Season 1Edit

Evil PlansEdit

My evil plans are all coming together!! Now, we just have to make sure nobody discovers who we really are!
—Cinder, to Emerald Sustrai, about her evil plans

Pillow FightEdit

My nefarious schemes! My evil plans! All ruined! Curse you, adorable Corgi!
—Cinder, cursing Zwei for ruining her evil schemes

Roman's RevengeEdit

No, it's completely fine! He's just a little grumpy today, mine's usually so sweet!
—Cinder, to Ruby Rose about her pet Beowolf

Season 2Edit

Director OzpinEdit

Honestly? Sometimes I think it's too easy.
—Cinder, about people are easily persuaded and never notice anything evil

Must Be NiceEdit

Settle down, peons! Let's get this evil class started!
—Cinder, to her henchmen
I... hate... teaching.
—Cinder, after she fails to teach her henchmen about traps


Our victory is finally at hand, my evil minions. This time my nefarious plan will succeed.
—Cinder, to her henchmen to about her evil plan

Monsters of RockEdit

This... is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
—Cinder, to Roman Torchwick about joining the Battle of the Bands
Roman, I underestimated you. This is truly fiendish, The band is just a distraction so you can shoot them all with-
—Cinder, to Roman

Season 3Edit

Road TripEdit

No nefarious plan is worth this torture... Get out!!
—Cinder, to Jaune Arc and Lie Ren

Evil InterviewEdit

Why is it so hard to find good help? Oh! That's right. I keep melting them.
—Cinder, questioning why she was not able to recruit many people to her group
As you can see here, evil is at a record high. But I think we can bump it higher with spam and online trolling.
—Cinder, to her henchmen

Girls' Night OutEdit

If I ever catch you doing something that disturbing again, I will barbecue your creepy butt!
—Cinder, threatening Mercury Black

Mysterious Red ButtonEdit

What is this? Are you challenging me, button? Very well, I accept your shiny red challenge!
—Cinder, to the mysterious button

Nefarious DreamsEdit

This is so much nicer than wasting time on yet another nefarious plan.
—Emerald's dream image of Cinder being nice to Emerald
Emerald, you are the daughter I possibly always wanted, maybe.
—Emerald's dream image of Cinder
At last, I finally have the full power of the Fall Maiden! And all because I finally got some decent help.
—Cinder, to her alternative selves
Silence! I'm the original. Bow down to your nefarious queen!
—Cinder, to her alternative selves

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