Notes on Transcript

  • Curly brackets {} are for things they said, while someone else was talking (if heard clearly enough).
  • Horizontal lines are markers that mark 1-minute intervals, since the beginning of that episode.
  • The commentary is continuous and is meant to be heard in the movie mode on the DVD.
  • Sections in italics mark specific parts of the episode, for example, the intro narration or the onscreen appearance of a character.

Ruby Rose

Intro Narration Begins.

1. Monty: Alright.

2. Miles: Oh... my... goodness, you guys!

3. Kerry: I gotta get my chair.

4. Miles: It's the RWBY DVD Director's Commentary with Miles Luna!

5. Monty: And me. Oh, I'm Monty.

6. Kerry: I'm Kerry.

7. Miles: And we're the writers, creators, those dudes that made this ridiculous show with our brain juice!

8. Monty: You remember a year ago? I was like "we should make an anime".

9. Miles: And here we are.

10. Monty: That's pretty great.

11. Miles: Making something that resembles an anime.

12. Kerry: It's anime-like.

13. Monty: Anime-esque, resembles an anime. We have a jar of jelly beans by the way.

14. Miles: Oh yes, throughout this commentary we'll be eating different jelly beans, not knowing the flavors {Kerry: Shout-out to jellybeans.} because we live life on the edge!

15. Kerry: I actually can't do this, because I have a phobia of jellybeans.

16. Miles: That's more of a reason for you - I'm going in right now, hold on. I got... ladies and gentlemen at home it's pink with yellow splotches and—

17. Monty: Are you serious, Kerry?

18. Kerry: I don't know man, it's just I'm worried that, {Miles (grossed out) Aw.} it's going to be poo poo every time.

19. Miles: (grossed out still) Aw, it's bubblegum.

20. Kerry: See!?

22. Miles: This sucks!

23. Monty: No the worst one is—

24. Miles: Bubblegum flavor sucks!

25. Monty: We should probably talk about the fucking movie.

26. Kerry: Nah.

27. Miles: How about language?

28. Monty: Oh, so Jen Taylor intro.

29. Kerry: Yeah.

30. Miles: Oh my god, Kerry should we talk about when we recorded Jen Taylor?

31. Kerry: Yes, we absolutely should. So we talked about this at the RTX panel, I think?

32. Monty: I had a doctor's appointment.

33. Miles and Kerry: Oh, that's what that was? (Talking over each other but basically the same point. Miles said "was that" instead of "that's".)

34. Kerry: So, yeah, we didn't find that out until it was already time to make the call.

35. Miles: Yeah, you should've told us that you were going to the doctor instead of telling us "Hey, guys, tomorrow we're recording Jen Taylor. Don't worry I'll be there, you guys can be there too". {Kerry: Emphasis on "don't worry".} And then you didn't show.

36. Monty: Twice.

Intro narration transitions to Roman Torchwick.

37. Kerry: Yeah, twice. Um, so, yeah, we get into the, you know, we're calling in from here and she's in L.A. And we call in and it's like "Oh hey, hey, so, yeah, we're gonna do this. Um, yes if you could just run through it, how you think you would do it?" and she did it. And... it was perfect.

38. Miles: On the first take she nailed the intro.

39. Kerry- Yeah, 100 percent.

40. Miles: And Kerry and I, she's on like her last line. And Kerry and I look at each other and we're like "Dude, we have her for an hour and she got it in the first two minutes, what do we do?" So we just looked at each other and we're like "That was great, Jen, great. Uh, do it... slower".

41. Kerry: "Uh, do it... faster".

42. Monty: Hey look.

43. Miles: "Scarier..."

44. Monty: Look, look, look, it's Ruby.

Ruby Rose first appears on screen.

45. Miles: Hey!

46. Kerry: Heard you on the first look.

47. Miles: Dude, that soul is so simple.

48. Monty: (whispers) "Dust till Dawn." (Miles chuckles.) Smaller, honest soul.

49. Miles: Honest soul.

50. Kerry: Oh, shout-out to Junior's Henchmen, from the Yang trailer. {Miles: Yeah.}. Oh and shout-out to Old Man, in the facial hair, Patrick, voicing the Old Man. Patrick our concept artist.

51. Monty: What about Torchwick?

52. Miles: Gray Haddock, uh, awesome voice actor of Roman Torchwick, as well as one of our editors and compositors. Very talented man.

53. Monty: Gray has been in anime since I was fifteen years old.

54. Kerry: What flavor did you get right now?

55. Monty: Oh man, why'd you have to ask? That one's gross.

Henchmen start filling dust canisters.

56. Miles: What jellybean flavor was that? Oh, funny story. So these uh, dust canisters, totally based off a wine opener that's in my kitchen. Kerry and I were writing and I was trying to describe what, like how people would carry around dust in containers and I was like "I mean it kinda looks like, y'know, imagine this wine opener and um... actually no it's pretty much just this wine opener".

57. Kerry: "Yeah, just imagine this wine opener. Just, let's just model this wine opener". I think you actually gave, you brought it in {Miles: (laughing) I did.} for the modeler who did it.

58. Monty: It was like, Dick Peppermint flavor I just had.

59. Miles: Oh my god!

60. Kerry: Dick Peppermint? (chuckles)

61. Miles: I have, I have a solid, bright-orange bean and a kind of see-through orange bean...

62. Miles: ... (eats jellybean) See-through orange is, watermelon, what!?

63. Monty: So this one is Simmons-colored.

Ruby kicks one of the henchmen across the room.

64. Kerry: I wonder if it's Dutch Irish? (Reference to the ethnicity of Simmons from RvB.)

65. Miles: Orange is orange. (Roman gestures to another henchman to deal with it.) Oh hey, so Ruby's fighting!

66. Kerry: Yeah, so people paid money for this. (Laughing, followed by Ruby kicking a henchman out the window).

67. Kerry: Damn, jellybean discussion.

68. Monty: Oh, here we go.

69. Miles: We had, we had a fun time with uh, with Torchwick. He started off, when we first wrote the um, the first five chapters. He was a much, played a much, much much smaller role. But um, god man we liked him so much. (laughs)

70. Kerry: Yeah. Especially once we got Gray in the booth for him it's like "Yeah, we wanna use him".

71. Miles: More...

72. Kerry: He's really cool.

73. Monty: Yeah. Not to mention his design ended up being really cool too.

Fight begins.

74. Kerry: Yeah.

75. Miles: In this, in this first fight he really is—

76. Monty: Shout-out to A Clockwork Orange.

77. Miles: Roman's pretty laid back in this first fight. He's kinda gentlemanly but later on when we get to see him, we, we see how he is kind of a scumbag and, kinda full of himself, kinda a dick.

78. Monty: I actually wish we had more Roman in this show.

79. Miles: I already, I {Kerry: Me, too.} already broke my no swearing rule. Darn it! Gosh darn it! Diddily do da.

Henchmen defeated and Roman says his farewell to Ruby.

80. Monty: (chuckles) Yeah, but this is some gold by Gray right here.

81. Miles: Who was it, ok, so who was it that put up, uh... was it our storyboard art, was it Mike who gave him the uh, {Kerry: "Fump".} the uh the aimer or no, who's idea was that? (Inaudible mumbling)

82. Miles: Or was that, like, my idea?

83. Monty: No, it was the editors doing sound.

84. Kerry: It was either- well, no, the fump was him, I don't remember who actually decided {Miles: No, it wasn't.} the target on it.

85. Miles: I think it was me.

86. Monty: You said aimer again; it's called a sight!

87. Miles: Did I say aimer again? I always call it an aimer because I'm an idiot!

88. Kerry: But then, yeah, that was you.

89. Miles: OK, shout-out to my own idea and for recognizing—

90. Kerry: Listen (inaudible) asshole, Jesus Christ.

A Bullhead rises up next to the roof Roman and Ruby are currently standing on.

91. Monty: Oh, and airships, look at that!

92. Kerry: Are you just gonna point out everything that we did?

93. Miles: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, for the RWBY Wiki out there let's name everything. OK: So there's Roman Torchwick getting in a Bullhead, is the classification of airship? {Kerry and Monty: Yes.} And throwing some Burn Dust crystals at, uh, at Ruby. And he's all like pew pew (fake explosion noise from Miles followed by Glynda Goodwitch appearing to protect Ruby from the explosion caused by Roman). Glynda Goodwitch shout-out! I love, can I talk about how much I love the Moon in this scene?

94. Monty: Oh, yeah.

95. Miles: Oh my god.

96. Kerry: It's so good.

97. Miles: It's freakin' awesome.

98. Kerry: Yeah, one day, one day {Monty: Shout-out.} Monty just kinda came up and was like "What if the moon is broken?" And I was like "OK".

99. Miles: When it's, yeah, when it's a crescent moon it's not the dark side of the moon it's just that the moon is kinda broken that way and we're like "yeah, that sounds great".

Fight begins as Roman stumbles into the Bullhead cockpit to get Cinder Fall's assistance.

100. Monty: Shout-out to me. (Group chuckles.) And uh, special character here which we'll talk about later I'm sure.

101. Miles: Yeah. {Monty: And Glynda.} And just for the record, if you guys are watching the commentary first before your watching the DVD. This is a bad idea, stop, go watch the movie and then come back.

102. Kerry: Yeah, what are you doing?

103. Monty: Oh not to mention, just a general shout-out overall to, Eileen or Einlee. Who designed the majority of these characters including, uh, Glynda... and well I did Ru, well I did the first four girls but she really fleshed out the rest of the cast which was great cause—

104. Miles: (gags) Uh, black liquorice. I'm taking this out of my mouth and putting on the desk.

105. Kerry: Why is this on the table? Ugh, there's not a napkin or {Miles: I hate black licorice!} anything...

Roman tilts Bullhead to deflect Glynda's attack.

106. Monty: So this fight kinda came outta nowhere, too. Uh, just I kinda had one of those days where "I'm gonna do something with snake-rocks". Or I don't know what these are honestly.

107. Kerry: I just, I remember, I remember it was like we got through the rest of it. The the first part before this and your like "I don't know. I think it needs more..." And were like "Oh, OK, we got like another thirty seconds we can add... Like, we got some time".

108. Monty: And we like making this for RTX {Kerry: Yeah.} I was pretty much working on the Yang trailer at the same time as this episode.

109. Miles and Kerry: Yeah, you were.

110. Kerry: So there was, like, we came in the next day and Monty had all this. We were like "Ya, this is great, more".

111. Miles: This is our dumb joke.

Fight ends and the scene with Ruby asking for an autograph about to happen.

112. Kerry: Haha, "Can I have your autograph?" (Ruby impression in sync with Ruby)

Scene Change.

113. Monty: Shout-out to Austin for this entire sequence.

114. Miles: Oh yeah, Austin Hardwicke.

115. Monty: It kinda reminds me of, like, Shane came on at the... (stuttering) RvB Season 10 and he had the first scene. And you just, you throw people right into the fire with this.

116. Miles: Yeah, that's okay why not? Yeah.

117. Monty: You, we just take an animator on and say "Here! Here's one of the longest, most important scenes for a character".

118. Miles: Yeah, Austin, who worked on Season 10, he worked on Season 10 in more of a technical role. {Monty: Yep.} So that when we brought him in for RWBY we brought him in as an actual animator. And then, yeah, the first thing we give him is "Hey! Here's the first episode, go".

Ozpin arrives to question Ruby.

119. Monty: Some of you would know him as "Pink-Haired Animator Guy".

120. Miles: Yes... There's a Tumblr for him.

121. Monty: Yep.

122. Kerry: (laughs) But you know, whatever, he likes to wear hats!

123. Monty: And no shoes.

124. Kerry: Shout-out to Oz and Glynda.

125. Monty: Oh, that's right.

126. Kerry: It was fun, it was fun to come up with these two and their dynamic.

127. Monty:Yeah... Yeah, I mean, goddammit Shannon you're so good!

128. Kerry: Shannon McCormick's the man, also known as Agent Washington, AKA The Great Face, AKA uh The Riddler from DC Universe Online, AKA that one dude from Breaking Bad... that had fake hair.

Ruby eating cookies.

129. Monty: Yep, yep, so much (Miles and Kerry laugh.) so much better Ozpin than I could have ever played, dear god. I can't believe we even considered me playing Ozpin.

130. Kerry: Also shout-out to the "That's my uncle" joke! (laughing).

131. Kerry: You should, you should probably tell this part of the story, Monty!

132. Monty: Alright, I was like you know, there was a read and I was like, and I was looking back at the, you know, the reviews and was like "Now, can we get this line a little more racist please?"

133. Miles: Now again, to explain that joke, just go watch the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventure...

134. Kerry: Something about Burnie watching anime...

135. Miles: No, no, it was "Left 4 Trek", right?

(Talking all over each other, with something like Miles saying "Yeah, cause otherwise" and Kerry saying "Yeah, I forgot".)

136. Monty: God, it's like a reference within a reference cause it's of, it's of, it's a RTAA Animated Adventure that references our po- story that's in one of our podcasts.

137. Kerry: Which is Burnie basically summarising all of anime.

138. Miles: This was...

139. Monty: This is so full circle!

140. Miles: Yeah.

Ruby explaining why she wants to be a Huntress.

141. Miles: I think this was the moment when we realized Tuggey is Ruby Rose. {Kerry: Yes.} Lindsay Tuggey is one of the most dedicated voice actresses that we've had the pleasure of working with and she also just freaking awesome. {Kerry: Shout-out!} She, uh, she came in for her audition with her own script printed out, her lines highlighted, memorized, listening to like high-pitch K-pop dance music {Monty: She would, she would have.} she would bring an energy drink and she was like "I'm ready to do this!"

142. Monty: She would have Michael read with her.

143. Miles and Kerry: Yeah, yeah.

144. Kerry: They would just like practice at their apartment at home, just like going back and forth and Michael would do all the other lines.

145. Miles: I would imagine Michael would be like, "Oh, Lindsay, your lines are great, I mean the script is terrible but you did great".

Yang hugs Ruby.

146. (Laughter).

147. Monty: Oh, and here we have Yang.

148. Miles: Aw, Yes!

149. Monty: A lot of people like Yang.

150. Kerry: I think, um...

151. Monty: Dustin did a good job with that very girly bounce right there.

152. Miles: I loved it!

153. Kerry: Dustin, also a fantastic animator on the show.

154. Miles: Hmm, Dustin's so good. So good. {Kerry: Um...} Dustin, I want your beard.

155. Kerry: I gotta say, I think the thing that I'm most proud of...

156. Monty: I love this airship, too.

157. Miles: Yeah, the airship turned out great too.

158. Kerry: Who, uh, who put together the airship?

159. Miles: Well, I mean a lot of people put together the airship but...

160. Monty: Uh, Kristina, one of our concept artists and a good friend of mine, designed a lot of our backgrounds and, and such. She did the airship interior here. And then... I think Corey built it, I think.

161. Kerry: We, we have a ton of people who worked on this project. Uh, at different stages. Oh, so we should probably add, uh, so the DVD, our DVD ships tomorrow. Uh, and it is 3:52 in the morning right now, so we're... wait, I forgot to mention that part because it was so irrelevant to me at this point.

162. Miles: I was going to start off the thing with "What time is it, guys?" And I was hoping one of you would say "Three" and I was going to go "Nah, it's RWBY Time! Shut up".

Hologram Glynda speech.

163. Miles: Real quick, uh, so that male, that male news reporter...

164. Miles: So obviously in RWBY we always try to have a color-related name, {Kerry: Oh, yeah.} for certain characters. We never say but that, that news caster's name is Cyril. His last name is, uh, Ian. His full name is Cyril Ian (Cerulean). (laughs)

165. Monty: Oh, Jesus, I forgot about that.

166. Kerry: In all seriousness that only showed up in the script. {Miles: Yeah.} It only ever showed up in the script, that probably took Miles and I about ten minutes. That was ten minutes of us going "What's his name gonna be? I mean, what if he comes back?"

167. Miles: Oh, dude, yellow is totally pineapple flavored jellybean and it's the best.

168. Monty: No, its the worst... (Camera zooms out from airship window to show Vale.) Great score. Music, man, Jeff Williams...

169. Miles: Jeff Williams is pretty awesome. He's good at music and stuff.

170. Monty: Dude, currently, the, one of the songs that just came out is like top ten on four different countries on iTunes.

171. Kerry: (high-pitched voice) Whaaat!?

172. Miles: That was pretty wild.

173. Kerry: That's fucking nuts man...

174. Monty: Ah, swearing.

View change to focus on Beacon Academy

175. Miles: Oh, shout-out to vomit boy, that guy sucks.

176. Monty: Aw man, remember when I thought of, thought of this character for you?

177. Miles: What!? No! That was, oh my god, don't get me started, don't even get me started!

178. Monty: So long ago!

Episode End.

The Shining Beacon

Part 1 Starts.

1.Miles: You're full of shit!

2.Monty: What're you talking about?

3. Miles: (laughing) You're full of shit!

4. Monty: I don't know what you're talking about.

5. Miles: Jaune! Jaune was a collective effort.

6. Monty: Oh no, I was saying like we, when you first did reads and I was like "We need like a Sokka character."

7. Miles: We did uh, what happened was, I told Monty I was like "Monty..."

8. Monty: You know what it is? We brought Arryn in.

9. Miles: We brought, it was me and Arryn one night, you were like, I was like "Monty I'mma be real with you, I wanna voice a character in this show." So I went in and I did a bunch of different guy voices: We did the cool guy voice (Monty: Uh huh.) We did a tough guy voice, I did a serious guy voice. And of course (in Jaune's voice) "I got stuck with the nerdy guy voice."

10. Monty: That's what I'm talking about.

11. Miles: And, yeah, and then from there we were like, I remember hearing your laugh outside. This is what, and so, I'm doing lines in here (in Jaune's voice) "Lalalalala Jaune Jaune Jaune" (normal voice) And then outside I hear... (leans away from the mic, and makes the sound of distant maniacal laughter, making Monty chuckle.)

12. Miles: And, uh, and that's how I knew, I was like "Okay, so I think I'm gonna be, I think I'm gonna be stuck with the nerdy character!" (laughs)

13. Monty: It's like, yeah, but we also didn't have Jaune at that point. (whispers) I had "Jean".

14. Miles: (Kerry laughing) Yeah, it was Jean, as in Blue Jeans as the idea for his first name.

15.Kerry: Yeah, which was awesome that during uh, during one of like our writing review things. Uh Burnie came up, he was like, he was asking why he was named that and we were like, "Oh, cause we need like a color name."

16. Monty: Yeah, it needs to have like this criteria of {Kerry: Yeah.} letters and colors.

17. Kerry: Yeah, so he was like "Well, why not just use, you know, Jaundice?" And we were like, "Oh, that's a really good idea, we're doing that. We should've done that from the beginning."

18. Miles: Um, so it was Jaune. And then, yeah, we brought Arryn in, to improv with me and the two of us were just in um, in the booth. And we did this scene, we did this scene where I was like, I think we, we were thinking about having her for Blake. (Kerry: Mm-hmm.) And we told her she was pretty quiet, and the scene that we improv'd was it was lunch, she was trying to eat and then Jaune came in and started buggin' her asking her about... I, uh, we were just like Jaune was just bugging her, that was the scene. So I um, I decided to go (in Jaune's voice) "So tell me about this Weiss girl." (normal voice) And in that improv session we were like "Jaune needs to be infatuated with Weiss." (chuckles)

19. Monty: That's when we came up with the Snow Angel line and the whole infatuation with Weiss.

Ruby Sneeze Explosion.

20. Miles: (in Jaune's voice) "Where's that uh, where's that lovely little snow angel you talk to all the time?" (normal voice) And we was like "Ok so this needs to be a thing in the show."

Red Dust Vial rolls next to Blake.

21. Monty: Oh, speaking of Weiss and Blake.

22. Miles and Kerry: Hey!!!

23. Monty: Hey.

(Miles and Kerry laugh.)

Blake looks away from Book to pick up Dust Vial.

24. Miles: I read books! (imitating a girl's voice and said in unison with Weiss) "Unbelievable!"

25. Kerry: That soot, uh, that like wiped off of Weiss at the end there almost didn't make it in because...

26. Monty: That's, best last-minute idea ever.

27. Kerry: That was seriously like 10 minutes before we hit render on the day of the episode. Every single one of these episodes 1 through... 6, uh, of the chapters last second are put up on our website.

