(Monty, Kerry and Gray laugh.)

260. Kerry: Uh, Miles, it's to his right.

261. Monty: Dustin...

262. Miles: Oh, yeah.

263. Monty: ...did, oh, Dustin did this fight scene as well.

264. Miles: Dustin's like...

265. Kerry: Yeah.

266. Miles: the rooftop, night...

267. Monty and Kerry: Yeah.

268. Miles: Pyrrha-Jaune scene guy.

269. Kerry: At first he was like "Oh yeah, I really like the rooftop." And now he's like "I don't want another rooftop (Monty laughs) anymore, guys!"

270. Miles: "Get back on that rooftop!" (laughing slightly with Monty)

271. Kerry: Everybody's like "Yeah, you're doing it in this season now so."

272. Miles: Pyrrha. It's...

273. Gray: He's done every single one so far right?

274. Kerry: Every, it's every rooftop sequence we've done, he has done.

275. Miles: This was um, th, I-I really like this, this episode arc because we get to see...

276. Monty: Heh.

277. Miles: ...that... I hate you. (snickering slightly)

Scene change to Cinder's Faction dorm room

278. Miles: We get to see, um.

279. Monty: It's never gonna stop du- (chuckling slightly).

280. Miles: We get see that Pyrrha with all of her strength and all of her invincibility, still has her weaknesses and is still, a girl with insecurities.

281. Monty: Um hm.

282. Miles: Just, I was about to say just like everyone else but I'm not a girl with insecurities. (snickering)

283. Kerry: Well, you're close.

284. Miles: Yeah, I'm close, close.

285. Monty: Love it.

286. Miles: Emerald, you watch that skirt. That's skank, you pull that down.

(Miles and Monty chuckle.)

287. Kerry: Well that's why she's got her hand there.

(Miles chuckles.)

288. Monty: Yeah, the, the, the, uh, what was the school?

289. Miles: Those me eyes.

290. Monty: Mistral?

291. Kerry: Yeah.

292. Monty: Yeah. God damn.

293. Miles: Visiting from Haven actually.

294. Monty: We need to write this shit down. The, those Mistral uniforms, th-they're pretty hot.

295. Miles: Haven uniforms.

296. Monty: Haven! Oh my god. See?

297. Miles: Mistral's the place.

298. Monty: Mistral's the place,

299. Kerry: It's close enough.

300. Miles: Haven's that school.

301. Monty: Haven be the school. That painting is popular too.

302. Miles: Yeah it is.

"Add her to the list"

303. Miles: It's like uh, yeah.

304. Kerry: It's like the default IKEA painting. (Miles and Monty chuckle) IKEA's actually a team in this world.

(Miles and Monty laugh.)

305. Miles: Oh Cinder.

306. Kerry: They're a painting team.

307. Monty: This is uh, Joel Man's first scene.

308. Kerry: Yeah it was. So of course, yeah, we have a Joel Heyman. Popular, Caboose. So of course the next Joel we hire is named "Joel Man". (Monty chuckles slightly.) How did that happen?

309. Gray: Well for the,

310. Kerry: How is that a thing?

311. Monty: We're going to find out his middle name is "Hey".

(Miles and Gray chuckle.)

Burning the Candle

(Everyone Chuckling)

(Wiess approaches Ruby in the ballroom)

1. Kerry: Grey's- Grey is awake enough to count.

2. Miles: I love you. Weiss, you're my favorite this season. You're so cute.

3. Monty: Yeah, she is. That- That face looks great. This is Harley again. I- I think- did I say that speaker should be bigger? I can't remember.

4. Miles: Wait, there it is! (Laughs)

(Yang carries a speaker over her shoulder)

5. Kerry: I think- I think she wanted to make it bigger when she was carrying it and everything and she made it half that size, and I was like 'no, double it.'

6. Monty: (laughs)So much work.

7. Kerry: If we're gonna go for it, we're gonna go for it.

8. Monty: Four times bigger than it was originally. Its great. We're in the ballroom again. This is where they slept the first time they came to the school.

9. Kerry: Now in Party mode.

10. Monty: Party mode with balloons. Streamers.

11. Kerry: Streamers where it's at.

(Neptune and Sun arrive)

12. Grey: Cue the sax.

13. Monty: Very- very reflective floor.

14. Kerry: Yeah! I don't-

15. Miles: Weiss you're so cute!

16. Kerry: I don't think anyone told- like asked him to do anything, but like Jeff just decided every time Neptune comes in: Sax.

