Volume 2


Nice hustle, Fox.
—Coco, to Fox Alistair
You just destroyed my favorite clothing store. Prepare to die.
—Coco, to a Beowolf before defeating it

Volume 3

Lessons Learned

Hey, love the outfit, kid!
—Coco, to Emerald Sustrai
Oh, I like her!
—Coco, about Emerald
I take that back. I don't like her.
—Coco, shortly later, about Emerald

Heroes and Monsters

Well, I guess now is a better time than any. Velvet!
—Coco to Velvet, letting her fight
Just make 'em count.
—Coco, to Velvet

RWBY: Before the Dawn

Promotional Materials

Stopping the Crown is important because it will help people. That's what we do. That's what we're training to do. And if we can't help others, whenever we can, however we can— then what are we here for?

RWBY Chibi

Cool as Coco

Oh, you know... Bought some clothes, broke some girls' hearts. Heads up.
—Coco, explain her vacation to Sun before warning him

About Coco

RWBY: Amity Arena

Hype... what a Semblance it was. Self-styled like most everything that was Coco Adel, Hype felt like the perfect name for what it allowed her to do. With a large reserve of aura and her explosive ammunition, Coco was the perfect storm. However, there was something that Coco still had to come to terms with. The fact that her combat effectiveness was far too contingent on said Aura, Semblance, and Ammunition. Unlike some of her peers, Coco's proficiency in combat hinged on all three of these factors coming together in a perfect blend, and in protracted fights, her anxiety would slowly surface. Because without Hype, her bullets would just ring hollow. "I want my best to be BETTER." -Coco
RWBY: Amity Arena
Coco Adel is both the fierce leader of the second years' team CFVY and Beacon Academy's biggest fashion icon. She proves that the only thing better than annihilating the enemy is to do it with STYLE. "You just destroyed my favorite clothing store... Prepare to die!" -Coco"
RWBY: Amity Arena

RWBY: After the Fall

She put her glasses on Velvet. "Hold on to these for me. Don't scratch them."
—— Coco.

Chapter Two

You have an absurdly strong Aura and you smell nice. Uh, don't take that the wrong way.
—Fox meeting Coco for the first time.
RWBY/Justice League
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