28. Monty: By the way, Kara is so good.

29. Kerry: Yes.

30. Miles: Oh my god. I'll, I'll, I'll be and when I first heard that Kara was gonna be a voice actress I was like "I'm not sure, I don't know what her acting is like." I was like "Ehh..." During the booth, "Damn, son!" (laughs) She, she can play, she can play an ice queen for sure!

31. Monty: Yep, she's really good.

32. Miles: Hey, uh, (chuckles) so we wrote in a crater face joke, guys there's no crater. (laughing) We keep talking about how she blew a hole in the courtyard!

33. Kerry: I knew I forgot something.

34. Miles: (laughs)

35. Monty: That's just hard to do (Kerry: No, it's fine.), man.

36. Miles: It's fine.

37. Kerry: That's been, that's been our catchphrase this entire season. (Miles laughs) Right as the season was starting Michael who was in a RT Life video, where he just started pouring water on Gavin's head going "It's... fine, it's... fine." So our entire season, any time there was a problem like that or just something we knew we wouldn't have time to fix it was just "Nah, it's fine."

(Monty chuckles.)

Jaune helps Ruby up.

38. Miles: (in Jaune's voice) "Hey, I'm a secondary character."

39. Monty: I wouldn't say that.

40. Miles: It's true!

41. Kerry: That's definitely how it started though I mean, like when we started we were kinda like fleshing out what was gonna happen this season. JNPR was gonna be very much just like the B team.

42. Miles: B team. Just come in like every once in a while.

43. Monty: Yep.

44. Miles: The more we developed these characters and the more we got into it, it was like "Y'know, I kinda like these characters."

45. Kerry: We didn't wanna push them to the side.

46. Miles: It was a lot of fun, and Monty you, you've talked about this before too. How you wanted to set up these seemingly one-dimensional characters, these archetypes and then kind of over the course of several chapters, break those, those molds that everybody is so used to...

47. Miles:... Which is kind of risky, like in the first episode you see. Oh, we have this, y'know, cliche bubbly girl, cliche like stupid goofy guy. And then, dude, cut to Chapter 7 and all of a sudden you're like, oh, Jaune is aware that he's the stupid guy and he hates it. Or cut to Yang who looks like the cute party girl then any scene with her and Ruby and it all of a sudden she's like, mom, like she's a mother and... I think that was just super, super cool. And uh, uh, little things too that just kinda look like jokes like... Blake, um, one of my favorite Blake moments is when she uh, shows her Ninjas of Love book and she freaks out. Like, solemn characters are great when you show that, they're not always solemn. Those characters aren't always like that.

48. Monty: That's right. People are, people are picking up on that stuff too.

49. Kerry: Yeah, it, I feel like it um... It almost took a little bit of time for the audience to actually trust us. There's some point like, we... Cause we put out the trailers a good bit of time before the actual show came out and uh, I feel like everybody got kind of like there own impression of the character whether it was right or wrong.

50. Miles: Especially for Weiss, yeah.

51. Kerry: Especially for Weiss, yeah. I mean, when you talk about the, y'know, putting one-dimensional characters or seemingly one-dimensional characters out there and it being risky. That was kind of what happened first with Weiss, where we y'know put her out there and everyone was like "Aw this is what you're gonna do with her?" But that's my internet voice.

Part 1 ends.

The Shining Beacon, Pt.2

Part 2 begins.

52. Kerry: But um, as the season goes on she, I think she probably has one of the biggest developments of all the characters.

53. Miles: You understand why she is who she is.

Yang waves Ruby over.

54. Monty: Hey, look, it's Yang.

55. Kerry: I love Barbara's read on that so much. (terrible Yang impression) "I saved you a spot!"

56. Miles: (terrible Yang impression) "Are you being sarcastic?" (higher Jaune voice in unison with character) "If only there was another nice, quirky girl to talk to". (normal voice as Pyrrha Nikos is revealed) Oh my god, it's Pyrrha!

57. Monty: Hey, Pyrrha.

58. Kerry: Shout-out to Pyrrha.

59. Monty: I like Pyrrha.

60. Miles: That's Jen Brown.

61. Monty: Yeah... Yeah, who voiced Carolina in Red vs. Blue Seasons 9 and 10. It was phenomenal.

62. Miles: Wait, so she's now played two, incredibly talented, red-headed, green-eyed girls. Her range is incredible.

(Monty laughs.)

Weiss leans into frame from behind Ruby while she is telling Yang about what happened earlier with the sneeze explosion.

63. Kerry: Just really, no seriously though she's wonderful.

64. Miles: This was what, I think this is the first shot of. This shot right here was the first image we ever tweeted from the actual show.

65. Monty: Yeah.

66. Kerry: That's actually still my most favorited tweet of all time.

67. Miles: I'm gettin' real tired of yo nonsense, Ruby.

68. Kerry: This is actually, this whole scene was actually the first dialogue scene {Monty: Yep.} that got animated. This is basically because Monty, the Trailers were like Monty's fight test {Monty: Yeah.} for all of the models and rigs, but this was like the dialogue test.

69. Monty: The acting test essentially, performance test.

70. Kerry: I remember one night you just like stayed up all night. And you stay up overnight a lot but it's like, like we just came in in the morning and he was like "Look at this, I have this thing".

71. Miles: God, that Dust pamphlet bit almost got cut, and I was like so scared it wasn't going to end up in the show.

72. Monty: We have cosplayers who print that out and bring that to cons with them.

73. Miles: I love that. Dust for Dummies (putting a voice on) "and Other Inadequate Individuals". (put-on voice no longer used) Um... Yeah, this episode actually, uh, Kerry and I recorded a version of chapter 2 where we did all of the voices. Because we were trying to figure out the timing, how long like... Because we wrote the scripts, but we, y'know, we had no way of gauging how long, like how many pages equated to minutes.

Ozpin's speech starts.

74. Kerry: Right, so say for me to give an example in a normal live-action script, it's usually supposed to be a page a minute.

75. Kerry: With RvB, it usually ends up about being two pages a minute. So we had no idea what the count for this would gonna end up being because it could be anywhere in between. I don't even remember what it ended up being. We ended writing like 18 pages per episode...

76. Miles: Something like that, yeah.

77. Kerry: So math.

78. Miles: So math. Yeah, I remembered though, I just remember... I, whenever, whenever you and I would write, you would always... Cause we would, we would write a scene and then we would kinda act it out to see how it would flow. You always would be Ruby and Yang and I think I would be Weiss and Blake. I love, I love (laughing while talking) reading her lines, (Weiss sped-up voice impression) "The Schnee Dust Company is not responsible for any injuries including (random noises)". (voice impression finished) I don't remember the lines.

79. Kerry: You had that down at one point.

80. Miles: I did.

81. Kerry: You remembered the lines.

82. Miles: I read that in under, I read that Schnee Dust Company thing in under 10 seconds without any help from post-production or anything.

83. Monty: This scene used to be so much longer, too.

Scene change.

84. Miles: Oh, yeah, that Oz speech was really long at first.

85. Monty: Not to mention the...

86. Miles: This scene was a little different, too. (Monty: Look at all the corpses!) We, we won't talk about that. No, they're fine, they're sleeping. (to Monty)

Yang falls onto sleeping bag next to Ruby.

87. Monty: Oh, shh, shh.

88. Miles: I love this scene!

89. Monty: This scene is awesome!

90. Miles: Because we got pajamas!

91. Kerry: Yes, we were so worried we weren't gonna get them.

92. Miles: We had to fight for pajamas, man. Um, cause y'know, we didn't have a ton of time to do this.

93. Monty: Every time, every time there is an outfit change, that's a model that has to get built.

94. Kerry: And it not only has to get built, it has to get rigged.

95. Monty: Rigged, built.

96. Miles: As silly as it sounds, giving them PJs just made them feel so much more like actual people. Y'know, you're not seeing that character...

97. Kerry: (whispers) They're cartoon characters, Miles.

98. Miles: (whispers) Don't, no, I wanna believe! I wanna believe!

99. Monty: I love their PJs.

100. Kerry: I love Ruby's pillow.

101. Miles: The corgi pillow. Shout-out to corgi pillow.

102. Monty: Yeah... This scene—

Yang gets hit in the face with the corgi pillow.

103. Miles: I loved, I loved hitting Yang twice in the face!

104. Kerry: Shane did this scene right?

105. Monty: Shane did this little scene and he did a phenomenal job. Cause he knows his stuff.

106. Miles: (after eating a jellybean) Highly recommend the bright orange jelly bellies. Kerry just eat a jellybean! Kerry eat a jellybean.

(Kerry makes fake eating noises.)

107. Miles: Eat it. Your fa, you're not eating a jellybean. I can see you.

108. Kerry: No, they can't see me.

Yang drags Ruby to see Blake.

109. Miles: (high-pitched voice right after Ruby) "What're you doing!?"

110. Monty: It's Blake!

111. Miles: This is an important scene for {Monty: Yes.} Blake. Do we wanna call out what book she's reading? I mean people already guessed online, yeah, I don't think it matters. (inaudible)

(Monty laughs.)

112: Kerry: That was an awkward exchange.

113. Miles: I'm gonna bring it up, I'm gonna bring it up, and then drop it... Ruby introduces herself awkwardly to Blake. (whispers) Actually, you can just call me Ruby. (whisper finished) This was, um...

114. Monty: This, this, yeah...

Yang questions Ruby as to what she is doing; Ruby asks Yang to help her as she doesn't know. Ruby grins awkwardly immediately after.

115. Miles: I love this! I love this, Ruby's smile!

116. Monty: Goofy, those goofy ass smiles are the best!

117. Miles: Oh, man. This was the first time we hinted that Blake's bow was something that was abnormal, was Yang pointing out that she wears it even when she goes to sleep. That was the first time we kinda gave a hint as like "Why is she wearin' a bow all the time? Ehhhh".

118. Kerry: Why is she, Miles?

119. Miles: Uh, because it goes great with her jamjams.

120. Kerry: Okay, that's good.

121. Monty: We should watch the movie.

122. Miles: Nah, but for real though, she got cat ears.

(Multiple people laughing.)

123. Miles: That's the first time, this cus uh, this season hasn't come out yet. That's the first time I've ever said anywhere on a recorded device that Blake is a Faunus and has cat ears. God, it feels so good to say that.

124. Kerry: For the record it is "Faunus". This drives Arryn crazy.

125. Miles: Yeah, she goes (girly voice) "It's not a fauna it's a Faunus".

126. Kerry: Yeah, we told her very specifically "You cannot correct people, because we don't want you to seem like you have more information on this than other people".

127. Miles: Yeah. Um, but, yeah, this is a really important scene for Blake. Umm, she's pretty cynical, she's been through a lot. Um, and you know, seeing Ruby's... You know Ruby's kinda naive; she's kinda young; she's kinda optimistic.

128. Monty: Yep. Honest.

129. Miles: I think it reminds Blake of how she used to be, y'know? And then of course, sa—, dude! Pro social interaction moves by Ruby noticing that they both like books. That's probably the smartest thing...

130. Kerry: "You like books; I like books". It's like the worst pick-up line ever.

131. Miles: Dude, maybe let's read... I love the cartoony fights!

132. Monty: And then Weiss.

133. Miles: Oh, was it your idea to give her a candelabra?

134. Kerry: Yeah.

135. Miles: Yeah, we wanna, we wanna make sure that Blake had, uh, lots of Belle related items around her. Just a little tip here and there.

Episode End.

The First Step

Part 1 Starts.

1. Miles: And here we go, Ren Valkyrie and Lie, wait... (Everyone laughs.) Jesus Christ!

2. Monty: Holy shit, Miles!

3. Miles: I'm so tired!

4. Monty: You fucked that up so bad! Ok let me fix this, Nora Valkyrie and that guy.

5. Miles: (said while he and Kerry are laughing) Lie Ren... I bring so much shame to my family!

6. Kerry: It is uh, 4:08 am, everybody.

7. Miles: Shut up! Leave me alone!

8. Monty: Did you say Ren Valkyrie!?

9. Miles: I was so excited to introduce the two of them, I accidentally shipped them in my brain!

10. Kerry: And, and you, and he took the last name?

11. Miles: Well look at Ren. He's... y'know... progressive.

12. Monty: Well, there's all sorts of, there's all sorts of mixings that goes on with this whole team.

13. Miles: Damn it!

14. Kerry: Yeah, there's uh... Do you want to talk about the, the uh, theme that goes on with JNPR?

15. Monty: Well...

16. Miles: Yeah, do that, talk about smart stuff.

17. Monty: The theme? Well, I don't know, should we reveal that? Because there is stuff down the line, y'know?

18. Miles: Umm...

19. Monty: People have guessed and then people haven't, that's the thing. I think we should, uh, leave them a little...

20. Miles: Alright, alright. Well, people are still learning who, who.. 'Cause that's the thing, one thing that we, that we... Monty you and I were talking about this it's like, um...

21. Miles:... With the first four girls, everybody was like "Oh, who's this character based off of? Oh, she's Red Riding Hood, she's Snow White, she's Goldilocks, Beauty and the Beast, yada yada yada". And then once the show started, everybody kinda stopped doing that.

22. Monty: Yeah, pretty much.

23. Miles: They, they no longer cared. They just liked these new characters that they were presented and they stopped asking "Oh, who's Jaune based off? Who's, who's Ren inspired by?"

24. Monty: Y'know, I especially don't want to give away Pyrrha's at the moment considering the stuff that's gonna happen in the next volume.

25. Kerry: Sure, yeah.

26. Monty: Yeah...

27. Kerry: Anyhoo, so we have uh, Nora. Who we just saw for the first time, voiced by Sam Ireland, who voices C.T.

28. Miles: Gahhh, I love Nora.

29. Kerry: She also totally made out with Gavin in that one short. And that other guy.

30. Monty: And that other guy. Um... And then there's Ren. Asian guy, played by an Asian guy.

31. Miles: So Ren and Nora... Kerry. I would like, I, I am really proud of Ren and Nora. Would you say so?

32. Kerry: I'm happy with Ren and Nora. I think Ren and Nora is the first time, that Monty kind of like turned us loose on something. 'Cause he had written basically like, short character descriptions of all of JNPR. So we kind of like—

33. Monty: I wrote short character descriptions for all the characters, I had one sentence for Ren and Nora.

34. Kerry: Yes, they were that short.

35. Miles: It was, uh, "Ren is an honorable warrior; Nora is a powerful woman". And I think that was it. And... it came to... when Kerry and I got to this episode we were all like "Oh, man, this is the episode where we have to introduce Ren and Nora. Uhh, what're they like?" And we kinda sat on it for a while. We stopped, played some Minecraft, ate some pizza, came back to it. And then we just wrote this scene where we like "Would it be funny if one of them was a morning person and one of them was not?" And that exploded into "OK, never mind. One of them is just always energetic and the other one is never energetic". And we read back that first scene and we were like "I think we have our characters" (laughs a little).

36. Kerry: The way we ended up describing it was, uh, essentially they share the same amount of energy. And Nora takes it all, so Ren has nothing left to be energetic about.

Jaune flirting with Weiss.

37. Monty: Oh, and then there's this scene.

38. Miles: Oh, I got to mocap this scene! I got to mocap Jaune.

39. Monty: That's you.

40. Miles: It's so much fun.

41. Kerry: It's the fruitiest Jaune... animation.

42. Miles: Dude, I kept telling people it's like, Jaune talks with his hands, he emotes. (in Jaune voice while Jaune moves) And doing things like that and this and—

Weiss pushes Jaune and Pyrrha away from each other.

43. Monty: Also we have Jaune and Pyrrha meeting for the first time.

44. Miles and Kerry: Yeah.

45. Miles: God, look at the three of these.

46. Kerry: You really like to stick your butt out.

47. Miles: Well, shut up. (Monty and Kerry laugh.)

48. Miles: He likes to lean forward. He, he, well the whole point of the scene was that he was getting in Weiss' business and he doesn't realize it. Like, he doesn't rea—, he's trying, Jaune's thing is that he tries too hard all the time and it backfires against him. Like, he doesn't have to try so hard, he'd be fine but—

Pumpkin Pete's cereal box appears.

49. Monty: Aw, the cereal box! Oh my god, it's so good!

50. Miles: Kerry, you did that and when I saw it I like peed my pants I was so happy.

51. Monty: I'm so glad it made it in. I thought it wasn't gonna make it in.

52. Kerry: It almost didn't make it in. Patrick drew all the assets and then kind of at the, we, doesn't look like we're gonna have time, so at the very last second I was like "I'm gonna do this". So I just grabbed everything Patrick had made which we thought wasn't gonna get used and just went whoop.

53. Monty: Also Pyrrha. You're so awesome. Not to mention Kara.

54. Miles: (inaudible) Weiss.

55. Monty: Remember, remember, the whole— Part of this scene also needed to establish something that was like a visual joke for me like, coming up soon the whole spearing.

56. Miles: Oh, yeah.

Jaune gets "speared".

57. Monty: Over here, it's like,

58. Miles: Jaune gets speared a lot.

59. Monty: I just needed to make sure that the second time we did it he didn't die essentially.

(Multiple people laugh.)

60. Miles: Oh, yeah! That's what you wanted to establish!

61. Monty: That was the reason! I wanted to establish here that it's a thing, for them, that she does this to him and it's OK.

62. Kerry: She saves him a lot. Yeah, that's why had the "thank you" in there.

63. Miles: (in Jaune's voice) "Thank you".

64. Monty: Yeah, yeah.

65. Miles: (Pyrrha Impression) "I'm sorry!" I, I realized this, Pyrrha apologizes all the time.

66. Kerry: She's proper.

67. Miles: She doesn't need to. Pyrrha's very...

68. Kerry: She's a Canadian.

(Monty laughs.)

69. Miles: Pyrrha's our Ca— (laughs a bit) Pyrrha's our token Canadian character (laughs while talking).

Scene changes to the cliffs near Beacon.

70. Miles: Oh, man. Oh, I, yes! So this, this was cool. This was one of the chapters that I got to storyboard and it's really, really cool seeing it animated when you drew it. Like,

71. Monty: Oh, I mean, first thing I wanted was like some sort sequence where they all showcased their ability to fall from a high distance essentially.

72. Miles: I remember you wanted that and it was like "Oh yeah, how they gonna get there?" It's like "Aw, I don't know we'll figure something out". And then one day you're just like "Catapults".

(Multiple people laugh.)

73. Miles: That was the only word, it was "Catapults". "What does that mean Monty?" He's like "Catapults". "I don't understand".

74. Monty: It's important thematically just to have our characters all be able to have a landing strategy. It's a big deal, and it'll come into play even further down the line. It's a pretty important set up for all our characters.

75. Miles: Oh my god, white jellybean is coconut.

76. Monty: And the fact that Jaune doesn't have one.

77. Kerry: Yeah, or doesn't know anything about it at all whatsoever.

78. Miles: Yeah, we really start hinting at the fact that Jaune is not on the same level as all these other characters.

79. Monty: Yep.

80. Miles: I wanna... Somebody made a joke that was, uh, the reason we don't see Blake's landing strategy is because it would give away the fact that she's a Faunus cause she's a cat, she'd just land on her feet. (laughs)

81. Kerry: How true you were.

82. Miles: I thought that was really funny.

83. Kerry: It was seriously, it was um, originally we'd like written out... Descri— I think Monty you'd written out "descriptions".

84. Monty: Yeah. I wrote up pretty, pretty, pretty in-depth descriptions of what they would do to land.

85. Kerry: Yeah. And then we realized "Oh shoot, we don't have that much time. Let's cut it down to just like main three." And then it was like "OK, no, wait, we need to add in a few but let's definitely not show Blake".

86. Monty: Yeah.

87. Kerry: And by definitely not show Blake, we apparently decided not put her in this scene.

88. Monty: And then we just said "Hey Austin (Presumably Austin Hardwicke), come up with Ren's".

89. Miles and Kerry: Yeah.

90. Monty: And Yang's, and just do it.

91. Kerry: Yeah. That was a good couple weeks for him, we're just like "Hey Austin, add 30 seconds of animation to this".

Jaune continues to worriedly ask Ozpin.

92. Miles: Oh Jaune.

93. Monty: The launch here was done by Dustin.

Russel Thrush gets launched.

94. Miles: Russel!! Shout-out to Russel! (laughs a bit) Best side character ever that we'll talk about later in chapter 8!

