Hmm. That's handy.
—Cinder commenting on having the wifi password.

"Cinder vs. Beacon Security Personnel" is an encounter in which Cinder Fall successfully infiltrates the Cross Continental Transmit System at Beacon Academy after incapacitating multiple troops. Cinder was pursued to the CCT by Ruby Rose.

Preceding EventsEdit

While the Beacon Dance is ongoing, Cinder asks Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai when the party guests will leave, and then heads to the tower, though she is noticed and followed by Ruby.

The FightEdit

After nearing the Cross Continental Transmit System, Cinder sneaks behind a guard stationed at the entrance of the building, giving him a karate chop that knocks him out. After hiding the unconscious soldier, she enters the tower with a confident stride; another guard warns her that Cinder should leave. Instead, she rushes to him as he fires a couple of warning shots into the ground, and applies a grapple to his arms. Another guard tries to separate them, but Cinder kicks the guard in the stomach and bends the first guard's arm, forcing him to shoot the second one, before tossing him into the railing and knocking him out.

Cinder then materializes Midnight in a burst of fire, and proceeds to fight the last two guards in the tower's lobby. After a short combo that ends with Cinder thrusting her weapons sideways into the last guard, who was knocked toward the entrance of the tower, Cinder waits for the elevator to arrive. It opens to reveal a pair of unsuspecting soldiers who were just discussing the password for the tower's system; both notice the other unconscious guards and watch in horror as Cinder boards the elevator with them. As the doors close, a scuffle is heard off-camera; as the lift arrives on the top floor, the doors open to reveal both guards lying unconscious as Cinder triumphantly walks out of the elevator, checking a Scroll she obtained from one of the guards for the system's password.


  • Chapter 13 of RWBY: The Official Manga does not change much about this fight besides a few of the scenes being altered, cut or extended.

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