The Cloak of Displacement is a magical artifact that can displace light. It was in the possession of the Wave crime syndicate before Team SAFR stole it from them. Templeton originally gave it to Fenix Nemean, but Fenix later gave it to Asher Mora for safekeeping.


The Cloak of Displacement is a magic cloak that can make the user more stealthy with it's powers, at the cost of the user's own Aura.


The Cloak of Displacement has the power to displace light itself, allowing it's used to become more stealthy. In order to activate it's powers however, the user must sacrifice some of their Aura to use it.


The Cloak of Displacement was one of the magic artifacts originally in the possession of the Wave retrieved from the Kuchinashi Sheriffs office by Team SAFR. After they give it to Templeton, he learns it has the ability to displace light itself and gives it to Fenix Nemean for safekeeping. When Fenix meets back up with Asher Mora, he gives it to him instead. Asher has the cloak with him when Team SAFR attempt to stop the Wave's convoys containing other magic artifacts from leaving the city.

When the Wave attempt to ship all of their magic artifacts out of Kuchinashi using a stolen Atlesian Airship Dust carrier, Asher uses the cloak to help him infiltrate the airship.


  • The Cloak of Displacement being able to turn it's user invisible is similar to the Invisibility Cloak made by Atlas Scientists and later stolen by Spider. However, unlike the invisibility Cloak, the Cloak of Displacement requires the user to sacrifice part of their Aura to work.