95. Kerry: We have couple Russel stories.

96. Miles: (still laughing slightly) Oh my god, we have so many Russel stories!

97. Monty: Russel's the current hit of the office.

Cardin Winchester gets launched.

98. Miles: Oh, and there's Cardin. I love, apparently, his landing strategy is just to grab the ground.

99. Monty: Oh, by the way! The aviators spawned entirely by, uh, Austin animating that sequence with Yang flying through the air and I just, I decided to pull up Top Gun—

Part 1 Ends

The First Step, Pt.2

Part 2 Starts.

100. Monty: And have that playing.

101. Miles: "Wild Zone."

102. Monty: Wild, uh, "The Danger Zone". While that, while that was playing back.

103. Kerry: Pretty much every single time there's an animation review, Austin would start to talk and Monty would stop him, go to a computer, put on Danger Zone, and then continue the review for Austin. (Monty laughs.) And that'd turn into... I can't remember who had the idea, it was like "Let's just put, let's just put them on". So Caesar just like modeled them in 10 minutes and we just like threw them on in the scene.

104. Miles: Yeah, originally when, when we see Yang right here we were going to play a very Danger Zone-esque song but it didn't end up working out. But yeah, imagine here (singing) "Highway through the Danger Zone" (stops singing) I think I've missed, I don't think those are the words.

105. Kerry: That's fine because then we can't get sued.

106. Miles: Yeah, there you go. Oh man. Oh and this, the "Nailed it" was just ad lib, Like we put Babs in the booth—

107. Monty: Barb has some great adlibs.

108. Miles: And I, I like... She was like "What should I say?" And Daniel (could be referring to Daniel Fabelo) and I just started feeding the lines and one of them was "Nailed It" and as soon as she said it, we were like "That needs to go in the episode!"

Pyrrha sees Jaune falling using her gun's sight.

109. Monty: Here's the reveal on Pyrrha's weapon.

(Miles makes clicking noises in unison with Pyrrha's weapon.)

110. Monty: (chuckles) Jesus.

111. Miles: Beeyong! I imagine that her spear sounds like a Transformer.

112. Monty: The thumb aim was a pretty nice touch by Austin, the way she was aiming it like that.

113. Miles: Hey, what's the name of her weapon?

114. Monty: Her spear is called Miló which is Latin for—er, Greek for—speak, and her shield is called Akoúo̱ which is Greek for listen.

115. Miles: Pretty cool.

Ruby starts running through the forest.

116. Monty: Oh, man, I love this sequence! So this was another one of those—

117. Miles: This was like as anime as we got.

118. Monty: Yeah.

119. Miles: They just start running.

120. Monty: I really wanted to get another Animated Adventures, uh, reference into this show.

121. Miles: And we did!

122. Monty: Yeah.

Ruby's thought bubble is shown.

123. Kerry: It, it was scary too 'cause for a little while it was looking like, uh, Jordan was gonna be too busy.

124. Monty: Too busy to draw the four frames we needed to animate. (chuckles)

125. Kerry: Shout-out to Jordan Cwierz. Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures. So great. We're, we're honored to have his rendition of the characters.

126. Monty: I, uh, essentially my descriptions when I came up with this. I was talking about it, I was like "Ruby thinks how Jordan draws".

127. Miles: Yeah!

128. Monty: And that's it.

129. Kerry: It's a pretty perfect thing when you think about it. Just that those cartoons can be used everywhere.

Weiss turns around as Ruby stops.

130. Miles: I love the music cue on this.

131. Kerry: Yeah, just that single ding! Just that, that look in Weiss' eye right there.

132. Monty: (laughs a little) Oh the whole idea—

133. Miles: (sings) And I will al— (stops singing as Weiss walks away) Aw.

134. Monty: The whole idea of making eye contact and forming teams was just really one of the earliest things we talked about.

135. Kerry: Yeah, that was, that was pretty early on and it changed a lot. Oz has, the the, the eye contact was probably the most consistent thing of all of the first five episodes.

Weiss walks through bushes.

136. Monty: Yeah, for her to look at one, look at another, that was fucking hilarious.

137. Kerry: Oz has a definite method to his madness. Like a bunch of people were like "He just leaves so much up to chance." But there's... I think he kinda believes in that because, y'know, the whole world is filled with people that you may or may not get along with. But, whether or not you like somebody, doesn't really matter, if we don't work together, we're all kinda screwed as a people.

138. Miles: Well, there's a difference between chance and letting things play out.

139. Monty: Yeah, Oz has a lot of really bizarre methodology that's... I mean kind of inspired by the way I do things. (laughs) Y'know?

140. Miles and Kerry: Yeah.

141. Miles: But yeah, we get more into Oz, a little later. He's a cool dude.

142. Kerry: Yeah. That's defi-definitely something we've thought about was, y'know, there's a... centricness? I dunno. To the way he works sometimes and it works so... Y'know, that's good.

143. Miles: God!

144. Kerry: And there, there's definitely that to Ozpin as well.

Ruby puts her arm around Weiss.

145. Miles: (whispers) I love this exchange. (stops whispering) This was done...

146. Monty: Nick,

147. Miles: ...perfectly.

148. Monty: Nick animated this so well.

149. Miles: This is exactly how we imagined it.

150. Kerry: I love that. "And I wanna be your friend." Swoo!

151. Miles: Hope you're not allergic to roses, lady!

152. Monty: So as someone goes around cleaning up her remaining rose petals apparently. That was a discussion.

153. Kerry: That was, that was a thing that led to a joke that actually might make it in. I don't know.

154. Monty: Oh Jesus. Really?

155. Kerry: Yeah, you'll, I'll remind you later. You'll remember.

156. Monty: Okay.

Glowing red eyes appear in the bushes behind Weiss.

157. Kerry: Oh, man. Big bad wolf.

158. Miles: Shit's about to get real.

A Beowolf comes out of the bushes.

159. Miles: Oh, Weiss, you done done it... (In unison with the Beowolf) Rawr!

160. Monty: Monster designs by Pat.

Episode End.

The Emerald Forest

Part 1 Starts.

1. Monty: So Beowolf designs by Pat, Pat Rodriguez, concept artist.

2. Miles: Amazingly talented person.

3. Monty: Among many things.

4. Miles: I wanna cut off his hands and put them on my arms.

5. Monty: (laughs) They're, the, the monsters being different from like the original, like the "Red" Trailer for example are really just because we had more talent at hand. The "Red" Trailer was pretty much made entirely by me back then so... Y'know, yah add more people.

6. Kerry: I don't think, I don't think pretty much I mean, that was entirely by you.

7. Monty: Yeah, yeah. So like these bears coming up, man.

Ursai surprise Yang.

8. Monty: Look at that.

9. Miles: Ursa, ur, these are Ursai. Plural is Ursai.

10. Monty: I gave him like guidelines of like what the, the designs I wanted and he just like, made 'em. So that was fun.

11. Kerry: Yeah, we kinda came up with this theme, that was they'd have this almost armor-like plating on them. Bones protruding, they have these red designs.

12. Monty: They follow the red, white, black and a little bit of yellow kind of theme.

13. Miles: In the Death Stalker you got the yellow, yellow crystal stinger.

14. Monty:These guys kinda have like a little bit of hint of yellow in their eyes. It's red, red and yellow.

A strand of hair floats down in front of Yang.

15. Miles: (laughs) So this was um... A bunch of people were like "Does her hair give her power, what's goin' on with her hair?" Honestly, it's just because we thought it'd be funny.

16. Miles: It, she's Goldilocks!

17. Kerry: She takes care of herself.

18. Miles: She takes care, and. And a bunch of people were like "Oh, this, this self-confident girl like why does she care what other people think about her?" She doesn't care what other people think, but her hair is something that she takes care of and she really likes it and they're screwing it up.

19. Monty: Yeah.

20. Kerry: There's also one thing too I mean, especially Barbara just being Barbara who she is. I mean, she's been known as blondie in the community.

21. Monty: That's one of the first things actually. I went to Matt and I said "Barbara should play Goldilocks" and that was it.

22. Kerry: Yeah, that was the decision right there.

Blake smiles into the camera.

23. Kerry: So y'know, it totally makes sense she'd care about her hair.

24. Monty: Well, that's 'Merica.

Scene shifts to Weiss surrounded by Beowolves.

25. Miles: God people love that. Blake, says so little and people love her so much. And I think it's cool.

26. Monty: Yeah. And then Weiss says so much, people still love her.

27. Miles: Yeah. (laughs)... So this was uh, really important to Kerry and I to come to like to show that both of, both Ruby and Weiss are absolutely capable but they have completely different fighting styles.

28. Monty: I love the stumble right there.

29. Miles and Kerry: Yeah.

30. Monty: Just, just the, just the... She's so proper all the time but to have her fall over constantly, just make it seem more hilarious.

31. Miles: As talented as Ruby is, she just, she's still young and doesn't really work with others. She's, y'know, she's a star pupil; she's a prodigy; she's great on her own. But she's not really fully aware of her surroundings and the fact that sometimes her being awesome...

32. Monty: Yeah.

33. Miles: ...makes other people look bad.

34. Monty: She gets by on natural talent; that's not everything.

35. Miles: It's natural talent and it's also... It's, book learning {Monty: Yeah.} vs street smarts, y'know?

36. Kerry: Yeah.

Smoke rises in the distance behind Ruby and Weiss after they fled.

37. Monty: Look at that smoke.

38. Miles: (in unison with Monty) Smoke, (no longer in unison) yeah.

(Miles and Monty laugh.)

39. Miles: But, yeah, this is the first time we see Ruby really... Frustrated, she's not used to having to run away from a fight.

40. Kerry: It's, it's interesting too that um, you kinda... Especially these, I don't know what it is about these two episodes, this one and the next one, but they just got rearranged so many times, and one of the things got rearranged was we had... This scene, which was kind of Weiss finally getting like exactly have their wish, or how she felt and all the problems she was having. And that was kind of it and then we saw her, y'know save Ruby.

41. Kerry: But then, we need, we needed a little more time so we thought "OK, there's a scene coming up, let's do the opposite. Let's, let's show Ruby getting upset for once." So this scene became even more important after that 'cause it was like "Let's, y'know let's get this started, let's like..." This is the, I think, the kick off really to their relationship.

Jaune's eyes widen after he hears gunshots in the distance.

42. Kerry: Getting it finalized.

43. Monty: (laughs slightly) Jaune's eyes. He's uh, he's so freaked out.

44. Miles: Wait, what's up with his eyes?

45. Monty: His eye, he just is, his eyes just went...

Jaune gets hit in the face with a tree branch.

(Miles makes a sound effect in unison with the hit.)

46. Monty: Whack-o. Again! Just now, every time he freaks out his eyes just go bizarre.

47. Miles: Oh Jaune...

48. Monty: Yeah. Here, so here's some uh, heavy-handed exposition (Miles laughs.) about how our characters can sustain bullet hits and sword hits.

49. Miles: It's like a force field.

50. Monty: Uh, y'know, I mean, I mean I do have theories about this sort of thing and how it can be kinda symbolic with, y'know anonymity and projection and stuff, but all... The, it boils down to, we need to be able to tell the story and not have people die.

Scene switches to Ren walking through grass.

51. Miles: Yeah, you wrote, you wrote the, uh, this Aura speech that, that Pyrrha gives to Jaune. And then we were like "That's full of really big smart words, let's have Ren fight a two-headed snake while this happens".

52. Monty: (laughs) Yep, yep.

53. Miles: Confirming that the Ki... King Tai, I can never pronounce its name.

54. Kerry: I think it's Taijutsu. I dunno, it is, um...

55. Miles: King Taijutsu.

56. Kerry: So it's, yeah, it's, uh, it's the... A king snake is a white and black snake. This is how we think of things (?). So we thought "Okay, we've got a snake. It's gonna be white and black, 'cause it's gonna be like yin and yang. Yin and Yang symbol is like the taijutsu symbol or something like that I don't know how to pronounce it. And then a king snake is black and white. So let's call it King..."

57. Miles: King Taijutsu.

58. Kerry: Yeah.

59. Miles: We had so much fun coming up with monster names. I'm still so, I had Beowolf. I was proud of Beowolf. You w, when you said "What if called a giant raven a Nevermore?" I was like "That is hands-down the coolest thing ever. Kerry, let's get married."

60. Monty: (laughs slightly) And so, oh, so we did, Dustin and I worked on this scene together.

61. Miles: (laughs) I'm holding hands with him right now.

62. Monty: Yeah.

63. Kerry: Jesus Christ.

64. Monty: (laughs slightly) And, uh, he did the bulk work of the scene and I kinda just uh, y'know, kinda helped out, with some of the camera work and a little bit of the polish and some technical stuff like how to get the snakes to move. I mean, they we needed it to. Also, I mean, I, I play Ren so he kinda wanted my input on how Ren would fight anyways.

65. Miles: Which is, um, apparently the answer to that is awesomely! There's Jaune's line, I'm just forcing it in there.

Ren is holding off a King Taijitu head with his hands.

66. Monty: Yep, so eventually we get right to it! Oh, except I came up with this last part, I'm like "Aw, y'know, instead of, um, just breaking the jaw, which you can't do to a snake".

67. Miles: (laughs a little) Oh yeah! We realized after we wrote it, we had him break the, he snapped the jaw on a, on the snake. But then we realized "Wait, snakes unhinge their jaws, that doesn't work." (laughs)

68. Kerry: I still think we could've made it work, I don't know.

69. Monty: So, so, I took the, I took the poses that Dustin made and made the uh... head exploder shot.

(Soft laughing, possibly Miles.)

70. Monty: Which, which people got a kick out of.

71. Kerry: Yeah, Daniel who was doing the audio on that, he thought he was he all done. (Monty laughs.) And we were like seconds away from the episode coming out and it's like "Ah, OK, it's all done. Oh, wait, what's this new play blast? Oh wait, did that head just explode?"

(Miles and Monty laugh.)

72. Monty: Yeah.

Pyrrha finishes unlocking Jaune's Aura.

73. Miles: Pyrrha being very talented, able to tap into Jaune's potential. The entire building is a single... (inaudible)

74. Kerry: She can't do that.

75. Miles: Oh what? Wait, what is this?

Jaune's cut heals.

(Monty laughs.)

76. Miles: Oh my god, you guys it's...

(Kerry makes an over-the-top gasp.)

77. Miles: He's got a lot of it!

78. Monty: So, so, Jaune, (Miles laughs wheezily.) so Jaune's Wolverine right?

79. Kerry: Yes.

80. Miles: Uhh... (Monty laughs.) Yeah...

81. Kerry: Just look at him.

82. Miles: Yeah, you got it. Jaune Arc is actually based off Wolverine. (Monty and Kerry laugh a little.) Redacted.

(Monty laughs.)

83. Miles: Divekick joke.

84. Kerry: Aw, get it.

Nora is revealed from the tree.

85. Miles: Oh my god!

86. Monty: Nora, Nora!

87. Miles: Kerry! I cannot praise you enough for this moment!

Nora boops Ren.

88. Miles: Boop!

89. Kerry: Thank you. This is the dumbest thing ever.

Part 1 Ends.

The Emerald Forest, Pt.2

Part 2 Begins.

90. Miles: We, we were writing it, we were writing in your apartment and we wrote that scene, and we were originally gonna end it with "I don't think that's, uh, I don't think sloths..."

91. Kerry: "I don't think sloths make that kind of noise".

92. Miles: Or something like that. And then I, we were like, I was like "That's it. That's great". And I stood and I walked to the kitchen to get another slice of pizza, and then your hand, you were lying on the floor and you just pointed your hand in the air and you go "Wait. Would it be too dumb if..." And you explained the Boop thing.

93. Kerry: A lot of, a lot of my suggestions... and ideas in the show come with...

94. Miles: "Would it be dumb if..."

95. Monty: And start with you on the floor.

96. Miles: That was the greatest thing.

97. Kerry: Yeah.

98. Miles: God, that was so good. I laughed so hard when you said she just goes "Boop" and I, fuck, I died.

99. Monty: So here we have them looking over. I always, I always feel like in the mov—, in the shows and movies and whatever where the kids are in danger, that the adults are still there watching and that they'll jump in at any minute to...

100. Kerry: Yeah, we even had Ozpin say like "You will not be monitored". But it's like yeah, you're gonna be, you're gonna be monitored.

101. Monty: Yeah, yeah,

102. Kerry: Y'know?

103. Monty: I always, like in Harry Potter I al... The dragon's chasing Harry, but I always fig, pic, pictured if it went sour, Dumbledore would be there in a snap.

104. Miles: Spoiler alert for Harry Potter. (laughs)

105. Monty: Gay Dumbledore would be there in a snap.

Ruby and Weiss are arguing.

106. Miles: So this, I, this was a super late scene that we added. {Kerry tries to interject with something like "Yeah, this".} And it became one of the most important scenes in this whole sequence.

107. Kerry: This is the scene I was talking about earlier that we kind of, added out of the blue. But yeah, I can't imagine this episode now without it. Um, Harley got this scene, who is an awesome animator.

108. Miles: Gosh, she's good.

(Monty laughs.)

109. Kerry: I look at that; I look at this scene and all I see is Harley, which is good.

110. Monty: Yeah, because she's a woman.

111. Kerry: Yes.

112. Monty: (laughs) We have a lot of guys!

113. Kerry: It doesn't help, it doesn't help when I see Austin in a scene.

114. Monty: We have a lot of guys.

Weiss says "I'm not perfect".

115. Miles: This line right here... was,

116. Monty: And now kiss.

(Miles and Kerry laugh.)

117. Miles: We, we did this... We wrote this scene late one night at your apartment and Arryn and your girlfriend Stacy were just hanging out in the living room while we were in your incomplete study.

Blake and Yang approach the Abandoned Temple.

118. Kerry: It's still incomplete, by the way. I moved in three months ago and I haven't had time to—

119. Monty: Shout-out to Caesar for that set by the way.

120. Miles: Aw, yeah.

121. Monty: You'll see more of it, I guarantee.

122. Miles: "You think this is it?" No, Yang, I don't.

(Miles and Monty laugh.)

123. Miles: Um, again, just Blake, so much without even saying anything. But, yeah, that, um, you and I were just shouting "I'm not perfect" (laughs) at each other.

124. Kerry: Yeah.

125. Miles: In that room and we were like "That's definitely, she has to say that." I'm really, really, really happy that scene got added.

126. Monty: These ruins. Man.

Scene changes to Jaune and Pyrrha.

127. Miles: So ruined.

128. Monty: And then this thing.

129. Miles: (chuckles) Look at the painting you idiot! (laughs a bit) Oh man, I was so happy that we got to do the Looney Tune eyeball gag. I really like cartoony stuff.

130. Kerry: Yeah, great (inaudible) fire scene. He did a really good job with the lighting (inaudible).

Screen goes black except for character eyes.

131. Miles: Aw, it looks so good.

132. Monty: Look at that! It's like a real cartoon! It's great.

133. Miles: I love it whenever a character's pupils get really small 'cause they're scared. Like, I, I, I dunno I just think that's super funny.

134. Monty: Aw, man.

Yang picks up the White Knight chess piece.

135. Monty: Yang is the best!

136. Miles: (simultaneously with Blake) "Sure."

137. Monty: Do, do you remember the storyboard where those, those chess pieces were about like a foot tall?

138. Miles: (laughs) Oh yeah. The storyboard was incorrect!

139. Kerry: Yeah. And so, yeah, essentially we, we had that storyboarded by somebody who was off-site and I guess we just didn't explain that little detail to them. "Little" being the pun there. Ah, and uh...

140. Monty: The storyboard she picks up "And how 'bout a cute pony?" And it's the size of like her head! Or bigger actually.

Jaune tries grabbing the Death Stalker stinger.

141. Monty: Aw, this is great.

142. Miles: Jaune, that is so not the relic, what are you doing? (laughs a little) You bumbling idiot.

Jaune successfully grabs onto the stinger.

143. Kerry: It, it was funny. Originally the uh...

144. Monty: Grab onto the bladed tail, yeah.

145. Miles: It makes sense.

146. Kerry: So originally, uh... Sorry, I went across the room. So originally, uh, the idea we had for the relics was that they were actually going to be inside... A like, piece of the monster. So originally Jaune was actually going to see the relic, there. Then we went "No, this is getting too complicated. Let's just have be attracted by the big glowy thing."

