They rely on the element of surprise and the unwillingness of most people to kill a friend or loved one until they are certain they are already lost. Small comfort perhaps, for if you are ever unfortunate enough to encounter one, you will likely not survive to tell the tale.

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The Chill are possession-type Creature of Grimm that first appear in RWBY: Fairy Tales of Remnant, where they are the main antagonists of the fairy tale The Grimm Child as well as its titular adaptation.


While their true appearance is currently unknown, a Chill is indistinguishable when possessing a Human, other than their inability to speak more than the victim's last words.

In some versions of the story, when a Chill possesses a person, their skin and hair turn bone white with red veins and their eyes become pitch black, echoing Salem's appearance. This version has become so popular amongst people it has almost become the "canon" version of the fairy tale.


The Chill are the primary antagonists in the fairy tale of The Grimm Child, being real life Grimm that are threatening to mankind.

In the fairy tale, a Chill is responsible for the slaughtering of an entire town after two siblings named Oak and Poppy come into contact with it. This fairy tale is embellished in that a singular Chill is not powerful enough to kill an entire ghost town in a single night.

Powers and Abilities

The Chill are dangerous possession-type Grimm that are able to possess Humans and Faunus alike, capable of hopping from host to host through touch. When possessing people Chills are indistinguishable from another person, however, they cannot speak, or will only repeat their victim's last word over and over again. When not possessing anyone, Chills are incorporeal and live in the shadows.[1]

Moreover, Chills cannot control a body for more than a few minutes, thus making it impossible to slaughter a town like in the fairy tale. They instead, rely on the element of surprise and the unwillingness of people to kill their friends and loved ones to seal a victim's fate.

After being possessed, most victims of the Chill die once the Grimm leaves their body. However, victims can be saved in the moment with certain specialized Huntsmen or tools.[2]


  • The Chill and The Grimm Child have inspired various collections of horror novels, films, comic books, and even video games throughout Remnant. It has become a staple campfire and bedtime story, and has also become a favorite with parents that have disobedient children.
  • The Chill also inspired an old party game called "The Chill", in which players must attempt to discover the Grimm in their midst before it's too late, the idea being that a Human possessed by the Chill is indistinguishable from an unpossessed Human.
  • It's possible the idea of a party game based around the Chill was inspired by the real party game Wink Murder, where a Killer is randomly chosen in secret and needs to kill every other player's character. The goal is to find out who the murderer is before it's too late.


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