It's been precisely one minute, ma'am.
—Ciel Soleil, reminding Penny of the time

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Ciel Soleil[1] is a student of Atlas Academy and was part of a team with Penny Polendina and two other Atlesian students.


Ciel has dark skin, short, navy blue hair and blue eyes. She also has a gold marking consisting of an oval shape surrounded by four smaller circles in the center of her forehead.

She wears a blue beret, a plain gray button-down shirt with an asymmetrical collar and matching leggings, a blue combat skirt, and fingerless, elbow-length black gloves with a wristwatch on her left hand and black shoes.


She appears to be very regimented and by-the-book and speaks with a near-monotone, matter-of-fact voice. When Ruby Rose asks if Penny considers Ciel to be her friend, Penny replies that Ciel is merely ordered to spend time with her. Ciel is often seen to be conscious of the time, looking at her wristwatch and literally timing a minute when Penny asks for a minute to herself.


Ciel Soleil participates in the Vytal Festival along with her team from Atlas Academy. After her team wins their match in the team round of the tournament, she and Penny are selected to represent them in the doubles round. During the doubles match against Russel Thrush and Sky Lark of Team CRDL, Ciel is not seen fighting and merely times Penny's performance on her wristwatch during the match.

After the match, she meets Ruby Rose, who caught up with the two to talk to Penny. Ruby attempts to introduce herself, but Ciel quickly interrupts, revealing that she already has detailed knowledge about her, and also calls her "questionable". Ciel later allows Penny to speak to Ruby for a minute, but she interrupts their conversation and calls her away once her minute is up.

According to Penny, Ciel is not aware that she is an android. Penny also states that Ciel is not her friend, and she merely spends time with Penny because she is under orders to do so in order to keep Penny out of trouble.


  • Her name is French, with ciel meaning "sky", and soleil meaning "sun". Her name fits the Color Naming Rule by alluding both to the blue color of the sky as well as the yellow color of the sun.
  • Although her first significant appearance was in "Never Miss a Beat", she cameoed in a photo alongside Penny as Cinder Fall is pre-assigning the contestants of the next day's battle in "It's Brawl in the Family".


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