147. Miles: There was going to be shiny gold piece inside the stinger, but then it just turned out to be a shiny gold stinger.

148. Kerry: That looks relic-esque.

149. Monty: This scene. Uh...

150. Kerry: It looks important.

151. Monty: I love Pyrrha's reaction here.

Jaune gets flung.

152. Monty: It's adorable!

153. Kerry: Yeah, she, she, she kinda turned to it like "I am a strong fighter and, uh, yeah... I'm out."

154. Miles: This direction!

155. Monty: You've got Harley for that scene.

Scene change to Blake looking up.

156. Monty: Oh, and this, yeah.

(Silence for rest of episode.)

Episode End.

Players and Pieces

1.Monty: Oh man, I shouldn't eat so many jellybeans!

2.Miles: Too many beans!

3. Monty: No.

4.Kerry: Just too many beans.

5. Monty: If you don't, y'know, this scene looks like, you were like, you were watching it and you wonder "How did they get on the fuck of the, the top of the, back of the crow?" If you don't think about it too much, or if you do, it's actually way funnier. 'Cause you just think of just something in your head what the shenanigans they came up with to get on top of it.

6. Kerry: Yeah, that was definitely, uh, I can't remember if it was Gray or Daniel, um, were like "So when are we gonna see how they got up there?" We're like "Nah. We're just not gonna".

7. Monty: Yeah.

8. Kerry: It's funnier, it, it, it's funnier, too.

Scene change to Blake looking up.

9. Monty: It's funnier in your head! Yeah, it's way funnier in your head!

10. Miles: Bow twitch! Second! Second. Uhh, jab it! Not jab, but hint. Second hint of the Faunus!

Cartoon Beowolves and stars circle around Ruby's head.

11. Kerry: I think people, people definitely picked up on that one more than the first.

12. Miles: Yeah.

13. Kerry: Probably because it was in your face, like, bow twitch.

14. Monty: Uh-huh, uh-huh.

15. Kerry: 'Cause I, I took the uh, the same Beowolves from uh, Jordan's thing earlier in uh, Chapter 3 just spun them around her.

16. Miles: Jaune stuck in a tree, again.

Nora riding in on an Ursa.

17. Kerry: Jaune likes trees, man.

18. Miles: Dude, so this is when we're really establishing that, to Nora, fighting Grimm is really just a game,

19. Monty: No big deal.

20. Miles: That she's really good at and loves to play.

21. Monty: Oh we start finally seeing her weapon. A little bit.

22. Miles: Hint at it a bit with that pink explosion.

23. Monty: Yeah. And Ren being tired. Remember how many times I had to redesign because it was Irish?

24. Kerry: Fu, okay,

(Miles bursts into laughter.)

25. Kerry: Okay, okay.

Nora's "Queen of the castle" scene.

26. Kerry: So for whatever reason, we're doing lines with Monty, I think it's just you and me and uh,

27. Monty: Uh, is that gonna be in the behind, like the behind, deleted scenes?

28. Kerry: Hopefully. It, it'll be there somewh, we'll have it somewhere. Uhh, just for some reason you kept reading that line like your, it was Irish. Think you can do it?

29. Monty: I, I couldn't get out of the, I I don't know.

30. Miles: It's 'cause you where doing it and I said "Monty, you're starting to sound a little Irish." And you're like "I sound Irish?" And I go (puts on stereotypical Irish voice) "It sounded a wee bit Irish".

31. Kerry: You, you did it, you fucked it up!

32. Miles: I, I kinda screwed it up.

33. Monty: And I couldn't get out of it!

34. Kerry: I think we actually like skipped that line, and then went and did other lines and then came back.

35. Miles: Yeah.

Nora interjects, exclaiming her name before Ruby and Yang's hug.

36. Kerry: The one that's in there still sounds a little Irish.

37. Miles: "Nora!" And then Nora's little dance, her happy dance!

38. Monty: Yeah.

39. Miles: Kinda looks like a potty dance.

Yang frustrated with what's happening.

40. Monty: Kinda looks like she has to pee, yeah.

41. Kerry: That's okay, maybe she does.

42. Monty: And Yang just totally fed up with everyone.

43. Miles: She's so Yangry right now.

44. Kerry: Oh, shut up Barbara.

(Miles and Monty chuckle.)

45. Miles: Tick tock tick tock tick tock.

Weiss is hanging on to the Nevermore.

46. Monty: And...

47. Miles: Binoculars.

48. Monty: Bing.

49. Kerry: I remember, uh, Nick who did, did, all these scenes kinda jump back and for team animators. But Nick did a really good job with Nora, just kinda having, um, just different image. I think it was Austin's idea to put the binoculars, but Nick did all the little dances with her and stuff.

Jaune prepares to jump and catch Weiss.

50. Miles: Ohh, Harley did this falling and catching sequence and it's the best thing ever.

51. Monty: She jumped on it, just knew what to do right away.

52. Miles: She did, I just love the... their eyes moving back and forth and ev, everything about this.

53. Monty: And then the delay.

54. Miles: Made me so happy.

Jaune faceplants on the ground.

(Monty laughs a little.)

55. Miles: (in Jaune's voice) Tries so hard. (end of voice) Poor Jaune.

56. Monty: The sound on that right there, her landing on his back. He should have, he should have become like peanut butter.

57. Miles: It sounds like he's bleeding internally!

58. Monty: (inaudible) Jam at this point!

Pyrrha falls in front of the Ruby and the rest of the group.

59. Miles: Oh, speaking of bleeding internally, hey Pyrrha!


60. Monty: We have to (inaudible)... He's like Adam!

Ruby charges towards the Death Stalker.

61. Monty: Adam the animator who's like "Please have her not be dead!"

62. Kerry: Just add a little bit of wound, 'cause, yeah, y'know.

63. Monty: It looks like she's, she's bought it at that point.

64. Kerry: From an animation—

65. Monty: Shortest fight scene ever made by the way

66. Kerry: Yeah. I think we allotted you 20 or 30 seconds were like "Nah".

67. Miles: Dude, oh god man I can't tell you how many revisions the monster fight scene in the Emerald Forest went through. I uh, at one point there was four mo, 'cause, 'cause the thing with the Creatures of Grimm is that... We wanted to establish early on that, they can grow to be outrageously huge sizes. So we see the Boarbatusk in, in uh...

68. Monty: Seven?

69. Miles: ...Chapter 6. Um, and then, we, in this initial fight scene we were going to have a giant Boarbatusk, a giant Nevermore, a Giant Death Stalker and then another Creature of Grimm, that uh, we did not end up showing in this volume. Um...

70. Monty: And so four, four monsters.

Scene fades to black as Ruby is about to be stung by the Death Stalker.

71. Miles: And it was nuts, we had, essentially, monsters killing each other, the, the slingshot was still there though.

Death Stalker stinger frozen in place reveal.

72. Kerry: Yeah, the slingshot I think was one of the only things that actually stuck between them.

73. Miles: Yeah, I'm really glad the slingshot kept. Oh and here we have the ready to lead scene!

74. Kerry: (laughs a little) The slingshot got to the point where, Miles and I kind of like thought it out a little bit, and we explained to Monty. Monty was like "Okay, y'know, that sounds good." So, but then we had to explain it to Matt and Burnie, and I think we got down to diagrams,

75. Kerry: We got y'know, we were like acting it out.

76. Miles: It looked like we were drawing a football play on the whiteboard.

77. Kerry: "See they're gonna go here, then they're gonna go here, and this is gonna go there and then back and then forward..."

78. Monty: And then when it came down to making it, I just like "I'm gonna do it this way."

79. Kerry: Yeah, and it worked out.

80. Monty: And it worked.

81. Miles: It worked great.

82. Monty: All you need is the rough concept to go into it really. Like this used to be an ice dome and I'm like "Let's just use the"—

83. Kerry: Half the ice.

84. Monty: Yeah, just use the ice she's always used.

85. Miles: Who needs an igloo.

86. Monty: Yeah, seriously.

Yang hugs Ruby.

87. Miles: Man, it was—

88. Kerry: (inaudible) right now. ("Sign with seren" or something like that.)

89. Miles: We were, we were worried that that, that reconciliation scene might be like, too abrupt or too cliche. We tried to give it, we tried to give it something to make it like, this is very much a Ru, like, an adorable Ruby scene and I think we did that with "normal knees". (whispers) Normal knees.

90. Kerry: Which is a very late addition. We, we ended up having to uh, we ended up having to rewrite that scene a little bit because we added that scene I keep talking about over and over again, uh, in the previous chapter. So when we rewrote it we were like, I think it was, yeah, you had that idea it was just like "Let's make a callback to that, one of the one-off line".

91. Miles: Freaking normal knees.

92. Monty: Oh, uh wait,

Ruby and Jaune hold chess pieces.

93. Kerry: Look at those decently-sized chess pieces.

(First Miles and then Monty laugh.)

94. Miles: My black licorice jellybean is still just sitting happily on the table.

95. Monty: Oh man, there's so many jellybeans in my belly right now.

96. Kerry: See, you guys are all dumb. I feel fine.

97. Monty: Someone was yelling at me about that, too, earlier.

(Miles and Kerry talk to each other while Monty is talking, something about having another jellybean which leads to grossed out noises and...)

98. Kerry: Oh no, its, NO!

(Miles laughing.)

99. Monty: Oh god, it's gross.

100. Miles: It broke apart and it fell! It touched your arm.

Ruby stands on a rock and leads the others.

(Discomforted / grossed out noises)

101. Miles: Proud sister moment.

102. Kerry: And this is why I have a fear of jellybeans.

103. Miles: Oh, Blake breaking the fourth wall, staring directly into camera, I love it!

Scene changes into an overhead shot as a Nevermore flies over, fight scene about to start.

104. Monty: Oh, and here we go. So I take over from here.

105. Kerry: Yeah, this is, this is, this is the part where Monty takes over.

106. Monty: Yeah, pretty much.

107. Kerry: And everything gets super super badass.

108. Monty: Was it like a month? A month and a half? Which was crazy 'cause I was like exhausted making this scene.

109. Kerry: I honestly, I don't think was even a month long, I think you did this in like three weeks maybe.

110. Monty: Yeah.

111. Kerry: You did this in an unbelievably short amount of time, on an unbelievably little amount of sleep.

112. Monty: I essentially was like "Let's go large". I took Caesar's set, that was the thing. I took Caesar's set, that circle thing, and just plussed it times ten essentially, took the geo and the texture and just made a big fortress thing.

113. Kerry: Now something really cool is that, uh, Taylor who is our art director on this project and also, uh...

114. Kerry: Y'know, modeler and Caesar and the, all the, what they do is they made things kind of uh, really modular.

115. Monty: Yeah.

116. Kerry: Um, so that, yeah, you could go...

117. Monty: I could take it.

118. Kerry: could go play us.

119. Monty: I could pick the elements of it and make something I needed to, so there's bridges and columns and... The play by play of like what I need to happen is, uh, it's more detailed than can even go into, it is essentially like, we, we needed, we needed the characters to kinda show their strengths and be, and become a team. So like we have them getting separated and...

Jaune getting up after bridge is destroyed.

120. Monty: ...Jaune especially. The most important points for Jaune, like, it was completely different that we (inaudible, possibly "had to worry") about him. Having a plan, right?

121. Miles: Oh, yeah. Do you remember his original? The ri, 'cause we had to show, why Jaune can be a leader, and it's essentially that, he acknowledges how powerful his teammates are and that he's not as good.

122. Monty: Yep.

123. Miles: And that their, their lives are more valuable to him than his own.

124. Monty: Also—

125. Miles: And that is his strength.

Nora hits the broken bridge part Jaune is on to send him flying to the other side.

126. Monty: Here we, here we showcase Nora's weapon finally.

(Miles laughs.)

127. Kerry: This is the best thing ever.

128. Miles: This is the greatest.

129. Monty: This like, we were, were actually, we, we did a good job of spacing out the fights in this show.

Nora knocks Blake off the broken bridge

130. Monty: And Nora only has one, but man does she have one.

131. Kerry: Yeah.

132. Miles: I... One of the coolest comments I saw online was that people were so happy that nobody had to save Blake.

133. Monty: Yeah.

134. Miles: Blake saved herself and she does some awesome... what do we call, what do we call that move? That shadow move?

135. Monty: Uh, it's just her Semblance; it's her shadows. I mean there's not as—

136. Miles: Shadow clones, or whatever.

137. Monty: Yeah, but she does clones, or y'know. But it was also important to, there's even like a thread of like, y'know, thought there like she's going in and doing recon on the monster, when she comes back and reports there's a ley line. It's tougher than it looks! That's like a, that was like a pick up that was just like, yeah, that's exactly what she's doing there. That was probably one of the last scenes I made too.

138. Kerry: Yeah, I remember it was really important, too, that it, she doesn't go back to Ruby.

139. Monty: She reports to Yang.

140. Kerry: She reports to Yang both 'cause she was her partner and 'cause Yang is... She seems more in charge.

141. Monty: Yeah, she really does. The thing though here, it didn't work. Yang goes very headfirst and it, it still doesn't work and she's still here trying to fight while Ruby assesses her team, looks at the tools that are available to her and says "I have a plan".

142. Miles: Let's make a giant slingshot.

Team JNPR battle the Death Stalker.

143. Kerry: Yeah.


144. Monty: Which is just so in character to her because—

145. Miles: This will totally work.

146. Monty: It's so like bizarre and it worked.

147. Miles: So this was, the most similar thing we got to, uh, 'cause... Okay so the original—

148. Monty: We almost didn't have this fight.

149. Miles: The original thing that Jaune did, to show his thing was, uh, we had, we had the Nevermore had this attack where he would, it would, uh, land and create this torrent of wind. And, uh, like, what was it? We had, we had the damaged Death Stalker in the trees that was snapping its pincers. And everybody was holding on to trees and stuff and the Nevermore's blowing his wind. Uh, he saw that Pyrrha was gonna fall into the pincers so he used his shield as like a parachute, so that he would go in first and she wouldn't get destroyed.

Nora finishes the Death Stalker.

150. Miles: Oh my god, that shot!

151. Monty: And then—

152. Miles: Oh my god, that shot!

153. Monty: And so then months later, y'know, we get kinda like, into production and the little bit of naysay on like "Oh, can we even get this done?" But it's like... And then we really, like we almost, at at, to a point where we almost didn't even have the scorpion fight. And I would not have that.

(Miles laughs.)

154. Kerry: There's definitely is like a "Okay I we have to pare down" and you're like "Nah, we're not gonna do that".

155. Monty: It made too much sense. You have a team mem- a team where you got two, two like infantry men with shields...

156. Monty: ...who are meant to fight shoulder to shoulder. A speed guy and a heavy. So it's like uh, the sequence kinda played out in my head I didn't know what I was gonna do I just knew I was gonna do it.

157. Kerry: And uh, just going back a little bit. Another thing that kind of, Ruby being where she is in the slingshot is that it, it's the same thing that Jaune, or similar thing I guess, in Jaune that... He realized that his life is less valuable, in the same way, Ruby says "Okay, let's do this really dangerous; I'll do the most dangerous part."

158. Monty: Yeah. So it's like the difference between like a leader and a boss essentially, she, she leads by example and takes part in the plan.

159. Miles: Leading by example is absolutely the whole theme of the next chapter too. And also Weiss will never admit that it's a good idea.

(Monty laughs.)

160. Kerry: Yeah.

161. Miles: (Weiss impression) "Can? Of course I can!" (end of impression) God, I love that.

162. Kerry: Yeah, I remember, is, is y'know.

163. Monty: That's, that's what I—

164. Miles: You had just seen storyboard handed to you but you knew you were gonna kinda, do your Monty magic but that was like remember when—

Ruby starts dragging the Nevermore up the side of the cliff.

165. Monty: That was the one line I really liked and I wanted to keep. So... And here we have, even Weiss up until the end still helping her out in a way that, she couldn't have done this without her.

166. Monty: Ignore the rest of her teammates so it all kinda came into play in a very like...

167. Kerry: It's a very subtle thing but you can actually see Weiss kind of like bend over because y'know she exerted herself so much to do that.

168. Monty: Yeah.

169. Miles: One of the things, going back to this set, that I think is really cool that happened because of it is we also kind of get a glimpse at the ancient world of Remnant.

170. Monty: Yep. That's right.

171. Miles: We see like before all this high tech stuff, the, the humans on the planet.

172. Monty: I love history.

173. Miles: They, they built, they built themselves, essentially up against a cliff, like. In a world where they're surrounded by monsters, they put their backs to a wall and built bridges to kinda keep themselves safe and out of harm's way and stuff like that. It's a cool glimpse of the ancient world of Remnant.

Scene transition to team-forming ceremony.

174. Monty: And here's, oh yeah.

175. Miles: Ohh, Team CRDL. Dude, shout-out to Russel!

(Monty laughs.)

176. Miles: Russel's my boy! Sky, you're OK.

177. Kerry: So this scene, uh...

(Miles and Monty laugh.)

178. Miles: I can't wait to get to Chapter 8.

179. Kerry: This scene I really did not want to composite and then Gray took it and it was amazing, 'cause he did a really good job with all those screens.

180. Kerry: Screens are the worst. They're the best because they have information but they are the worst.

181. Miles: Everybody freaked out that Ozpin didn't have his cup in this scene.

182. Kerry: 'Cause for once he was finally caffeinated. It's late.

183. Miles: Didn't we decide, no, didn't we decide that he actually drinks hot chocolate?

184. Kerry: I don't know.

185. Miles: Was that? I can't remember, we had a talk about, we know, we know: Weiss drinks coffee uh, (together with Kerry) Blake likes tea, (no longer together) and I think we talked about Oz maybe just uh, we don't know what he drinks but it, it's very possible that it's just chocolate milk.

186. Monty: Couldn't it have been milk, because of the cookies?

187. Miles: I can't remember what it was.

188. Monty: No, well, Ruby drinks milk.

189. Miles: Yeah. (laughs) That was another dumb line that we—

190. Kerry: That was another dumb line.

191. Miles: Aw, here we get to see a glimpse, we get a glimpse of, uh, Weiss not being too happy about this, this, uh. She really should have known when the team was named RWBY.

(Monty laughs.)

192. Kerry: Ah, y'know.

193. Miles: She's not the sharpest tool in the shed, I guess. As sharp as she thinks. Oh man, and then we get...

194. Kerry: She's probably thinking "Oh, it's gonna be awkward having the team named RWBY when I'm the leader—WHAT!"


195. Miles: "Ruby's, poor Ruby's getting her hopes up. Wait, what!"

196. Miles: Oh man, and then we get to go back to our good friend Roman Torchwick.

Scene transition to Roman's location.

197. Kerry: Gray.

198. Miles: Golly man, the music for this scene is so cool. A bunch of people gave, were, were confused by, as to why Roman has dumb cops written on the map. Like "Oh, why would you do that? Oh, he seems so eloquent, but now he's being childish". But when you think about it, no, we intentionally did that because we wanted to show how, that he's strategizing like in the northern end of Vale...

199. Kerry: where the dumb cops are.

200. Miles: There are cops. No, no, I think it's the southern, 'cause that's in the industrial district, I think.

201. Kerry: Whatever.

202. Miles: Yeah, and in the south, don't worry about the cops they're idiots; we'll be fine; I'm better than them. Roman's whole thing, he's like God, Roman thinks that he's god's gift to man, God's gift to the world. He thinks he's the shi-, oh, I'm trying not to curse. He thinks he's the—

203. Kerry: The shit.


204. Monty: Men all over.

205. Miles: It's raining men.

The Badge and The Burden

Part 1 Start.

(Miles says multiple "Na" for five seconds to the tune of "Morning" by Edvard Grieg.)

1. Monty: Oh, look it!

2. Miles: (continuing tune) Weiss looks cute, with her hair down, {Monty: Look at Weiss' hair.} she's precious.

3. Monty: Aww.

4. Kerry: Is that song copyrighted? I have to worry about these things.

5. Miles: Not if you perform it yourself. And...

6. Kerry: That's not how that works!

Ruby appears next to Weiss with a whistle.

7. Miles: Ruby. Oh my god.

8. Monty: Oh, Weiss falling down again! It's the best.

9. Miles: And uniforms! Oh my god, the internet had a freaking party when they saw those uniforms man. Who, uh, did Eileen design the uniforms?

