Chapter 1: The Farm Boy From Out of This World

Well, Hah... As long as I'm as I'm in 'the light of the sun...' whatever dust can do, I can do better.
—Clark, explaining his Semblance to Ruby
Yup! Dust can fuel a tractor, but I can outrun a tractor, and haul just as much as one, too.
—Clark, explaining his Semblance to Yang
Dust can keep a house warm, and I can make my own heat.
—Clark, to Ruby and Yang
Well, I'm... not from here. and other than around folks I trust, like your dad. I try not to let my Semblance be known.
—Clark, explaining why he keep his Semblance a secret to Ruby
Not too long ago, I went through something... daunting. My Semblance warped, boosted my Aura, and became as powerful as it is today. It scares people, even good people. And folks can get a bit nasty... to someone they don't think fits in. And I'm not sure where I really belong...
—Clark, reveals his past to Ruby and Yang

Chapter 4: The New Team RWBY

I became hypnotized. Someone with my Semblance should not be hypnotized, least of all by a Grimm.
—Clark, explaining his experience with Hypnotized Grimm

Chapter 9: The Truth

Well, I don't think there's much I can do against military force. I'm technically a wanted fugitive who absconded from an indentured work contract in a Dust mine.
—Clark, to Jessica
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