17. Grey: Well, no. We were- we were talking about it here and we were like, “we shouldn't mention it because it'll show up” but it- but it got in there anyway.

18. Miles: Wait, everytime we hear saxophone, is that a thing?

19. Grey: Every time Neptune shows up we get a sax.

20. Kerry: You get like-

21. Miles: No way, really? {Kerry: Yeah}

22. Grey: Really.

23. Miles: Oh my God, I gotta hear that.

24. Monty: Oh my god.

25. Miles: Wow!

26. Miles: How's it feel?

27. Kerry: Great. I feel like- feel like Bill Clinton's microphone. He plays the sax right? That's a thing right?

28. Grey: Yes

29. MIies: Yes

30. Monty: They're very concerned about Blake. But not Yang, she knows what's up. I like the scene coming up.

(Cuts to Blake in the library)

31. Monty: Man I- this season’s all- Oh! Laser pointer! (Laughs). Remember I- remember the pitch for this scene was a very serious mission which then went completely-

32. Kerry: Right

33. Monty: But I like the- what we were able to do here, because it’s like- it still had its tone, where it's like you can believe this is how she would act.

34. Kerry: Yeah! We were trying to strike this balance of like-

35. Monty: In my head-

36. Kerry: Where she’s a person but also a cat.

37. Monty: In my head it was like she goes completely cat at the moment, and it just like follows some sort of like sniping mission with lasers or something. But this is great because I really like the walk that’s coming up where she's trying to stomp on it.

38. Miles & Kerry simultaneously: Yeah

39. Monty: Uh, this is Dustin again.

40. Miles: Yeah {Monty: Yeah}

41. Kerry: He- he was- he really wanted to do that...

42. Kerry: ...Actually, i think that was how i described it to him like-

43. Monty: This walk right here, {Kerry: I had to walk around like an idiot.} like stomp stomp stomp stomp.

44. Kerry: Like I was- ”okay walk like you're trying to step on something.”

45. Miles: I love that walk. It's great.

46. Monty: Yeah, I really wanted Blake to just chase the laser pointer. Is this still- this is chapter 6, yeah, this'll be next week. I can’t wait for people to see it.

(Cuts to Jaune and shirtless Ren in JNPR’s dorm)

47. Kerry: Aw yeah, nips. There was a very heated debate. Well it wasn’t heated but-

48. Monty: Well no, no we had a-

49. Kerry: There was definitely a debate of like, “should there be nips?”

50. Monty: No, no. That and like, what color should they be.

51. Kerry: That's true, yeah.

52. Monty: Like we looked up so much looks.

53. Miles: (goofy voice) My nips look like Milk Duds.

54. Kerry: I was going with purple, um, but nobody wanted it.

55. Monty: I think- I think i remember crescent moon nips, and like, dark nips, light nips, pointy nips.

56. Kerry: Yeah we were just googling things like anime character nipples.

57. Monty: That's a great search.

58. Kerry: Yeah it's in my search history now.

59. Miles: (sing song) let's not try to make this awkward.

60. Kerry: (in reference to Ren wearing a towel) My penis is less secure than normal.

61. Monty: Uh Ren’s pretty soft looking i gotta say.

62. Kerry: That painting!

63. Miles: Oh my god! It really is like a hotel room painting!

64. Monty & Kerry (laugh)

65. Miles: Oh man. (laughs) (Nora appears on screen) Sup girl?

66. Monty: Boop shirt! I- I put that.

67. Miles: Oh my god, that is a boop shirt.

68. Monty: Yeah, I threw that together really quick. That's actually like her original like, um uh pj outfit that we couldn't get in last year and we still couldn't get the pjs in this year, but i was like “goddammit we’ve gotta have the boop shirt”

69. Kerry: Yeah. There's a little plan in this whole thing.

70. Monty: It's like everyone else is in their room in their battle gear. Even Pyrrha. {Kerry: yeah, she’s like-} Just shows up in full armor. We’ll get to JNPR pjs in at some point.

71. Miles: Well hey, I mean, we've already seen jaune’s pjs.

72. Monty: Oh that's true. Yeah! It was very necessary to get jaunes’s pjs.

73. Kerry: That was essential to introducing his character.

74. Miles: Yeah, it really shows the level of swag he's got going on, which um, is actually his semblance. Swag, extreme swag. Team SWAG. I’m so sorry...