10. Monty: Oh, yes, she did.

11. Miles: They, she did a great job.

12. Monty: I love the variance too, it's like of course, uh, Yang would wear the thigh highs and Blake would wear the ankle socks and—

13. Kerry: Yeah, it was funny too we uh... When we showed the first episode at RTX we also, we had a couple panels and we showed some concept art of some things that weren't released and one of them was, what the uniforms looked like. But not on any of the characters.

(Monty Laughs in reaction to Samurai Champloo reference.)

14. Kerry: We just showed like... That's a uh, that's just a shout-out to Samurai Champloo.

Room decorating montage.

15. Monty: Blake is pretty enthusiastic.

16. Miles: Dude, talking about Samurai Champloo. {Monty: Oh, and here.} Somewhere is Samurai Shampoo.

17. Kerry: Yeah, it's in here somewhere.

18. Miles: So that prop is somewhere... (Monty and Miles, inaudible) My favorite Blake joke in the entire freaking volume!

Blake holds Ninjas of Love.

19. Miles: Oh, I love that moment!

20. Monty: It's funny 'cause neither of you watched Naruto.

21. Miles and Kerry: No, just never watched Naruto.

22. Monty: There's a joke similar.

23. Kerry: Oh, really?

24. Monty: Yes.

25. Kerry: No, I don't.

26. Monty: Maybe that's why you guys were wondering. Yeah, no but it's kind of a call out, too.

27. Kerry: Sure yeah, absolutely.

28. Monty: Did we go past the Achieve Men poster?

29. Kerry: Yeah, we did, we had, uh...

30. Miles: Achieve Men.

31. Kerry: We had Patrick, uh, just draw, essentially he just illustrate the Achieve Men poster.

32. Monty: Be a boy band.

33. Kerry: Yeah.

34. Monty: The Achievement Hunter boy band poster.

35. Miles: So... This whole episode is essentially, how's Ruby gonna be a leader. It's—

36. Kerry: And how's Weiss gonna deal with the fact that she was not the leader.

37. Miles: Yeah.

38. Monty: Also the fact that they actually have lives outside of fighting.

39. Miles and Kerry: Yeah.

40. Miles: They're, they're still like teenaged girls going to school. And it's cool getting to see Blake, kind of warming up and enjoying this idea that maybe having friends is cool.

41. Monty: Yeah.

42. Kerry: She stands there she's still very polite, still very proper, and kinda to herself but, she's still doing all of the things everybody else is doing.

43. Miles: Yeah. She's actually starting to live, like a normal girl for probably the first time ever.

44. Miles: And she's enjoying it. It, it's cool seeing her, happy and not so cold to everybody, she's starting to open up to these three girls.

(Monty laughs in reaction to Team JNPR leaning out of their room door.)

45. Monty: And there's JNPR.

46. Miles: Oh my god, yeah, I—

47. Kerry: Our Scooby Doo moment.

48. Miles: Yeah, we wanted to do a Scooby Doo moment and then I realized, I was like "Wait, they'd have to be standing on top of each other to get this shot... Let's make them fall."

Ozpin and Glynda watch Teams RWBY and JNPR run by.

49. Kerry: That's something JNPR would do.

50. Miles: Yeah.

51. Kerry: That's, that's one of my favorite things about JNPR, besides Jaune, it's a team full of—

Scene transition to Port's classroom

52. Miles, Monty and Kerry: Oh (Not simultaneously).

53. Monty: And here we have...

54. Kerry: Yeah.

55. Monty: Professor Port! Professor Peter Port!

56. Kerry: Played by the awesome Ryan Haywood.

57. Miles: Okay, fun fact. Everybody thought that him having a monster, uh, in a cage, was a shout-out to Edgar the cow from the Achievement Hunter Minecraft let's plays.

58. Monty: But...

59. Miles: This was written months before Edgar! It was just so beautiful and serendipity. (laughs)

60. Monty: So much things that happen like that on the show. Can't even begin to describe. But yes, (slight laughter) you guys came up with it first.

61. Kerry: Yeah, it just kinda happened to work out that way. Ryan did a (mispronounces) phenon, phenom uh...

62. Miles: Ren Valkyrie!

(Kerry sighs and Monty laughs).

63. Kerry: (carefully pronounces) Ryan did a phenomenal job with (no longer careful and deliberate) this character. I mean we kinda just, we kinda gave him the brief thing. He's very bombastic I think was the word we used the most.

64. Miles: Yeah, he, he's, he's... Peter from Peter and the Wolf if he grew up {Kerry: Yeah.} and became kind of a uh, creepy, horny prowl.


65. Monty: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Yeah.

EEEE-YUUP guy shouts.

66. Miles: "EEEE-YUUP!" (laughs)

67. Monty: I still think he should have been redder.

68. Kerry: He can be; he can stand to be a little bit redder.

69. Monty: Yeah.

70. Miles: Shout-out to Andrew from the Internet Box Podcast. (laughs, followed by a chuckle from Monty). Umm, but god, one thing I loved about this scene was seeing all the Creatures of Grimm illustrations in the background. That was super cool. I loved—

71. Monty: And Ruby's dumb joke, dumb jokes.

72. Miles: Professor Poop! (fart noise) Oh my god.

73. Monty: That, that's the thing I say about Ruby as a prodigy is that, she's, she's not the most studious. She's just really good and that's kinda what, how she's counter to Weiss in a way 'cause Weiss is very studious.

Ruby holds up Professor Poop drawing.

74. Kerry: W, Weiss goes through all the proper steps to do everything and Ruby's kind of like does things and they're gonna work.

75. Miles: Yeah, she's able to do it. Which, of course, is gonna infuriate Weiss.

76. Kerry: Yeah, yeah. And's it all about, there's, there's a um... There's a thing where it's like, the, the main point that we want to get across is that once you're in a, a leadership position, people will look to you and you have to, like you said earlier you have to lead by example and if you're not... Constantly, like people think "Oh, being a leader or like being a boss or being the CEO is the best because you're in charge, you can make all these decisions". But it's like, if you make a bad decision or you kinda look like... Idiot.

(Monty laughs in response to Miles' heavy breathing during the zoom in on Ruby picking her nose.)

77. Miles: And pick your nose in the middle of class. Uh, why would people ever want to follow you or listen to what you have to say? Like being a leader is not something that's awesome; it's a huge burden; it's a huge responsibility.

Monster cage is shown.

78. Monty: Oh, we've got—

79. Kerry: Could you say it's a badge and a burden?

80. Miles: It is both a badge and a burden.

The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2

Part 2 Begins.

81. Monty: Here's the cage.

82. Miles: Now she's all battle-ready in her sweet get-up.

83. Kerry: I like to imagine all of them waiting for her to change.

84. Miles: Yeah. (laughs)

85. Kerry: Hang on guys... (inaudible) real quick.

86. Miles: "Oh, forgot the necklace, gotta go back, gotta go". Necklace is very, important part of the combat skirt.

87. Kerry: That's where she keeps all of her... (inaudible)

Boarbatusk reveal.

88. Miles: Oh, man. I think that was the one weapon that you and I designed.

(Miles and Kerry talk over each other for a moment, saying the word "yeah".)

89. Kerry: This, this is, this is the one thing that uh, it was, it was definitely one of those things where it's like "Oh, this is not important enough. Uh, you guys can just kinda do it".

90. Miles: Yeah, we came up with Oobleck and, uh, Port's weapons.

91. Kerry: Yeah.

92. Miles: We came up part of Oobleck's weapon. But um, there's uh, we just kinda decided y'know he's definitely the kinda guy he's, he's gotta have an elephant rifle.

93. Kerry: Yeah.

94. Miles: He's gonna, y'know, he's gonna be that hunter. The blunderbuss! With a battle axe! 'Cause of the axe, {Kerry: Yeah} bu, the thing with the, the huntsman. Y'know, you always think of the, the woodsman, the huntsman, whatever version of Red Riding Hood you've read. It's the, it's the dude in the woods with the axe. It's like {Kerry: Right} that is the huntsmen weapon. And this guy is, (Port impression) "A true huntsman!" So he's gotta have the axe.

Weiss responds to Ruby's advice with "Stop telling me what to do!"

95. Monty: Oh, and we have the, exchange here with Ruby and Weiss it was very...

Boarbatusk Spin Dash.

96. Monty: (laughs) And, oh yeah, Sonic the Hedgehog. (chuckles)

97. Miles: Shane added that last minute. (Monty laughs.) It makes no sense {Monty: I said—} but I love it, {Monty: I said...} love it!

98. Monty: ..."Shane, what if it just turned into a ball?" (laughs)

Boarbatusk defeated.

99. Miles: She takes that thing.

100. Kerry: Sure, why not.

101. Monty: I thought it'd make things easier.

102. Kerry: Yeah. I, I remember (inaudible), he was like "Yeah, we can do that." And you're like "It would certainly be easier to animate." And he was like "Yeah, I might do that."

103. Miles: (laughs) I really do love that, Ruby has her, has her hood on all the time. {Kerry: Yeah.} We get into that more, we'll get into that more in the future. But uh...

104. Kerry: Yeah, it's actually, there's a scene that got cut that kind of...

Weiss walks away looking agitated.

105. Monty: Why so serious?

106. Kerry: Weiss so serious?

107. Miles: (Jaune voice) "Man, what's with her?" Gotta get Jaune in every episode, that's my goal.

(Monty chuckles.)

108. Kerry: That's what you're doing! (Miles laughs.) I knew something was amuck!

Weiss and Ruby argue.

109. Kerry: Man, they didn't pay their electricity bills.

(All three start laughing.)

110. Miles: Ruby looks tired.

111. Monty: (laughs a little) It's late. Or not.

112. Miles: I think it was funny, I, one thing that I really also liked about this scene is that,

113. Miles: In real life, people kinda go back on what they say a lot, like, it's not like in, y'know TV or movies where like a character will say something and that kinda define like, {Monty: Yeah} they will stick to that forever it's like, yeah, Weiss was totally all about working together as a team... Until things didn't go exactly,

114. Kerry: It's, it's a uh, it's not a form of line but in a way it is kind of a form of line it's like "Oh yeah, I'm gonna say this thing that I don't really mean 'cause I don't think it's gonna happen."

Ozpin begins talking with Ruby.

115. Miles: Yeah.

116. Kerry: And then "Uh oh, it happened."

117. Monty: Yeah, it's never, it's never a straight line, it's never steady. Also, I mean, same thing with Ruby. She performed well on, in the moment but she's not performing well all the around.

118. Miles and Kerry: Right.

Professor Port on the roof.

119. Miles: (laughs) I love...

120. Kerry: I just like that he's, like,

121. Miles: (Port impression) "Confess to me your strife!"

122. Kerry: That's my favorite line in the world. I just, I just like the idea that he's just like standing out there, like, thinking of previous hunts. (Monty and Miles laugh.) All of the ones that got away.

123. Miles: See, it's funny that you say that because I imagine him standing there going "They're out there somewhere, and I'm going to kill them all." (laughs)

124. Kerry: "Every last one of them."

125. Miles: "The thrill of the hunt!"

126. Kerry: In all honesty though, he probably went out there to like fart or something. (Miles and Monty laugh.) He's sneaking outside,

127. Miles: (terrible Port impression) "Umm, I was holding that all through lecture."

128. Kerry: (terrible Port impression) "Umm, didn't want to do it in front of that cute Yang girl." (Monty and Miles express disgust)

129. Miles: (terrible Port impression) "That was the fart of a true huntsman."

Ruby and Ozpin.

130. Monty: Oh, Jesus.

131. Miles: We are children.

132. Kerry: We're making poop jokes right now.

133. Miles: What are we doing? We already made a poop, Professor Poop, remember? (fart noise) Umm...

134. Kerry: I think that was actually me doing the (fart noise).

135. Monty: I like Oz's glasses.

136. Kerry: Yeah, there's certainly, there's something very cool about them, very Beatle's-esque.

137. Monty: Yeah, very Lennon.

138. Miles: I li- I like the scene because I think this is one of the first times where, somebody other than Weiss has told Ruby "Hey, not as great as you think, you kinda need to {Kerry: Yeah.} settle, just a bit." And this is the, the same thing here, this is the first time probably an adult has told Weiss "Yo! Shut up for a second." (laughs)

139. Kerry: "Listen to what I am saying."

140. Monty: "Calm it down."

141. Miles: "Simmer down now, child! Simmer down now." (laughs slightly)... Oh, poor Miss Schnee.

142. Monty: Yeah.

143. Kerry: Why didn't she sit down? (mumbles)

144. Miles: What did you just say? (Talking over Kerry) Why doesn't she sit? There's a bench right there. (Monty laughs.) "Good I'll take a load off.

(Monty laughs.)

145. Kerry: This was, um...

146. Kerry: This was, this was a fun scene to do. This is our...

147. Miles: We don't, we, it's funny we didn't write for adults a lot in this show. So whenever we, they do say something it's like "Aw man. We have to make sure that what they're saying is like, pretty true and, they use good words." (laughs)

148. Kerry: Yeah. (Miles laughs over Kerry talking.) Yeah, we, we didn't know, kind of what the target audience. I mean we still don't know but we don't, we didn't know who was going to be watching the show so we kinda wrote for, who, kind of who we thought it was gonna be and then kind of what we just wanna watch.

149. Miles: Yeah.

150. Kerry: The kinda shows that, the kinda content that we watch anyway that's like "This is how..." (inaudible)

151. Monty: It's a pretty wide spectrum I gotta say. We're pretty {Miles: Yeah.} happy about that. Got a character for everyone.

152. Miles: (As Ozpin) "Man, I need to remember to tell Glynda to pay the electric bill. (Monty laughs a little.) Ruby, remind me to tell Glynda to tell me to pay the electric bill."

153. Kerry: (As Ruby) "Look man, hallways are dark, (Miles laughs.) the sun's setting."

154. Miles: Port's like (Port impression) "Now I gotta go find another place to expel this gas."

155. Monty: (laughs a little) Jesus.

Scene change to Beacon at night.

156. Kerry: He's going back to the classroom.

157. Miles: That's how he tortures the Boarbatusk to make it angry. (pig squeal noise)

Inside of Team RWBY's room.

158. Miles: God, those books are gonna kill some, (laughs a little, followed by Monty) those beds, those beds. (laughs a little)...

159. Miles: ...Oh look, Ruby is trying to be a better leader, she's studying. Aww. And her pajamjams.

160. Monty: Where's Weiss been out all this time? Has she just been walking around?

161. Miles: Dude, she's probably went to Starbucks.

162. Kerry and Monty: Yeah.

163. Miles: Just brooded.

164. Kerry: Nah, she's been thinking. She's been walking around thinking, y'know.

Weiss covers Ruby's mouth.

165. Miles: God, that screenshot.

166. Monty: How many, how many, how many gifs are gonna be made of her shushing her like that?

167. Kerry: Yeah. (laughs a little)

168. Miles: (whispers) "Shh, don't speak. (Monty laughs slightly) You're prettier when you don't talk." (laughter)

169. Kerry: I love, I also just in this scene love the way Yang that sleeps, she's just like covers kicked off, (Miles laughs slightly) arms back, just drooling.

170. Miles: My favorite thing was, uh, coming up with how Ruby takes her coffee. (laughs then uses Ruby voice) "Uh, cream with five sugars." Weiss is just like "Seriously, you commoner?"

171. Monty: She got the coffee pretty fast by the way.

172. Miles: Dude, (Talking over Kerry) she's just fast. Yeah, dude she, gotta go fast.

173. Kerry: She used a glyph to make coffee.

174. Monty: Sh-sh-she conjured it with a...

175. Miles: She used coffee dust. (laughs slightly)

176. Monty: (laughs slightly) Coffee dust.

177. Miles: (following Weiss) "That's wrong, by the way." Weiss, Weiss just can't say "You're good." She has to say "You're good, and I'm gonna be the best, too." Love it.

Weiss closes the door after leaving the room.

178. Monty: Where's she going?

179. Kerry: To change.

180. Miles: She went to the, she went to the bathroom slash closet.

181. Monty: Oh okay, got ya... Look at that moon, phases and shit.

Part 2 End.


Part 1 Start.

1.Miles: And thus begins, the Jaune arc.

2. Monty: Oh geez

3. Miles: Eh?

4. Kerry: I hate you so much. (Miles laughs.) How've, how long have you been waiting for that?

5. Monty: By the way, {Miles: I've been waiting like two days.} Jaune's, Jaune's symbol is a rainbow, just so you know. Not a pair of moons.

6. Miles: Not a pair of moons. Although I wouldn't be opposed to that, since my last name's Luna. But no, rainbow, {Kerry: Shut up.} arc.

7. Kerry: It kind of looks like, like uh, butt cheeks, like (fart noise).

8. Miles: Shut up.

9. Kerry: You did that in Jaune voice, {Monty: Nick did a...} a little bit.

10. Monty: Oh, Nick—

11. Miles: (high-pitched) "Shut up."

12. Monty: Nick did this fight scene. Excellent job, Nick.

13. Kerry: (inaudible) Really, really well.

Cardin kicks Jaune.

14. Miles: Ooh, right in the nads. (Slight laughter from group.) Considering what just happened, before we started recording.

15. Kerry: So uh, we started, (laughs slightly) we were just about to start recording, and I don't even remember,

16. Monty: Miles was doing a little dance.

17. Miles: I did pelvic thrusts.

(Monty laughs.)

18. Kerry: And he just like, hit and his hands like, right into his nuts.

Glynda looks at Cardin's and Jaune's auras on her Scroll.

19. Miles: So this is, another time where really, uh, aside from the nuts. We're really trying drive home that, his aura is your shield. It is your, it's your like halo, shield. (laughs a little)

20. Monty: Essentially.

21. Miles: You have a health bar and everything. Um...

Jaune gets up and looks at his Scroll.

22. Miles: Shout-out to, uh, shout-out to them graphics, Kerry. {Monty and Kerry: Yeah.} Checking out that Scroll tablet.

23. Monty: Is, is his battery dying? (laughs)

24. Miles: No, shut up.

25. Kerry: See, clearly there's a picture of him, so it's his battery that's dying.

26. Miles: Shut up. (laughs slightly)

27. Kerry: Yeah, uh, it was uh, you were cool to touch that Monty. Which is, uh, I showed it to you and you were like "This is cool, let's add the rest of the characters, too. Kind of like sell that..."

28. Monty: It's almost like an RPG in a way.

Pan over spectators (Yang, Weiss, Ruby and Pyrrha).

29. Kerry: Yeah, really it is. It's like, y'know, here's your whole team; here's their status, and of course they're sitting in the bleachers so they're in green.

30. Miles: Guys! Where's Blake? She wasn't in that shot.

31. Kerry: Clearly, she's a cat.

32. Miles: She's not a first-year student.

33. Kerry: They're all first-year students.

34. Miles: Damn it.

35. Kerry: Oh, poor Jaune. "Oh, I'm sad, my jeans are ripped. (Miles laughs.) My hand-me-down jeans are ripped."

36. Miles: "Man, I bought these when acid-washed jeans were cool."

Close up of Nora's face.

37. Kerry: Oh, this scene.

38. Miles: Ohh, my god this was another—

39. Monty: Finally more Nora.

40. Miles: Every single time we could {Monty: Look at Yang!} we would love to put it. Th- I love this. This lunchroom scene shows the characters perfectly.

41. Kerry: Yeah.

42. Miles: Jaune has chicken nugget, no sorry uh, they're uh, Beowolf-shaped chicken nuggets.

43. Kerry: Yeah.

44. Miles: She's got a salad; Ruby's eating her cookies; Weiss just doing her nails; he's just got his tea and stuff. It's just like, I love it. Blake's reading; I love it.

45. Kerry: Yeah, it's uh, I think this scene is just a really good representation of, how they all, work together. Some of them are off in their own little world, some of them are worried about other people, but at the end of the day, they're all... One like, I guess they're two cohesive units. (Monty laughs.) But they're also one (Talking over each other for a moment). Yeah.

46. Miles: They're just group friends. It's funny, y'know that was one thing that like. Ohh...

Team CRDL bully Velvet Scarlatina.

47. Miles: Look at them meanies.

48. Monty: Hey, it's Velvet.

49. Miles: Poor Velvet. Oh, yeah, we never, that's the, is that the first time we said her name?

50. Kerry: I think so. {Miles: That's Velvet.} I don't know the rest of her name. {Miles: Yeah.} Her name's Velvet.

51. Monty: Yeah. Played by Caiti.

52. Kerry: Yeah.

53. Miles: Umm...

54. Monty: Caiti Ward.

55. Kerry: That is her last name.

56. Miles: Totes forgot what I was gonna say.

57. Kerry: Something about teamwork, I dunno.

58. Miles: Something dumb.

59. Monty: CRDL. Being bullies.

Cardin bullying Jaune montage.

