Beacon Academy

Coco is a former second-year student at Beacon Academy.


Coco is the leader of Team CFVY.


Fox Alistair

Typical of her generally lighthearted attitude, Coco appears to have a joking relationship with her teammate Fox, giving him a playful slap on the rear after the fight in "Breach". Fox appears to not mind, and this is not written in any sort of romantic context.

Velvet Scarlatina

Velvet is Coco's teammate. When Velvet moves to use her weapon against the invading Grimm in "Breach", Coco advises her to save it for another time. Velvet appears disappointed, but she obeys her leader regardless. After Coco and Yatsuhashi lose their match in "Lessons Learned", Velvet expresses concern for Coco. In a preview of the After the Fall novel, Velvet expresses a crush on Coco.

Yatsuhashi Daichi

Yatsuhashi is Coco's teammate. They are chosen to move forward into the doubles round of the Vytal Festival tournament, where they are set to battle against Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black. During the fight, they display admirable teamwork, with Yatsuhashi defending Coco as she uses her minigun to strike.

Yatsuhashi shoves Coco out of the way of Mercury's first attack, but he is unable to protect his teammate from Emerald when she drags Coco away with her kusarigama. After they are separated, the two are defeated individually with relative ease. When Coco realizes that Yatsuhashi was defeated, she appears visibly shaken at seeing him in two places at once and loses her characteristic confidence.


Emerald Sustrai

Coco fights Emerald in the Vytal Festival tournament doubles round. Initially, she compliments Emerald's outfit and seems to take a liking to her spunky attitude and confidence. However, once Emerald gains the upper hand in the fight and destroys her sunglasses, Coco revises her initial assessment, remarking, "I take it back. I don't like her."

Minor Characters

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