For her previous weapons, see Midnight.

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Cinder Fall uses weapons created from her Magic.

After fully gaining the powers of the Fall Maiden, she stopped using Midnight, her sword-bow, and started using magic to create different weapons like swords, spears and knives that she wields in battle. They are first seen in "The More the Merrier".


After gaining the Maiden powers during the Fall of Beacon and spending time training under Salem, Cinder displays the ability to create new fire glass weapons. The weapons still seem to be made out of glass, but the inside of some feature a flames core whilst others are still obsidian.

She is seen having much more control over the shape of her weapons as she can create a number of shapes for different situations. She is seen creating a number of swords, a variety of daggers and a spear. When fighting Jaune Arc, she also showed that she can set her sword on fire. She can also summon two weapons at the same time and dual wield them. In her fight against Raven Branwen, both Maidens have shown the ability to surround themselves in elemental powers before summoning a giant, twelve-foot long sword with Cinder summoning a giant flaming rock sword.

When talking to Neopolitan in "The Grimm Reaper", she was switching between different daggers showing that she can control her weapon even when focusing on other things and that control over it has become second nature to her. The daggers she created are smaller than her swords and lack a flaming core.

As of "The Enemy of Trust", Cinder is able to conjure swords that are capable of exploding at will. They are shown being black in color, with flames spewing out of cracks and are similar to her giant sword in appearance. Cinder has also showcased the ability to create her swords without a fiery core inside, with them simply having a darker tone than her usual weapons with fire inside them.

In "Amity", Cinder has shown the ability to conjure her weapons anywhere she desires, as seen where she conjured multiple blades on the ground while feeling the pressure of Amity Communications Tower lift off. Later she conjured more in thin air around herself and launched them at Penny Polendina.

She also conjured a bow resembling her previous weapon, Midnight. The bow is capable of splitting in half into two blades like Midnight, or conjoining into one piece. Cinder has also shown that she could conjure arrows resembling the arrows of Midnight that she can then imbued with her Magic.


Cinder's first weapon was Midnight, a pair of swords that combined into a bow. After obtaining half of Amber's Maiden powers in "Beginning of the End", she melted her physical weapons and started using glass blades based on the originals.

After gaining the full Fall Maiden powers in "Heroes and Monsters" during the Fall of Beacon, she spent time training under Salem and learned to harness her powers to manipulate fire and create weapons out of glass.

She is first seen using them during the Battle of Haven in "The More the Merrier" when she conjures a sword to block Jaune Arc's attack and then fights him with it. She also shows the power to set her glass sword on fire.

During her fight with Raven Branwen, Cinder is shown summoning a plethora of different swords, even summoning two at the time. During an intense clash both Maidens show the ability to create a giant elemental sword; Raven's is made out of ice while Cinder's is made out of fire and earth.

When she takes Neopolitan to the Haven Vault, she is seen switching between different daggers showing that she can control her weapon even when focusing on other things and that control over it has become second nature to her.

Arriving in Atlas, Cinder is shown to be capable of summoning explosive swords as well as conjuring her weapons anywhere within a radius of her body, and later could command them to launch themselves towards her targets.

During her battle against Penny Polendina, Cinder also showcased that she could now also conjure a bow using her magic and create elastic material for the bowstring. Cinder could also create magically empowered arrows that can explode once fired.

In "The Final Word", Cinder imbues her shards with the ability to explode. She shows conscious control over the explosions and can selectively make specific shards explode, allowing her to bombard her opponents at will.


Rhodes' sword given to Cinder

  • While Maiden powers allow Cinder to use every elemental power, she chooses to specialize in fire.
  • The weapons are made out of glass, a likely reference to Cinderella's glass slippers and the fire is likely a reference to her being stuck cleaning the fireplace.
  • The arrows Cinder created in "Amity" are nearly identical as the ones she used for Midnight.
  • Some of the swords, specifically the Scimitar Blades that Cinder conjures is seemingly based off of the designs of the twin short swords wielded by her mentor, Rhodes.