60. Kerry: (Miles laughs.) Ursa.

61. Monty: Smacking it out of his hand.

62. Miles: Shout-out to uh, (laughs slightly, followed by Monty) I can't even, Arrested Development. (just before Jaune) "Oh, come on!"

63. Kerry: Yeah, you didn't even do that intentionally I think you were just doing "Oh, come on". But you had like one take in there and then when we had to get some (inaudible) it was like "Now, let's just have you do it for every one of them."

64. Miles: (laughs slightly) Yeah.

65. Monty: Oh, these lockers were pretty important. I mean would—

66. Miles: Rocker. (laughs slightly)

67. Monty: We'll get to them later. Rocket-propelled lockers.

Cardin pushes Jaune into locker.

68. Monty: (breathless) Jaune, the hunter can't slap into frame to get in the locker. (no longer sounding slightly breathless) But also, to have ordinance pods which I think will, be pretty important later down the line.

Back to lunchroom.

69. Miles: I was so happy when you told us that we were gonna have rocket-propelled lockers. 'Cause it was like, what's a bully thing that Cardin can do that's not super cliché? Uh, 'cause shoving lockers...

70. Monty: (laughs) {Kerry: Yeah.} "Let's break his legs!" I love that line!

71. Kerry: (whispers) "Let's break his leg."

72. Miles: But, y—

73. Kerry: Yeah, it, it...

74. Miles: You're going to get shoved in lockers.

75. Kerry:'s our version of that. {Miles: Yeah.} Which is he gets shoved in a locker and then rocketed into space. (Miles and Monty laugh slightly.) And by space I mean lower orbit. We're not mean.

Cardin pulling on one of Velvet's bunny ears.

76. Miles: Aw, Velvet.

77. Monty: Poor Velvet.

78. Miles: She's not as strong. (gets increasingly higher pitched) She's a Huntress but she's still a Huntress-in-training. She gets picked on for her Faunus heritage. (normal voice) "Atrocious". You, you say it Pyrrha. (laughs slightly, followed by Monty)

79. Kerry: Do I have the same haircut as the... squinty-eyed one?

80. Monty: Uh, no.

81. Miles: Yeah, {Kerry: I think I do.} you totally do. (laughs)

82. Monty: Yeah, you would! (Miles laughs over Monty.)

83. Kerry: I don't even remember his name.

84. Monty: (laughs) You need to go to bed.

Cardin watches Jaune as he leaves the lunchroom.

85. Miles: "Mmm, look at that fine boy."

86. Monty: (laughs slightly) We've had a few conversations about CRDL.

Part 1 ends.

Jaunedice, Pt.2

Part 2 begins.

87. Monty: Maybe get into some...

88. Kerry: Yeah, there some, there are some undertones. (Monty laughs slightly.)

89. Miles: Oh, my, {Monty: Oh.} god, {Monty and Kerry: Yes!} Doctor Oobleck welcome {Kerry: Joel Heyman everybody!} to the show!

90. Kerry: Joel Heyman {Miles: Oh.} so good.

91. Monty: Adam, Adam animated this scene. God, it was, it was, (stutters slightly) it was good even before we had the character model in it.

92. Kerry: Oh man...

93. Monty: Just the way he moves.

94. Kerry: It's, it's, it's funny we had, we had this character who was gonna be super... Y'know su-super... Energetic, super enthusiastic, and originally we actually have you voice him Miles.

95. Miles: (his Oobleck voice) "It was going to be, uh, yes. Doctor Bartholomew Oobleck, yes".

96. Monty: We tried a bunch of people.

97. Miles: Yeah, we tried a bunch of people.

Velvet goes to raise her hand.

98. Kerry: Yeah.

99. Monty: We tried Chris, we tried (all three of them) "Gavin". We tried... who else.

100. Kerry: I think maybe Matt, too.

101. Miles: I think Matt tried it once, yeah. {Kerry: But...} Joel man.

103. Kerry: ...J-Joel just kinda brought into it, it's uh... He, he just does this thing where he (inaudible) quietly yells. (Miles and Monty laugh.) I don't, I don't know another way to describe it but like y'know we went record. (laughs a little) And it was like, we just went into his office, he's, he has a sound booth in there and uh, we just kinda recorded it and it was beautiful the first time.

104. Monty: (together with Miles) "Yeah". Yeah, nailed it. And! Oobleck has a awesome weapon which I wish we could tell you about.

105. Miles: You're gonna to have to wait!

106. Kerry: We will see...

107. Miles: It's funny, people thought... Well, uh, people thought that one character might have his weapon. {Kerry: But...} And they don't. {Kerry: Yeah.} He has his weapon.

108. Kerry: It's funny, too, that, uh, a lot of people think that Port's weapon is impractical. And that nobody would be able to use it, they'd just cut their own arm off. They, they might see something different later.

(Miles chuckles.)

Pyrrha tries to help Jaune with his question.

109. Miles: Ohh, binoculars. Poor Jaune. (Monty laughs slightly.) Yeah, we really wanted to make Oobleck look super disheveled, like he's... {Kerry: Yeah.} I'll, I'll be honest with you, Oobleck is partly inspired by you, Monty. You, like, he's soo, he is so dedicated {Monty: (slightly high pitched) Is he?} to his work. No, a little bit, (Monty laughs slightly.) he's so dedicated to his work, that like, all, everything, nothing else, but his place is like, he's just got all of his knickknacks everywhere.

110. Kerry: I'm not sure if you ever get a good shot of him, but his shoes are actually two different colors.

111. Monty: Oh, yeah.

112. Miles: His shoes are two different colors, his tie's not on straight. Although, you, you're definitely more fashionable.

113. Monty: Absolutely. But, um...

114. Miles: But, your hair's also not green.

115. Monty: I see, I see the resemblance in the desk.

(All three laugh.)

116. Kerry: Y'know, he's, he's uh, I, I always think of him as like the quintessential English teacher.

117. Miles: Yeah. I...

118. Kerry: Like, really cares.

119. Miles: ...I'm super excited to see {Monty: So is there...?} Port and Oobleck next to (inaudible).

120. Monty: Is, is there actual like, legitimate theory of behind the lines on that map he's drawn back there?

121. Kerry: I don't know.

122. Miles: Oh, yeah, no that, that's, that's Season 12. (Monty laughs.) {Kerry: Yeah.} Volume 12, sorry, sorry, volume.

123. Kerry: I, eh, one of my favorite things about, uhh, Oobleck, especially what Joel brings to the table with it is... He's very very enthusiastic.

Class ends.

124. Kerry: He's very very enthusiastic and then he sees somebody who's not enthusiastic (tsk) he's disappointed. Like he's, {Monty: Oh, yeah.} there's some genuine disappointment in that.

After class with Oobleck, Jaune and Cardin.

125. Miles: This, yeah, this was a great, speech right here like. He's so, he, everything he says he, he means one hundred percent.

126. Monty: When I look at how he moves, it's great. (laughs slightly) I love tha, that there's a little like handle in the back of his hair to get him just that, little bit of swoosh as he {Miles: Yeah.} exits.

127. Kerry: Yeah, a lot of the uh, animation used on, uh, the, they would stretch him on the uh, x-axis. {Monty: Yep} X and Z axis. So that when, I would go in and blur him later he would just have this like nice swoosh to him as he moved around.

128. Monty: (chuffs) It's gonna be fun animating a fight scene with him.

129. Miles: Ohh, you have, ohh, yes.

130. Kerry: (weird, quiet voice) "Not that that's happening." I mean, what?

131. Monty: Maybe in the {Miles: Whaaa?} OP, Oh geez, Cardin come on.

132. Kerry: That, that one was just mean.

Pyrrha helps Jaune up.

133. Miles: Yeah, that wasn't even clever.

(Monty laughs.)

134. Kerry: Dude, she really will break his legs.

(Miles laughs.)

135. Monty: She could do it, too. Pyrrha would, Pyrrha would beat him down.

136. Miles: Oh, man. {Kerry: Yeah.} This is, we're, we're approaching our darkest joke. (laughs slightly)

137. Kerry: Oh god.

(Monty and Miles laugh.)

138. Miles: We, we weren't sure how this would go over.

Pyrrha and Jaune on the roof.

139. Miles: We're still not sure, this episode hasn't aired yet. We thought {Kerry: Yeah.} it was funny. Uh...

(Monty laughs slightly.)

140. Kerry: (inaudible) Is, is, it was this idea that, that, y'know. She would take him up to this roof, with this nice plan of oh, y'know, "I'm gonna help him change things and help you". And y'know, the, the, the underlying thing there that he obviously does not get is "And I want to spend time with you."

Pyrrha pushes Jaune away from the edge.

141. Miles: Yeah, he doesn't get it.

142. Kerry: But uh,

143. Monty: (laughing while talking a little) She {Kerry: So...} sees the edge of the building.

144. Kerry: Yeah, yeah. And she's, y'know, looking at this nice scenery, y'know.

145. Miles: (laughing) All he sees is dea (laughs)

146. Kerry: Yeah, he's just going like, {Miles: In such a bad place right now.} "Really?"

147. Miles: Dude, am, I really am, and it's not just 'cause I get to voice Jaune, I really love this scene. {Monty: Yeah.} 'Cause like, it's, there are so many comments, especially early on it's like...

148. Miles: ..."Oh, we have another, just standard comic relief character." And I love the fact {Monty: You did-} that Jaune gets more depth.

149. Monty: A phenomenal {Kerry: Yeah, dude.} job, {Miles: Thanks, dude.} on this {Kerry: I think you...} scene, Miles Luna, {Miles: Thanks.} actor extraordinaire.

150. Kerry: You also, I think Miles, you ended up storyboarding this scene, and then Dustin, uh, animated both the rooftop scenes 'cause (Miles whispering.) we thought "Yeah!"

151. Miles: Dustin's a really good animator.

152. Monty: Yeah. {Miles: Uh} He, he, he took a lot of cues off your performance. This is, this is where just the, the dialogue really sold me.

153. Miles: He asked me, yeah, he asked me to act out the scene for him and he took notes, it was really (almost laughing while talking) it was rea- I was, I was like really stressed out doing it. And I do something go(?) "No, no, no, wait, wait, wait. His, his hand would be turned up and he'd be, he'd be making like this, {Monty: Aw.} this gesture.

154. Monty: Poor Pyrrha. Getting her heart broken. Not necessarily, but, y'know. {Kerry: He doesn't.} She's pretty disappointed here.

155. Kerry: I-I think she, she's, she's really thinking this is gonna be exactly what he's looking for. And unfortunately, it's just not right now.

156. Miles: This is one of our very few glimpses at something that Pyrrha doesn't always get, is that sometimes people don't want to be helped. Pyrrha is incredibly nice, uh, obviously we, uh, we... We show her, her interaction with Jaune a lot.

157. Miles: Just 'cause we don't have a ton of time to show it but, our, our belief is that Pyrrha acts this way towards everybody. She wants to help {Kerry: Yeah.} everybody. She sees the best potential in everyone.

158. Kerry: She is the definition of a good Samaritan.

159. Miles: And she wants to help everyone and help them realize how great they are. And, sometimes, you just need to let people do their own thing. Jaune take it a bit too far here. Um, y'know, he's got, this idea of what it means to be an awesome, masculine hero. That they don't need help, they're, they're great and they, they can pull up their own bootstraps, but sometimes... Kerry, I need you to pull up my bootstraps.

(Monty chuckles.)

Pyrrha leaves

160. Kerry: I'm never going to touch your boots ever again. One thing that I think, we really wanted to capture—

161. Monty: Oh, look at this vista by the—

162. Miles: (whispers) So nice.

163. Kerry: Yeah. Uh, one thing we really wanted to capture with (inaudible), I think we did an okay job, is um... Is, is yeah, it's, it's, so much of growing up is miscommunication. {Miles: Yeah.} And not understanding it's like "Oh, other people can think differently".

164. Miles: Yeah.

165. Kerry: And I, uh, I think that, a lot of Jaune and Pyrrha's relationship, is that.

166. Miles: Yeah, I agree. Well said {Kerry: I also agree} Well said.

167. Kerry: Thank you. (Talking overlap, possibly Monty says after this "Cardin is taking advantage".)

168. Miles: What if I was just like "No. No, I don't think so, Kerry."

169. Kerry: "Well actually." (Miles laughs.) Yeah, so, we, we, y'know, a one of the big things about Cardin was y'know we got, essentially the stereotypical nerd from school, so we need to have the stereotypical bully.

170. Miles: Yeah. But then we find out the nerd is not so stereotypical and maybe down the line we'll learn more about Cardin, (Monty laughs over Miles.). I'm not even joking! No, I know what you're laughing about, but, no, I'm not talking about, I'm talking about, no seriously, uh, do keep an eye, do keep an eye out for Cardin Winchester in the future.

171. Kerry: Yeah.

172. Monty: OK.

173. Miles: That handsome man may be coming back. After he climbs down this building.

(Monty laughs as Miles makes a whistle-like sound with Cardin going below the edge of the building.)

174. Monty: He fell to his death.

Part 2 end.

Forever Fall

Part 1 Start.

1. Miles: That establishing shot! Uh, this was a, oh, yeah, this was another one I got to {Kerry: Pyrrha, why are you so sad?} storyboard. I was super happy to see, uh, {Monty: I love—} the Nora jumping thing. (inaudible)

2. Monty: It's great.

3. Miles: Oh dude, so, should we talk about, there's one thing that we, we haven't really talked 'bout before about, how Dust is pretty much used in all of these weapons.

4. Monty: Oh, well, I mean it's essential part of their technology. It's like, uh, y'know their weapons, just like... just like technology itself, it's like evident to knowledge.

Jaune outside JNPR's room.

5. Monty: So it's all like, conduits for themselves. It's, y'know...

6. Kerry: There, there's, there's a lot of stuff with Aura and Semblance and Dust that we're gonna get into, kind of later on, how they all relate.

7. Monty: But um, essentially most animes deal with like spiritual stuff and, I mean, you're either fully in technology or you're fully into magic and they never, like, flip that line of, uh, of like. Sometimes it can be both, and especially where, I mean I think the best thing about being human is that our ingenuity speaks, y'know, to, to our... to like, y'know, our creativity and... Essentially why we're the, y'know, dominant species. So, like, I really think that it was important to have...

8. Monty: ...a show where, the ingenuity of weapons was important for a character. And that it, it taps into them spiritually as well.

9. Miles: I love Ruby's way of talking people through things. {Monty: Yeah.} "Nope." (Monty chuckles.) But yeah, a bunch of people thought that Weiss was the only one that used Dust in her weapons. She uses it, I guess in a, in a more classical, {Monty: She's more, she's more...} mage-like manner.

10. Kerry: It's the most educated manner of it all.

11. Miles: Yeah, whereas Ruby goes out and buys different bullets that have different types of Dust in. {Monty: Yeah, and—} You got the gravity round—

12. Monty: And, yeah, and um, Weiss uses it in a more classic magical sense because her attacks are oriented that way, where Ruby uses it to direct her physical attacks.

13. Kerry: Yeah.

14. Miles: We wanted to be able to show Ren was loading Schnee Dust rounds into his, into his, uh, weapons. (mumbles a little)

15. Kerry: Yeah, it—

16. Miles: (slightly overlapping with Kerry) Ran out of time.

17. Kerry: Yeah.

18. Miles: Um, but yeah. There's Ruby, after, after she learned a little bit about lead, being a leader she's telling what she knows to Jaune.

Cardin calls Jaune.

19. Miles: I always think of the Power Rangers thing whenever I hear that. (Monty and Kerry laugh slightly.) Oh, Cardin...

20. Kerry: Another screen by Gray.

21. Miles: That sounds like, uh, cologne.

22. Kerry: "Screen, (with Miles) by Gray." (Miles laughs.) We've done so many of these (inaudible) this point, that we might as well just start doing stuff like that. (Miles laughing quietly.) It's 5:30am.

23. Miles: You came up with the, uh, original, did you come up with the original design for the Scroll, uh, interface?

24. Kerry: Uh, kind of, um. So Patrick did the concept art...

Scene change to Forever Fall.

25. Kerry: ...for the actual tablet itself, and when he did that he kind of threw together, uh, a UI to it real quick. So then I took that, modified it, animated it, and showed everybody and everyone went "Oh, that's cool."

26. Monty: Hey, this forest {Miles: Shout-out to Forever Fall!} mi-might look familiar.

27. Miles: Forever Fall. Do you think Blake's like really anxious right now? (breathless, slight laugh)

28. Kerry: Oh, god.

29. Monty: It, it's a big forest.

30. Kerry: (Miles talks over but is far less clear.) It is actually a really big forest.

31. Miles: If you look on the map of the Kingdom of Vale in chapter 5, Forever Fall takes up a huge portion {Monty: Yeah.} of the area.

32. Monty: It goes on for miles, up in the north coast. It's pretty awesome.

33. Kerry: Yeah, this was, uh, this idea for the forest was essentially, you had, uh, there's a certain type of photography, right?

34. Monty: Uh, huh. I like infrared photography. Trees look really like luscious and warm, when you shoot infrared so I like, I want to kind of pay homage to, I mean a lot of the show pays homage to a lot of the art I like.

35. Monty: And have collected over years so.

36. Kerry: Them bootylicious trees.

(Monty then Miles laugh a little.)

37. Monty: Yeah.

38. Kerry: You said luscious right?

39. Monty: (with Miles) "Luscious". Yes, luscious.

40. Kerry: Booty luscious.

41. Miles: (laughing slightly) Booty luscious.

CRDL sitting in a clearing.

42. Kerry: How's nobody used that before? Anyways...

43. Monty: There's...

44. Miles: Alright. (Monty laughs and Miles almost laughing) OK. Should we talk about Russel now or later?

45. Kerry: Uhh, {Monty: I mean...} Let's talk about it now.

46. Miles: OK.

47. Kerry: So, Shane. Uh, we had Shane playing Russel. Uh, (Monty laughs.) part, partly 'cause he's awesome and partly just 'cause, y'know, we need someone to play him, and we thought he'd be cool for it.

48. Miles: Uhh, so yeah. We just gave him, yeah, we gave him, we wanted to give, one of the other members of CRDL just one line, just so someone else talked and we're like "Why not Shane? Shane's great." And uh, we wanted to establish why all these dudes...

CRDL and Jaune watch the rest of the group.

49. Miles: ...these Huntsmen, run away from an Ursa. And we're like "Well, let's just make it a really big Ursa." And y'know, maybe they didn't do that much fighting in the Emerald Forest, maybe they're not as good RWBY and JNPR, y'know. They just kinda got by on luck, um. So they see the bear, (laughs a little) and, and Russel goes...

49. Miles: ..."That's a big Ursa." And they run away and then rest of the line goes "Ursa, Ursa! Back there in the woods, it's got Cardin!" (Monty laughing slightly) Shane was not confident in his voice acting ability.

50. Kerry: No, so, so the, the first time we got in to record this, we did it like we did everybody else, where we got him in the booth, and we were sitting outside—

Cardin gets out the box of Rapier Wasps.

51. Miles: Time out, time out, time out. What is this, uh, a reference to Kerry?

52. Kerry: OK, so. There's, there's an episode of Always Sunny in Philadephia. (Miles laughs.) Where Charlie, uh, tries to collect a wasp nest 'cause he thinks he can get honey from it. So he puts it in a box and draws a giant W on it. (Miles laughs.) And I don't know we just de- (Starts laughing, next few words difficult to make out). I was watching a lot of Always Sunny while we were writing this. Anyways, anyways, little reference. Um, so the first time we had Shane do those lines, we did like everybody else, y'know, we had him in the booth, we were all around him, uh, taking notes and stuff like that. And yeah, he just wasn't feeling super confident, he probably {Miles: Nervous.}, he's probably in the middle of the Blake trailer at that point, so he's really tired, whatever. So, at some point he's like "Can I re-record them? I really don't want to regret them." We're like "Yeah, sure, go record yourself, just give us the lines. Y'know, that way you can just do it at your own pace." So it's like 6am and he walks downstairs.