75. Monty: Is that a color? I'm sure it is.

76. Kerry: Swag!

77. Miles: What's the color of money and bitches? Because that's the color of {Kerry: Can hashtag-} Oh no i swore again!

78. Kerry: Can hashtag 420 be a team?

79. Miles:(sighs) {Kerry:No? Okay} I'll go throw myself off a building.

80. Kerry: Well you're on the roof a lot so.

81. Miles: (laughs)

82. Kerry: You have the opportunity. (Jaune leaves) Ren’s just like, "See ya! Can I put on pants now?"

83. Grey: Sooner or later you'll be coming up with like team YOLO but they’re yellow and-

84. Miles: Nora, you're the only one who gets it.

85. Monty: I'm gonna go study!

(Cuts to Blake and Yang)

86. Miles: I really like that Nora- Nora kind of reminds me of Caboose in the sense that she’s like always kind of there and observing everything and kind of comes across as like a big ‘ol dummy. {Monty: The lighting in here is great.} Nora gets it man.

87. Kerry: Jeff and Grey did a great job with the lighting comping in this.

88. Monty: I like that- that like- mid afternoon after school light.

89. Grey: Jeff put the sun streak in and I just went crazy with it. Went all visual metaphorical so like, Yang is sun and, hey surprise, Blake is in the shadows. {Kerry: (singing) From Shadows!}

90. Miles: Oh, okay.

91. Grey: By the end of it Blake’s a little sunnier for having been around Yang. {Miles: aww}

92. Kerry: Grey, you've done a ton of color work this season.

93. Miles: It's so pretty dude.

94. Miles: Dude, this was a hard scene man. This was a really hard scene.

95. Monty: I Like this scene because it's like “Oh, backstory stuff.”

96. Kerry: This went through a lot of revisions both in writing and recording too.

97. Monty: and we get like, relationship stuff too. You know it's like they're part- like within the teams they- these two were originally partners. Like day one of school

98. Kerry: Yeah, they really fit together and stuff, so it really made sense

99. Monty: Yeah these- it happened all of the sudden. The characters just compliment each other. Blake and Yang, Ruby and Weiss. And so Yang really looks out for her, and she just kind of like- It's one of those things where she just kind of, you know- she doesn’t need to talk about stuff, but if she’s gonna talk to someone about it, it would probably be Blake.

100. Miles: This was one of those things we like- we kind of talked about in early development with Yang was that, you know…

101. Miles: ...first impressions she’s a hot blonde party girl, but then we find out she’s more of a mother to Ruby and the people around her, and this is when we find out why. She- She had to step in and be the mom.

(2D flashback of Yang's story begins)

102. Monty: Also there's stuff about how she has a task and she doesnt let it like, control her essentially.

103. Miles: That was a big part that you wanted us to get in there.

104. Kerry: This looks really good dude.

105. Monty: Yeah, these are drawings direct from Kristina, our art director this year.

106. Kerry: I just need to say Grey took in and comped the whole thing.

107. Monty: Oh, that's beautiful. Even that, that's great. But yeah, Ruby’s- little Ruby’s adorable.

108. Miles: little Ruby.

109. Kerry: I think- I think, was it Kristina the one who gave Yang the little pigtails?

110. Monty: Yes

111. Miles: Oh my god, my heart melted dude. So cute. She's still got her long hair but yeah, oh my god i love it. But uh, yeah man if this was- this took a lot of recordings a lot of script revisions…

112. Miles: ...because you had a list of things you really wanted to get across and um-

113. Kerry: It was a very different scene than Barb has ever done before.

114. Miles: Yeah. Yeah.

115. Kerry: It's so different from her normal character.

116. Miles: Yeah

117. Kerry: But i think she did a really great job with it.

118. Monty: yeah

119. Kerry: I really like this scene.

(Yang finishes drawing)

120. Miles: and Yang got really tall for that drawing

130. Monty: she's got a stool, right?

131. Miles: That's a cool symbol.

132. Monty: yeah, and then uh, there's a few hints here. And apparently I have a mandate for a silhouette of a character I need to design.

