Sometimes the right decision is the hardest to make. I trust James with my life! I wanted to trust you.
—Clover Ebi

Clover Ebi was a member and leader of the Ace Operatives. His weapon of choice was Kingfisher. He first appeared in "The Greatest Kingdom" of Volume 7, when he and his team captured Ruby's Group as they arrived in Mantle.

In "With Friends Like These" he was involved in a three way fight between himself, Qrow Branwen, and Tyrian Callows, following an attempt to arrest him. He was later killed by Tyrian, who stabbed him in the back using Harbinger to implicate Qrow as his killer.


Clover was a man with short brown hair and teal-green eyes. He wore a sleeveless Atlesian Specialist uniform that consisted of a white sleeveless double breasted coat with red and blue accents with ornate detailing shaped to the form of wishbones, broad tail with red lining and a four-leaf clover pin on the lapel. His belt had a rabbit's foot keychain hanging off it. Clover also wore white pants and covered his hands with brown fingerless gloves. He also wears blue calf high boots with four dark blue straps and silver steel toe plating.

Following his death, his four-leaf clover pin was kept by Qrow to remember him.


During his debut, Clover displayed a confident attitude, and leadership skills, easily capturing Teams RWBY and JNR, Oscar Pine and Qrow with assistance from the other Ace-Ops.

He has been described as a total bro character like Captain America who always makes luck puns. He constantly feels like he's in an action movie because things always go right for him, so he doesn't need to look when he's about to jump. This ultimately leads him to be a person that relies too much on his Semblance and causing him to ride the lines between confidence vs arrogance.[2]

He appeared to be cordial and calm, as well as good-humored and easy to get along with. However, Clover was quick to turn back to a task at hand when needed. He was fiercely loyal, and tends to bring out the best in people, and did whatever it took to protect his Kingdom. He was also a bit duplicitous when he encountered Robyn Hill and the Happy Huntresses in "Sparks" and lied to them about where the supplies they were carrying were going.[3]

Clover was highly charismatic and kind hearted to others, even to those he just met. He encouraged Qrow Branwen to open up more and stop beating himself over his Semblance, as well as to be more open to accepting complements. However, he could be somewhat manipulative when seeing windows of opportunity, as seen when he used Robyn's life as a bargaining chip to get Qrow to surrender.

Clover, like other members of the Ace-Ops team, did not consider his teammates to be friends, due to having kept his heart guarded, only letting it down for a select few, in part from having experienced his share of pain in the past.[4] However, when he does open up to people, Clover was shown to be exceptionally trusting and loyal, willing to sacrifice his life for them if need be. If betrayed, Clover would be reluctant and regretful in regards to growing cold towards his friends and loved ones, pleading to find a way to fix things.[5]

Like the rest of his team, he was loyal to James Ironwood, and always followed his orders without question. This later lead to his death, as his insistence on arresting Qrow despite the bigger threat of Tyrian Callows eventually resulted in him being murdered by the latter.

Regardless of his flaws, Clover greatly respected his friends and allies, even if they worked on different sides. While he believed his complete faith in Ironwood was the right choice in his mind, he saw it as a harder pill to swallow and wanted to trust Qrow too, indicating a conflicted side. Even in his dying moments, Clover neither held grudges with nor blamed Qrow for his troubles and wished him good luck with stopping Ironwood.

Powers and Abilities

He was a skilled fighter as he was in the Atlesian Special Operatives unit, claimed to be the most elite group of Huntsmen and Huntresses in Remnant.[6] During his fight with Qrow and Tyrian, Clover makes frequent use of punches and kicks, being able to outmaneuver the two repeatedly. He also makes use of his horseshoe, utilizing it as a projectile against Qrow.


Main article: Kingfisher

Clover's weapon of choice was Kingfisher, a collapsible fishing rod which he used as a grappling hook and whip. He was shown using it to grapple onto enemies, pulling at their limbs and tripping them up.


Main article: Good Fortune

Clover's Semblance, Good Fortune, allowed him to manipulate probability positively. Similar to Misfortune, Clover's Semblance was passive and thereby constantly caused good fortune wherever he went.



Color Naming Rule

  • His first name, Clover, is a plant that is commonly known as a sign on luck.
  • His last name, "Ebi", is Japanese for "shrimp". Ebisu is the Japanese god of luck and fishermen.


  • Many elements of his outfit are commonly associated with luck:



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