Volume 7

The Greatest Kingdom

Doctor, good to see you. Well, we heard a report of an unauthorized ship making an unauthorized landing, followed by an unauthorized use of weapons by unlicensed Huntsmen.
—Clover, to Pietro Polendina

A New Approach

We just wanted to say we're sorry. And that we're looking forward to working with you on our next mission. You might be students, but you've been fighting just as hard as we have, if not harder.
—Clover, to Ruby and the others

Ace Operatives

My Semblance is good fortune. Lucky you, huh?
—Clover, taking about his Semblance to Qrow Branwen
Hm. No. I'd chalk that one up to talent.
—Clover, to Qrow after Ruby caught the last Gravity Dust

Pomp and Circumstance

Well, Ace-Ops are hand-picked to perfectly compliment one another. So we can focus on our assets and leave our liabilities behind.
—Clover, to Jaune


It's a good thing they had someone to look up to and get them through it. Not everyone is so lucky.
—Clover, to Qrow
What good is saving the world without another generation waiting in the wings? Hopefully they'll leave Remnant better than we left it for them.
—Clover, to Qrow
I meant deflect a compliment. Those kids wouldn't be where they are without you. You've had more of an effect on them than you realize.
—Clover, to Qrow
That's enough Robyn. As a potential Councilwoman, you should probably focus on the election instead of harassing Huntsmen. Now, it's time to let us pass.
—Clover, to Robyn
Robyn. Good luck at the election.
—Clover, wishing Robyn luck on election

Worst Case Scenario

That's the second shipment for Amity that was hit today. It seems election night was the last push Robyn needed to go from hometown hero to full-on vigilante.
—Clover, about Robyn's attempt since the incident on election night
That a long-lost serial killer is loose in Mantle and the military has no idea where he is - might make things worse before they get better.
—Clover, to Ruby about Tyrian Callows
Thanks for the assist on this, you two. Now, we may all be split between different trucks, but we need to be ready to act as one in case Robyn's team takes the bait. If your truck is hit, pursue immediately. Everyone else will move in as fast as possible. Going radio silent. Over.

Cordially Invited

Wish us luck.
—Clover, to Qrow before joining Ironwood and the others to the private dinner meeting

With Friends Like These

Qrow, you should know that I've been asked to bring you in.
—Clover, to Qrow
There's also an alert out for Team RWBY's arrest.
—Clover, to Qrow about Team RWBY
Only Qrow is under arrest. After everything we've been through tonight please don't make me arrest you too.
—Clover, to Robyn
I wish it hadn't come to this.
—Clover, during his fight against Qrow and Robyn
Robyn needs help. Surrender and we can take her to Atlas, get her patched up.
—Clover, to Qrow
I enjoyed working with you, you know. Even with that endless cynicism of yours.
—Clover, to Qrow
We don't have to fight, friend.
—Clover, to Qrow
Sometimes the right decision is the hardest to make. I trust James with my life! I wanted to trust you.
—Clover, before he ends up getting killed by Tyrian
Someone had to take the fall.
—Clover, to Qrow
(chuckles) Good luck.
—Clover's last words to Qrow

About Clover

Show off.
—Qrow, about Clover's dramatic exit from their Manta in "As Above, So Below"
Never pegged you for the manipulative type. But I've learned a lot of things tonight..."
—Qrow, upon Clover's order to surender in "With Friends Like These"
"Clover understood that. Clover would see this through."

"Then perhaps Clover was wrong too."
"Don't you dare! Clover was... He was..."
"...Important to you."

—Harriet and Vine, about Clover in "Worthy"
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