133. Miles: You have a basis now.

134. Monty: yeah i can work with that. And who knows that as years go, things change.

135. Kerry: yeah, exactly

136. Miles: ooh! Red eyes!

137. Monty: Red eyes.

138. Miles: Aw snap

139. Kerry: She's angry

140. Monty: (muffled) She's Yangry. Shoving match.

141. Miles: oh no, Bake.

142. Monty: I fully expected her to like, punch her in the face in this sequence, but i like this more…

143. Monty: ...This is great, we need to use this again somewhere down the line, in a more extreme fashion.

144. Miles: (accent) purple eyes.

145. Monty: Also, just like, the way this worked out just is really like- it's really great for their characters, I think like, especially like them. There's a lot of growth here. And it all happened very quickly.

146. Kerry : I think it's interesting too, that it's not just for Blake but it's for Yang as well.

147. Miles: friendship

148. Monty: I like it

149. Kerry: We did it

150. Monty: We did it

151 Kerry: (disingenuous curiosity) What does that symbol mean?

(Cuts to Jaune)

152. Monty: That is a white rose.

153. Miles: Jaune.

154. Monty: Jaune’s so happy!

155. Miles: (sighs) jaune…

156. Monty: I really like this mocap that William did right here of dainty weiss. I tried to- it's so cute! I was like, i walked up to william and i'm like “is that you?” and he's like “yeah...” and i'm like “that is great” she's so dainty here.

157. Miles: Oh my god! Look at her!

158. Monty: Now picture that as a 6 foot white dude.

159. Miles: You also get a flash of awkward neptune.

160. Monty: Yeah, yeah, that's true! We don't get the answer to this scene.

161. Kerry: yeah it was a very delicate balance of like, he had to react but you need to not know what his answer was

(Cuts to the dance)

162. Monty: hey, Marilyn Monroe Yang.

163. Miles: oh my god, i love you yang, you're so cute

164. Monty: and ruby's rose dress. Like i remember- this was one of the first prom dress concepts.

165. Miles: they made concepts of that in Volume 1

166. Monty: yeah, it was like, hey there's gonna be a prom someday.

167. Miles: so, this was something {Monty: that tail wag was great} This was my favourite. We were just like “what does Sun wear?” and were like, “same thing, but black shirt.”

168. Kerry: He- he tries to wear a tie. Terribly. He doesn't even- oh my god his collar’s still popped.

169. Miles: look at how happy she is

170. Monty: yeah, she got some sleep. Chandeliers. Those chandeliers are so high quality. Oh my god. They’re so beautiful, and like- Oh my god.

171. Kerry: (unintelligible) every bead is modeled.

172. Monty: The amount of background animation that goes on here…

173. Monty: ... i think everyone worked on this.

174. Kerry: yeah

175. Monty: right? Like-

176. Kerry: oh gosh

177. Monty: everyone had to pitch in with the amount of movement that needed to be there.

178. Kerry: pretty much. It was very much like someone would get a scene and it was like "who's already animated this? Uh, lets get some dancing."

179. Monty: you will not see this amount of movement in conventional anime. This is something you can only do with this amount of characters and you know.

180. Miles: Ruby. She doesn't want to be at the dance.

181. Kerry: (Ruby impression) “uh, guys?”

182. Miles: oh man, i love that little shrug, that was great.

183. Monty: I've been there. There was an era where i did not know how to dance, and that was me being like, (meekly) "i don't know what to do."

184. Miles: yeah man, i was the freak one over at the punch bowl at school dances.

185. Kerry: punch bowls are great.

186. Miles: Jaune really is just middle school Miles.

187. Kerry: all grown up.

188. Miles: yeah, equally as oblivious to women and social interactions.

189. Kerry: It's also current kerry.

190. Miles: (Ozpin voice) Ozpin, doing one of his talks. Being all like, “knowledge yo.”

191. Kerry: We were like, he talks to the students but can’t always be in like his office or the interrogation room you know.

192. Miles: (Ozpin voice) Ruby, i see you have a problem with dancing, why don't you come to my interrogation room.

193. Monty: oh, weiss’s dress is really cute.

194. Kerry: yeah

195. Monty: yeah

196. Kerry: When that scene first got animated we didn't have glasses at the time, so weiss was holding a coffee mug.

197. Kerry: just straight up Ozpin's coffee mug. And I got into comp and was like, “can we give her a glass please?”

Dance Dance Infiltration

Field Trip

Search and Destroy

Mountain Glenn

No Brakes