(Monty laughs slightly.)

53. Kerry: And he goes "Hey, Kerry, look in your music folder." I'm gonna try and do my best impression of what the, the first (Miles laughs a little) fi...

Jaune throws the sap at Cardin.

54. Kerry: ...the first file was, I'm just gonna do my best".

55. Miles: Here we go.

56. Kerry: Here we go... (goofy voice) "URSA URSA!" It was basically a two-minute long file of him going (varying goofy voices) "Ursa Ursa."

Part 1 ends, Additional scene begins.

57. Kerry: "Ursa Ursa." {Miles: (stupid voice) "Ursa."} Just over—

58. Miles: (continuing voice) "It's got Cardin! Back there (together with Kerry) in the woods!" (Miles bursts into laughter.)

59. Monty: Oh, Jesus. Is that on the DVD? Where can I find it?

60. Miles: We're gonna hopefully, maybe, {Kerry: This, this.} hide this somewhere.

61. Kerry: Yeah, I think we're trying to hide this in some of the menus.

Additional scene ends.

Forever Fall, Pt.2

Part 2 begins.

62. Monty: Yeah. {Kerry: Uh.} Look for it, please.

63. Kerry: He just did a minute and a half of him, just doing it in the dumbest way possible. And then the third track was listed "OK, yeah, but for reals this time." (Monty laughs a little.) And he actually did, like, the ones that we used, ended up using in the show. But that (inaudible), we used to listen to that so many times.

64. Miles: And we made a music remix of it, too.

65. Kerry: Yeah (stutters a little), so...

66. Monty: Look for that as well.

67. Kerry: Yeah, he also did the exact same thing for, uh, at a separate time we had him record the, uh, "That's a big Ursa". Yeah, we just keep (goofy voice) "That's a big Ursa. That's a big Ursa." Just over and over again. {Miles: Boom.} It's the best thing ever.

White screen from Cardin punching Jaune.

68. Monty: Oh.

69. Miles: (inaudible) Look at Jaune's, Jaune Arc's... Uh...

70. Monty: First hints of a Semblance.

71. Miles: Yeah.

72. Kerry: Yeah, what, what, y'know, one thing we wanted the, to, to do with the Aura is— We didn't want it to be like, y'know, when you play... Except when you play Halo, you're playing a video game; you see the shield every single time.

Ursa Major arrives.

73. Kerry: And we didn't wanna do that 'cause, we thought it'd just get really, really distracting. Uh...

74. Miles: That's a big Ursa.

75. Kerry: Man, we're lazy.

76. Monty: Miles, remember our early talks of what Jaune's Semblance, abilities {Miles: Yeah.}, strengths are? That's, that's...

77. Miles: We'll, we'll, we'll learn more about it later.

78. Monty: ...that's from for, man, that's from forever ago. I—

79. Miles: We're at, we're hopefully, we're hopefully, we'll start off Volume 2 with a little more in-depth discussion about Semblance.

Ursa knocks Cardin aside.

80. Kerry: (while yawning) Yeah. I'm yawning into the microphone.

81. Monty: Essentially, y'know, what Jaune... The color you think he is, the color he lives up to, it's a lot of stuff. {Kerry: (still yawning) Yeah.} Oh, and here's him fighting a bear.

(Miles and then Monty laugh a little)

82. Miles: Umm.

83. Kerry: You, you went through, uh, we definitely, uh, you made an effort to make the bear a little bit scarier by adding some more spikes {Miles: Ursa.} to him.

84. Monty: Yeah.

85. Miles: Ursa.

86. Kerry: (in a voice) "Ursa, I'm sorry."

87. Miles: Umm. {Kerry: (goofy voice) "Ursa, Ursa!"} But yeah, so, so here we have Jaune's, Jaune's moment. Essentially he realizes—

Team CRDL, with the exception of Cardin, running past Pyrrha and Ruby.

88. Monty: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Runs right into the...yup.

Russel runs into Yang.

89. Miles: (him and Monty chuckle) I'm sure it was a cushioned bl-, never mind. (him and Monty laughing) Never mind!

90. Kerry: (silly voice) "Bounce!"

91. Miles: Uh, umm... But yeah, so that, that, this whole moment is essentially Jaune realizing, "You know what? I can't let my team down. If, if, if I'm not good enough to be at this school then I'm not gonna, I'm, I'm essentially not going to go on being a crappy leader." (stutters)

92. Kerry: He was almost testing himself in a way.

93. Miles: Yeah, it's like, "Y'know what? I'm gonna stand up for them and if that, if that gets me thrown out of this school, it gets me thrown out of the school. But I'm not gonna let people screw with my team."

94. Kerry: I, I think it's also, y'know, a testament to, to Jaune's character that he's...

Jaune protects Cardin.

95. Kerry: Y'know, we've got this person who's been traumatizing him and just ruining his experience at school so far. But he's not the kind of person that's just gonna let him get hurt by, killed by this Ursa.

96. Miles: Yeah... (goofy voice) "Ursa, Ursa."

97. Monty: And Pyrrha will stand back because he, uh, actually can do some of this. It's pretty bad but, y'know, she trusts him.

98. Miles: He gets the crap kicked out of him, but I think that Jaune's thing is, he will always get up one more time than he falls down.

99. Monty: Yep.

100. Miles: At least he'll try to. He'll stumble a bit but, he'll try.

Jaune checks his remaining Aura.

101. Monty: He should really recharge his batteries. (Miles laughs.)

102. Kerry: I hate everybody in the world right now. (Monty laughs a little.)

103. Miles: And here we finally see Pyrrha's semblance. Why she's known as the "invincible girl". (Monty laughs a little) She just happens to fight a lot of dudes with metallic weapons. (makes a prolonged noise that I cannot describe) Savin' him, boom.

Ursa decapitation.

105. Miles: I, my jaw dropped! 'Cause, uh, 'cause like I said, I, I storyboarded this episode and I didn't like, I had him stab it and then like, light fades from the Ursa's eyes and it dies. When I saw that thing's head fly off (Monty chuckles), I freaked out dude.

106. Kerry: Monty likes to surprise people and that was definitely a surprise.

107. Miles: It was awesome.

108. Monty: Uh. And we have exposition. And there was a rewrite on this because it was way more heavy-handed but, the medicine go down, goes down a lot easier with a joke so when I heard Ruby go (Either Kerry or Miles fakes the voice first.) "What?" I was, so much...

109. Miles: "Magnets are cool, too."

110. Monty: "Magnets are cool, too."

111. Kerry: But, yeah...

112. Miles: I think that's the first time we use the word "Semblance".

113. Kerry: Yeah. I, I think, it's, a y'know again another testament to, to Pyrrha's character in that, she didn't, do it for him. She didn't save him, she didn't do anything like that. All she did was give him a little helping hand and let him still do it. {Miles: Yeah.} Which I think is important for all of them really.

114. Miles: Yeah.

115. Monty: Cardin looks happy.

116. Miles: He's also lactating, uh, blood?

(Monty laughs slightly.)

117. Kerry: Strawberries.

118. Miles (possibly): "Strawberries, my favorite."

119. Monty: Man.

120. Kerry: Shout-out to (inaudible, possibly "Ricota of the chance people?").

121. Monty: Jaune could use, uh, a little help there.

122. Kerry: Cardin's actually a strawberry. (Monty chuckles.) That's what we've learned, in all this.

Scene changes to roof with Jaune.

123. Miles: Jaune, you got some swag. Too swag, too swag for you. (laughs a little) Aw, look at them in their uniforms. {Monty: And then—} So dapper.

124. Monty: And this is when Jaune jumps off the roof.

125. Miles: Noo!

(Monty chuckles.)

126. Kerry: Deleted scene?

(Miles and Monty laugh a little.)

127. Miles: Oh, man.

128. Kerry: Yeah. I, I think, y'know, we like to use a lot of, I don't know if you call it symbolism or just, y'know, similar tones but we thought it was really important that y'know. This whole, (quiet grumbling) the "Jaune arc", (Monty and Miles laugh.) kind of started on the roof and now it's gonna end on the roof.

129. Monty: And we had Dustin, both {Miles: That sounds ominous.} do, do both the scenes as well. The ones, the previous one. Like he did such a great job with the last one and them together.

130. Kerry: Which I, I believe the way he described it is, let's see, (grumpy voice) "I'm tired of being on this damned roof." (laughs with Monty) 'Cause yeah, I think that these were like, two or three weeks animating characters on a roof.

Pyrrha turns after Jaune called out to her.

131. Monty: (laughs a little) I remember when I first saw this. And Jaune's "I wanna be a better fighter." Pyrrha walks up, I swear she was gonna drop kick him.

132. Kerry: Yeah. (All three laugh.)

133. Miles: Yeah, so this, this is the last time we see Team JNPR for Volume 1. And it's where we end with the beginning of something much bigger.

Pyrrha shoves Jaune.

134. Monty: Ge-geez that was a shove.

135. Kerry: It's (with Miles) "Yeah". She, she doesn't mess around. If he's gonna learn, he's gonna learn.

136. Miles: It's the beginning of the student-teacher relationship and we're get to be—

137. Monty: Get you so pregnant.

138. Miles: We're gonna see where (Monty laughs.), we're gonna see where Jaune is when we come back in, in Volume 2.

139. Kerry: Good luck JNPR, we'll see you soon.

(Monty laughs.)

The Stray

1. Monty: Alright.

2. Miles: Balloons and streamers, {Kerry: Wow.} ladies and gentlemen.

3. Monty: Wow, look at that city.

4. Kerry: I like that we got to use the Shopkeep again.

5. Miles: (old man noises) Uh, so fun fact, o-originally the, the name of the planet was not Remnant. {Monty: Yeah, we—} It was Vytal, V-Y-T-A-L.

6. Monty: Yeah, we took a, a lot of interactions on like, "What should we call this place?" And I just wasn't sure and like, Vytal was one of the ones that kinda worked but I wasn't, 'pletely sold on it but, Vytal got moved to the festival because—

7. Miles: It's a vital festival. {Kerry: It sounds nice.} Yeah. {Monty: It means li—} It still sounded cool. {Monty: It means—} The Remnant Festival was like "Eh." {Monty: Yes.} So we wanted to keep calling it the Vytal Festival.

8. Monty: It's too dark but the world has a pretty dark history. So like, when I, I thought of the word "remnant", uh, for the name of the world. It k-, it stuck. Especially when it made its way into the, the, re-records for the opening monologue.

9. Kerry: Yeah, a lot of, a lot of this show harpens... harpis... Whatever, I don't know. God, I— {Monty: Harkens.} Harkens, thank you, Jesus Christ. Um, on this history that we have and are currently still working on for the sh-. It's, it's a lot of the things are...

10. Kerry: I guess they, uh, a long play.

Ruby spots a Dust store that was broken into.

11. Miles: Yeah. {Kerry: But it is.} It is such a long, yeah we {Kerry: And it—} have a big story that has yet to be told about the history of this planet.

12. Kerry: And it can get really frustrating when we can't just say things that we know.

(Miles makes a sound of agreement.)

Team RWBY walks up to the crime scene.

13. Monty: Hey, look at these two.

14. Miles: Great reference here.

15. Monty: Dude, this was so like...

16. Kerry: So this was something that, uh, Gray and Daniel needed temp lines for this 'cause we hadn't casted [sic] these characters. They're supposed to be just, uh, just like one-off police characters. Uh, so when they did it, they started doing, um, Jersey and just New York accents for some reason and then it turned into-. They started thinking about the cop characters, this, I thought this was a great idea they had. So we just thought "Well, if we're gonna do this and get them to voice it, let's just model the characters after them, too." (laughs a little)

17. Monty: So...

18. Miles: If you've never watched their, uh, our company also makes Rooster Teeth live-action shorts. And, uh. {Monty: These are two characters.} Two characters, Joel and Burnie play police officers; they're recurring characters in the live-action shorts. And we're like, "Well, we have to bring them into the World of Remnant." (Monty laughs slightly.) And it was, it was great. The first time I saw it, 'cause during, during, during a lot of post-production on RWBY I was working on Red vs. Blue, so there was a lot of things I didn't get to see.

19. Miles: And this was one of the best surprises ever when I came down to the studio.

20. Monty: Yeah, for the last half of RWBY production you've been on RvB, so...

21. Miles: Yeah, it's been tough. But Kerry, you've stepped up and did a damn good job as, as uh, co-director. Monty, you're alright.

(Monty and Kerry laugh.)

22. Monty: I do, I do what I can.

23. Kerry: Thank you, Miles.

Sun Wukong appears.

24. Miles: So, uh, yeah...

25. Monty: Oh, it's Sun.

26. Miles: Look at the dude. I, oh my god {Monty: I'm so excited for him.} Michael Jones.

27. Kerry: Yep.

28. Monty: I, I would talk to Michael about, "So y'know about the monkey king, Journey to the West. Y'know, Forbidden Kingdom character." He's like, "Yeah, I know, about that shit."

29. Kerry: It's, it's, it's funny 'cause y'know again we're recording this way before all these episodes come out. I am so excited for the world to see Sun. {Miles: Yeah.} I am so excited.

30. Monty: Yeah. I mean the, the, the, the description I gave to Einleen, for like his character was one word: "Abs."

(Miles laughs slightly.)

31. Miles: Dude, Michael's, I was so—

32. Kerry: I think your only note was: "More abs." (Monty laughs.)

33. Miles: I was so sold on Michael once I heard that laugh. That laugh is great. Another uh, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs reference here.

Sun is about to run past Team RWBY.

34. Miles: Zoom, slow motion, bing!

35. Kerry: Winky face.

36. Miles: God. He is just hot.

(Monty laughs slightly.)

37. Kerry: I love Blake's reaction during that. She just, she just does this very genuine like "Did he just do that?" look on.

(Miles laughs.)

38. Miles: (in a voice) "I'm the quiet girl that reads books. He winked at me? I'm still in shock. I'm a go get him."

(All three laugh.)

39. Monty: Why are you using your pi (pie?) voice?

40. Miles: Dude, shut up. (Monty and Kerry laugh) "Par". (pi?)

Weiss runs into Penny Polendina.

41. Miles: This is by far {Monty: Falling down again!}, I am so happy about.

42. Monty: Like, we were like, oh like, so early into RWBY I said "Miles, I wanna, uh, this character." And you're like "She should be named Penny."

43. Miles: Dude, I have a really, really close connection to Penny. I, I love her.

44. Monty: To, voiced by Taylor.

45. Miles: (in unison with Kerry) "Yes." Our uh, our, art director, for Volume 1.

46. Kerry: She's fantastic.

47. Miles: Penny's so awkward and weird, I love her. {Kerry: As—} Quirky and (rrr noise).

48. Kerry: Jesus, (inaudible). I'm so, yeah, Austin spent a lot of time on this scene, really trying to get the facial expressions right. And I say he did a fantastic job.

49. Monty: Just the jerkiness and like her, awkward expressions are just great.

Team RWBY introduce themselves to Penny.

50. Miles: Oh, I love this. Uh, another glimpse of what Blake and Yang's relationship is like. (Monty laughs.) {Kerry: Yeah.} 'Cause Yang's kind of a loose cannon and Blake keeps her in line.

51. Kerry: She reels her in.

52. Miles: That, that is really what I do love about Team RWBY, is that, we have these two pairs of girls, each pair is completely contrasting characters. Ruby and Weiss that causes them to butt heads, Blake and Yang? They get along, flawlessly {Kerry: Yep.} most of the time.

53. Monty: Yeah.

54. Miles: It's just a, slight, personality difference between them.

Penny appears in front of Team RWBY after they leave.

55. Miles: (him and Monty laugh) Creepy Penny! God, she's so creepy I love it! {Monty: When I look at...} (Miles laughs) Weiss {Monty:...Weiss is freaking out!} is so befuddled!

56. Monty: Austin, I said, I kept telling Austin to push the weirdness on Weiss' face and he loved doing it.

57. Miles: Yeah. And I, I loved how we kinda went full circle with the uh, talk about cute boys thing. We go back to, the first time the girls met. {Kerry: Oh yeah, I remember we put that in. Yeah.} That was so much fun.

Blake, Weiss and Yang signaling no to Ruby.

58. Miles: And I love this bit, "Just, just say no, Ruby. Just say no." (with them falling) "Whop." Oh, Penny, you're such a dork and I love you.

59. Kerry: Y'know, I mean, she's... Ruby was our kind of our like naive, just happy to see everything character. But then Penny took it up a step further than that. {Miles: Yeah.} Which I, I love.

60. Monty: Yeah.

61. Miles: Guys, she's so awkward. And, oh, and did we have the co-, is this the, did we just miss the combat skirt line or are we about to hit it? {Monty: It's coming up right here.} Oh no, here we go. {Kerry: Yeah.} I com, I love,

62. Monty: Says she wearing a skirt.

63. Miles: Tha, this was a joke that I really, really like just because...

"It's a combat skirt."

64. Miles: of the first things I asked Monty before he explained Aura to me was like "Why are these girls fighting in dresses?" {Kerry: Yeah.} (Monty chuckles.) 'Cause that's a thing that's like anime, like "Why are you wearing that into battle? Why is like the highest-rated armor for female characters in RPGs like nothing?"

65. Kerry: It's a combat skirt. {Miles: It's a combat skirt.} You, you have momentum, you have flexibility. {Miles: Yeah.} It's great.

66. Miles: You don't have like, jeans.

67. Kerry: My favorite thing about that, too is, is, is, is they have one thing they can bond on. (Monty laughs.)

68. Miles: Yeah, they both wear skirts. That's Ruby and Weiss' bonding point. That's the most friendly we've ever seen them.

69. Kerry: And they both know that it's a little weird but no, no, they own it.

70. Miles: They, they freaking own it.

"Stop it!" Blake to Weiss.

71. Monty: And then it gets dark. {Miles: Dude, I was—} really fast. This is, this is Kara and Arryn at their best.

72. Miles: Man, from day one, I was so excited for chapter 9 and chapter 10.

73. Kerry: I think, I think these were, some of the lines that we, when we recorded them we were the most excited to get them into animation and actually see them.

74. Miles: Yeah.

75. Kerry: 'Cause they did such a fantastic job with these next couple scenes.

76. Miles: Yeah. Um... You're seeing Blake speak out and be loud and be more— (Monty laughs in reaction to Penny leaning from behind Ruby.) Quiet. {Monty: Penny's still there.} More than just this quiet character was, I dunno it was just really rewarding to me. Again, another, like, kinda long play thing where we see why...

Scene change from town to Team RWBY's room.

77. Miles: ...Blake secludes herself, why she's so quiet, why she doesn't like drawing attention to herself. It's because, she has this, really, crucial secret.

78. Kerry: What is it?

79. Miles: Uh, {Kerry: That there's no such thing as pure evil.} I mean, yeah, (Monty chuckles.) that's, uh, yeah. And that, yeah that's some great insight onto, onto the way Blake views the world, too. It's this huge gray blob of ambiguity and—

80. Kerry: Which I, I, I liked it, it kind of harkens back to the conversation they had early...

81. Kerry: ...I'm using the word 'cause you reminded me of it. Um, that, Ruby wants it to be, clean-cut, she wants to be, y'know, the good, that, that helps and saves everybody.

82. Monty: With our black and white characters.

83. Kerry: Yep! (laughs a little) And, and Blake is the one that's telling the truth, everybody wishes, that's not what it is, exactly, {Miles: Yeah.} exactly what you're saying, it's a gray big mash {Miles: Yeah.} of stuff. (Miles whispers something inaudible.) I love M*A*S*H. (Miles and Monty laugh.) It's a really good show. Shout-out to M*A*S*H.

(Miles and Monty laugh.)

84. Miles: Shout-out, dude, shout-out to Kara. This was a really, {Kerry: This was a Hawkeye.} this was a really tough scene, and...

85. Kerry: Yeah, Kara, Kara and Blake did.

86. Miles: ...Kara and Arryn (Monty laughs a little.) did a really good job.

87. Monty: This, this is some great facial animation too by Dustin.

88. Kerry: Yeah.

89. Miles: Yeah Dustin's awesome.

90. Monty: There's a lot of, what's not happening is happening for the facial. Which is great.

91. Miles: This read from Arryn still gives me chills.

"Well, maybe we were just tired of being pushed around!" - Blake

92. Miles: And then the shock. Oh, shit.

93. Kerry: "What did I do?"

94. Miles: My god, dude, every time. And that I—

95. Monty: I can't wait for this episode to air.

Blake leaves the room.

