For the eighth chapter of the 2018 manga, RWBY: The Official Manga, see Chapter 8 (2018 manga).

The eighth chapter of the manga adaptation of RWBY was published in Shueisha's Ultra Jump August 2016 issue on July 19th, 2016.[1]


In a retelling of the "Yellow" Trailer, Yang Xiao Long fights Junior Xiong and both of his bodyguards, Melanie and Miltia Malachite, at his Club.

When Junior rips out a lock of Yang's hair in the melee, she has a flashback to a childhood memory of her combing her little sister Ruby's hair. Ruby compliments Yang's golden hair, comparing it to a burning dragon. Back in the present, an enraged and powered-up Yang retaliaties by knocking out Miltia in one punch.



  • While the chapter follows the trailer quite closely, the manga's depiction differs in several key ways. Notably, in the manga, Yang faces off with the twins and Junior at the same time, rather than fighting them separately, as she does in the trailer.

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