96. Miles: She just sounds like she's holding back tears, man, and it's just... God, it kills me.

97. Monty: (laughs slightly) Yang's pretty casual about this though.

Beacon Courtyard

98. Miles: Yeah, she's (all laughing), that's kinda silly.

99. Monty: She's in her {Miles: Nah, dude.} old man pose.

100. Miles: I like to think that she heard that and then {Kerry: And she had to sit down.} she had to sit down.

101. Kerry: Yeah. {Monty: (still laughing) She was like in a rocking chair pose!} "Wait, what?"

102. Monty: This statue is great, man.

103. Kerry: Yeah. I wish we, I wish we had gotten to see it a little bit more but I think this, this shot of it, kinda shows it off. It's, y'know, it's this, {Miles: Yeah.} this struggle of man vs beast and where do the Faunus fall in all of that.

Blake goes to take off her bow.

104. Miles: Yeah.

105. Monty: We, oh man, even with when the storyboards for this came about, of her, her bow, and man, Austin spent forever getting that to work.

106. Miles: That ribbon.

107. Kerry: Yeah. Cloth is hard.

108. Monty: Cloth is hard. You guys keep writing soft things and I keep telling them to make it hard.

109. Kerry: Hey-o! (Monty laughs slightly) Look my cloths are nice.

Ruby in bed.

110. Monty: Yeah.

111. Kerry: I use the one in my actually left, that is so dangerous!

112. Miles: (holding back laughter) Ruby's bed.

113. Kerry: There's one rope that just goes around the top post and does absolutely nothing. (Miles and Monty laugh.) It does absolutely nothing.

114. Miles: Dude, their beds are perfect. {Kerry: Yeah.} Dude, Ruby would make a pillow fort.

115. Kerry: Yeah.

116. Miles: Yeah, no, it's, it's great. Ah, man.

Ruby, Weiss and Yang back in town.

117. Monty: I'm glad they seen, I'm glad, some of these scenes were very close to, in, in danger of getting cut. Just like them searching for Blake.

118. Kerry: Yeah, 'cause y'know it was, we didn't want to cut anything because we had already whittled the scripts down so much.

119. Monty: Not only that, so much, so much of just the air length and time and time we spent on episodes just was always up to, up for debate.

120. Kerry: Yeah, it, it was something we were kind of...

Blake having tea with Sun.

121. Kerry: ...working through the whole series, and uh...

122. Monty: I love the fact we start this episode with them, just enjoying tea together.

123. Miles: I love him. He's so hot right now.

(Monty chuckles.)

Black and White

1. Miles: Hey. So for this final chapter, we brought in two special guests. Kerry introduce them.

2. Kerry: (in a voice) We have, Shane {Shane: Hi.} Newville. (Miles and Monty laugh.) Who plays Russel and is our, one of our lead animators and an awesome person.

3. Miles: But is mainly just Russel. Can, can you, can you give us, can you give us an "Ursa"?

4. Kerry: We talked about this earlier.

5. Shane: (not that much of a goofy voice) "Ursa." Wait.

(Multiple people laugh.)

6. Kerry: (still in a voice) And then we also have, Gray Haddock. Voice of Torchwick. Why am I talking like this? He's also the post super and cool guy.

7. Monty: Post super? (brief whisper followed by a laugh by Miles.)

Blake talks about the past.

8. Kerry: Post supervisor.

9. Miles: And now we have the story of Blake and the White Fang. And this, uh, these illustrations were done by...

10. Monty: Pat.

11. Miles: And they're awesome. And shout-out to (high-pitched voice) baby Blake! Oh, she's so cute, where is she? I wanna see her. I wanna see her. {Kerry: This is, this is awkward.} I wanna see her.

12. Kerry: Miles, you should know that we're not supposed to actually talk about, what's on the screen, we're supposed to talk like it's on the screen.

Baby Blake appears.

13. Miles: (still in the voice) "Baby Blake!" Oh, she's so cute.

14. Shane: Adorbs.

15. Miles: Presh, if I may.

16. Miles: Um, {Monty: And I agree.} but yeah. This was pretty cool, getting to talk about a little bit, 'cause we, we hinted the White Fang in Chapter 1. And then {Monty: Yeah} again in Chapter 7? That's pretty much it and then finally it's like "Oh, OK so here's the deal."

17. Kerry: Yeah we, we finally get to see a little bit more of the history. There's definitely, um, some things yeah, like (Gray's?) saying you can take from the Black Trailer. I mean there's a, (silly gruff voice) "There's a train."

(Monty chuckles.)

18. Miles: Blake's on a train!

19. Kerry: (silly voice) "Blake's on a train!"

20. Monty: That's right.

Zoom in on three figures.

21. Monty: Who is this guy?

22. Miles: Smiley McSmileson. (Monty chuckles) The {Monty: And then.} smile Faunus.

23. Monty: And then there's Sun.

24. Miles: And there's Sun. God, Sun's is great. I like to ima, so they've been hanging out for like the weekend and, Sun's just kind of the guy that has no real agenda. He's in this kingdom that, y'know he's not really familiar with, just kinda hanging out till school starts. "Oh, there's this cool cat girl. She seems to have some stuff going on. I'll follow her." (Someone says something about Blake's bow.) Heh, adorb.

(Monty laughs slightly.)

25. Gray: And it was so, uh, amusing to have watched the fans speculate about what was going on with the bow for weeks and weeks after when we first made it twitch.

Ruby turns to Weiss.

26. Miles: Oh, Weiss. This, Volume 1 should be called "Weiss has problems with everybody on the team, except for Yang, yet." (Shane laughs.)

27. Kerry: "Yet" being the key word there. Eh, I, my favorite thing about how, uh, Lindsay delivered that line was it, it was seriously, I think, they, they actually gave her was "Be, act like a toddler and you didn't get ice cream." (Multiple people laugh slightly.) (In a toddler-like voice) "Weiss, you're not helping!"

Ruby, Yang and Weiss turn around in response to Penny.

28. Miles: Oh, and Penny's back. God, she's so awkward.

29. Gray: Oh, oh, what should I think, leads to one of our, most favorite ad-libs of the whole show.

30. Miles: Oh my god, that's right. (Monty laughs slightly.) I, I lost it when I heard that ad lib.

31. Monty: I mean this scene was already funny alone. With just the, the obviousness. (laughs slightly)

32. Miles: "Duh, cat ears, bow. How'd you not get this?"

33. Kerry: Of course we're gonna throw in a tumbleweed joke. (Multiple people laugh.) This our level of humor everybody.

34. Miles: I like how we call it out again. (Multiple people laugh.) "Sure is windy today." {Kerry: Yeah} That was fun.

35. Kerry: I believe that's what they call "the fourth wall."

(Miles fake laughs.)

36. Monty: Joe an— {Kerry: Is it meta? I don't know}, Joe animated this scene.

37. Kerry: Joe...

38. Monty: We call him "Ninja Turtles Joe."

39. Kerry: ...worked on the, it was the original ninja turtles movie, right?

Yang and Weiss disappear.

40. Monty: Yeah.

41. Miles: So awesome.

42. Monty: (laughs slightly) And the wind! The wind just goes the other direction. That was great.

Scene change to Blake and Sun.

43. Kerry: (Miles laughs slightly) I love the way Sun walks.

44. Miles: So, Kerry, you came up with, uh, with a Sun's master plan.

45. Kerry: I, uh, did, it was, I had just, it was this idea in my head that, he would just go about this in a very, very roundabout way. But he'd be so enthusiastic about that because it was finally his turn, he has the plan. "I've got this."

46. Miles: Sun gets to be smart.

47. Gray: Love, love watching them try to work it out.

48. Miles: Right? (laughs) Oh, man.

49. Monty: Yeah, Sun's great. I wish we could get more Sun but we'll get him, we'll get more of him next year. Right?

50. Kerry: And his awesome tail.

51. Monty: And his abs.

52. Miles: God, those abs.

Scene change to Weiss and Yang.

53. Miles: He's, he's the sixth member of the Achieve Men. (Multiple people laugh.) Wait, how many Achieve Men are there?

54. Monty: There are six members.

55. Miles: Oh, one of them dies.

(Monty then Miles chuckle.)

56. Miles: It's a season three story arc.

(Three seconds of silence.)

Scene change to Ruby and Penny.

57. Miles: And a little bit of, a little glimpse, showing that Weiss isn't all just huff and puff and mad, that, she's kind of upset that her friend lied to her.

58. Kerry: I love the way Penny walks here. (Monty laughs a little.) With her hands down her sides like that.

59. Monty: It's so awkward.

60. Kerry: It's the, it's, it's, it's crazy how much you can get and learn from about a character just from their walk cycle.

61. Monty: Yeah. It's true.

62. Miles: Check out Nora in Chapter 8 when she walks off in Forever Fall. That's the best march I've ever seen.

(Monty laughs slightly.)

63. Gray: I wasn't in here earlier, you guys already, uh, talked about Taylor?

64. Miles: (with Monty and Kerry) "Yes." {Kerry: Fantastic.} She's awesome.

65. Gray: She really was the character, since we recorded her it was just like "Oh, we know exactly how this is gonna play out."

Stakeout begins.

66. Monty: Oh and, it, it begins.

67. Miles: OK. So I have not seen, this fight yet. And I'm really really excited.

68. Monty: Also just the interaction between Sun and Blake. I don't know why, it's just great.

69. Miles: I was, yeah, I was really, really excited about this bit. I love this face. Wait—

70. Monty: Not...

71. Miles: Oh, wait not this face, wait, that's the talky face.

72. Monty: ...that face.

(Monty and Miles laugh in response to Blake scowling at Sun.)

The White Fang arrive.

73. Monty: Oh, this is looking good.

74. Miles: Oh man.

75. Gray: Let the games begin.

76. Miles: Gray, your read on "I wouldn't exactly call it a little operation." Gives me goosebumps every time.

77. Monty: Sl-slow d-, Miles, slow down. {Kerry: Gray's voice in general.} Miles, you're like three scenes a- (laughs slightly).

78. Miles: Dude. (Monty continues laughing.) "That's my secret, captain. I'm always three scenes ahead." (Monty chuckles.) Shout-out to the White Fang.

(Six seconds of silence.)

79. Monty: This is a great read by Arryn as well. It's so, there's a lot of range to her character despite how, narrow she seems to be.

Roman Torchwick steps out of the Bullhead.

80. Monty: On here, oh, Torchwick is so sassy.

81. Miles: Dude, he's such a dick.

(Multiple people laugh.)

82. Kerry: He's, he's theatrical.

83. Miles: We, we like to, we like to hint at how he's super, he's pretty racist against the Faunus. Referring like, making leash jokes, talk calling them mutts. He doesn't care for them that much.

84. Kerry: I just totally threw out my neck by looking to, at Miles. (Miles laughs.) Thanks a lot, Miles.

Blake holds her blade to Roman's neck.

85. Miles: (Multiple people laugh.) Oh, that ad-lib was so good!

(Seven seconds of silence.)

86. Kerry: Yeah, I'm, I'm glad that we got to work in, y'know, with, with RvB it's a lot easier to work in ad-libs because, y'know, you record the dialogue. And it, just, just the, the way the comedy works in general, it ranks a little bit better. But I'm glad that we were able to work in a whole bunch of ad libs, even though we gotta plan so many more months out in advance, for, the big ant, animation project this was.

87. Miles: Aw, man.

"I wouldn't exactly call it a little operation." -Roman

88. Monty: That's a great shot.

89. Miles: Yeah.

90. Kerry: Another example of Monty going "More airships, more!"

91. Monty: (chuckles) Yeah.

92. Miles: (silly voice) "More?"

93. Kerry (possibly): (in silly voice) "More."

Roman smiles before breaking free of Blake.

94. Miles: Oh, you underhanded jerk.

95. Gray: He's bad dude, yeah.

Ruby and Penny look at a rising smoke cloud.

96. Miles: That's a lot of smoke.

97. Monty: This, no, this, this, this whole sequence is also orchestrated really well in where the characters start showing up.

98. Miles: (five seconds of silence) I love, her (Blake's) Semblance.

99. Monty: Yeah. It's, uh, there's a lot of truth to it.

A banana peel lands on Roman.

100. Monty: Oh, and then there's Sun.

101. Miles: How did we not have somebody slip on that banana peel, you guys? We really dropped the ball on this one.

102. Kerry: Peel physics are really hard to replicate.

(Miles laughs.)

103. Monty: We had to buy a whole banana.

(Miles laughs.)

104. Gray: So this is the first time that we see Blake's Semblance, yeah?

105. Miles: No, we've {Monty: Uh...}, we've seen, we see it in the trailer, you've seen—

106. Monty: She's been it, it's, it's been something she's done day one.

107. Miles: Uh, some people thought it was an animation glitch.

Sun fights White Fang soldiers.

108. Monty: But it's very subtle, and, or can be perceived wrong sometimes.

109. Miles: God. {Monty: Oh ,and I had—} Dude!

110. Monty: I had Sun's design, weapon design, well before I ever had RWBY as a show. Which was a month to at, finally do.

Blake fights Roman.

111. Miles: God. This is awesome! (Monty chuckles.) Oh my god {Kerry: This is a...}, I love you.

112. Kerry: ...a live reaction. (chuckles) Miles see—

113. Miles: I haven't seen this! This is super cool!

114. Monty: So, here we go with Sun doing, what I-I call now shotgun nunchucks. (laughs slightly)

115. Miles: Gun-chucks, dude.

116. Monty: It's a {Kerry: Gun-chucks!}, pretty ridiculous. I'm not sure how (mumbles then laughs a little)

117. Kerry: "These kids just keep getting weirder."

Torchwick causes a Dust shipping crate to nearly crush Blake and Sun.

118. Monty: A guy flailing four, four shotguns at you was a little ridiculous. But he, he deals.

Ruby arrives.

119. Miles: "Bom bom bom."

120. Gray: Oh, yeah.

121. Miles: I love how he calls her "Red." I like that a lot.

122. Kerry: Y'know he knows, that's it not her name. (Multiple people laugh.) But he's like "Y'know what? No, you're Red."

Roman shoots Ruby.

123. Miles: Oh, sit down, girl.

(Multiple people laugh.)

124. Monty: Chris does a great job with all the characters all around. I'm always happy to get scenes from him 'cause I, they're just always done and ready to go.

(Miles makes a noise in response to Floating Array.)

125. Miles: Dude... (whispering, possibly Shane) Dude...

126. Monty: This was all Shane.

127. Shane: It was the funnest scene to work on.

128. Miles: She just bowling pinned them. She just bowling pinned them! That was awesome!

129. Shane: (mumbling) The bowling pin sound effect is actually still in there. (mumbling)

130. Kerry: Yeah, if you listen really closely there's a very subtle hint of a bowling pin.

Penny charges her laser.

131. Miles: Dang girl, you got it going on.

132. Shane: Yes! (Monty laughs)

133. Miles: You bastard! You cut a vehicle in half! Oh my god!

134. Gray: Out of nowhere, yeah. So we're rushing to, to finish the production. And, he, so let me know like, 36 hours out and Monty's like "That's it, we're cutting these things in half. Shane got on it." (Monty laughs.)

135. Miles: Screw my language thing. You son of a bitch. {Gray: Yeah.} There is, do you wanna explain it?

136. Kerry: So, uh, during the uh, the, the "Black" Trailer, at one point Monty was contemplating cutting a train in half. (Monty chuckles.) Which Miles' response to that was "Yeah, that's really cool, but it's way too early to do that."

(Monty chuckles.)

137. Miles: She's not powerful enough yet!

138. Kerry: She's not powerful enough yet. Which, y'know, essentially lead to him not doing it.

139. Miles: But Shane (Monty chuckles.) wouldn't let it go. And he kept saying "Now we're gonna cut the train in half. We're gonna cut, we're gonna— no. This is the episode where Ruby cuts the world in half."

Roman flies off in a Bullhead.

140. Shane: Yeah.

141. Gray: Anime. (Monty chuckles)

142. Miles: But, but, they need to, ah, (Monty laughs.) Penny's allowed to do it though! Penny's allowed to do it! Penny's powerful! She's cool.

Ruby, Penny, Sun and Blake sitting together.

143. Gray: What I also like is that we were all studying the, uh, the centric(?) to figure out "I need to make sure the airships go this way. The, they go down into water so they (inaudible)."

144. Shane: Yeah.

145. Miles: Oh this, was that another, I think that was another ad lib by, slightly ad-libbed line by, by Lindsay. God, that was cute.

Blake talks to Weiss.

146. Miles: Aw we're gonna see, everybody wants Weiss to explode. Aw girl, she don't have a heart of ice.

(Monty and then Miles laugh.)

147. Kerry: Shut up, Miles.

148. Monty: Miles. (Gray chuckles.) Oh Jeez.

149. Gray: Start singing Weiss, Weiss (inaudible)

150. Miles: "Weiss, Weiss, baby."

151. Shane: Lava girl.

153. Miles: Lava girl? That's a, season two character.

154. Kerry: Thanks for spoiling it Shane.

155. Miles: The adventures of Sun and Lava Girl.

156. Shane: "Talk to the hand."

(Miles laughs.)

157. Miles: Still sassy in her apology and...

"Someone else." -Weiss to Blake

158. Monty: Not sure about Sun. I wouldn't be either. He makes me all sorts of confused. (Multiple people chuckle.)

159. Miles: I get this butterfly feeling in my stomach. (Monty laughs.) My tummy feels silly.

(Kerry laughs.)

160. Gray: We've lost Kerry.

(Multiple people laugh.)

161. Kerry: Silly?

(Multiple people laugh.)

162. Miles: I'm surprised you're not laughing at tummy. Oh, Penny, what's going on? Girl wait, what're you doing? Don't get in car with stranger, what going on, what is?

163. Kerry: Stranger danger.

164. Miles: N, just say no... Well, I guess we'll find out what's going on with her later.

Ozpin viewing his Scroll.

165. Miles: Oh, what's this? Hello.

166. Kerry: "LOL OMG."

(Miles bursts into laughter, followed by Monty.)

167. Miles: "Winky, smiley face. Wanna come over?" (laughs) Wow, guys.

168. Kerry: So, uh, that's RWBY Volume 1.

Credits begin to roll.

169. Miles: My god, it has been a ride.

170. Monty: Yeah, it has.

171. Kerry: Uh, it's been, slightly over a year in the making? Slightly under a year, I don't know.

172. Monty: It depends on who you are. (laughing, possibly Gray)

173. Miles: Yeah, I guess that's true.

174. Miles: I can't believe we're here. I still can't believe that, the show happened.

175. Kerry: I'm not sure if this is a hallucination or not actually. (chuckles)

176. Miles: Yeah. This is still, we're just, we're still in a sleep coma from Rv10.

177. Monty: Yeah I know.

178. Miles: Man, um, god everybody that worked on this was incredible. And it was incredible to be able to, just say that, we had a, chance to work together. God, man.

179. Kerry: Yeah, I mean, I think, y'know, obviously this is what the credits are for is, shout-out to everybody who worked on this project. But most of all I think we shall take a moment to shout-out to Monty for letting us work on this project.

180. Miles: Dude, yeah.

(Someone says EEE-YUP in a silly voice.)

181. Gray: Woo-hoo.

(Multiple people laugh and say "yeah".)

182. Miles: Um, so, yeah. Uh, if you haven't watched this yet, you're dumb. (Monty chuckles.) Why would you watch the commentary first? But stick around there's a thing at the end.

183. Kerry: Be sure to watch after the credits.

184. Miles: You guys got any last words?

185. Gray: Uh, thanks for the fans, y'know uh, uh, being able to uh, uh, watch everybody's comments and the fanart and all the {Monty: Aw, yeah.} love online while we're still in production, kept us goin'. And, and it was fantastic. Thanks so much.

186. Monty: Um, man, y'know this was very exciting to work on, but we're more excited for doing more of it, believe it.

187. Monty: Heh, we can't even begin to describe what it's going to be like for the, the next, um, phase we're going into, but it's gonna be really cool.

188. Kerry: Yeah guys, um, story's just getting started.

189. Monty: Phases and shit.

(Someone whispers "secrets" while another says "Thank you, guys" in a high-pitched voice.)

190. Kerry: Alright.

191. Monty: Yeah. Awesome. (inaudible due to being further away.)

End of commentary.