For the seventh chapter of the 2018 manga, RWBY: The Official Manga, see Chapter 7 (2018 manga).

The seventh chapter of the manga adaptation of RWBY was published in Shueisha's Ultra Jump July 2016 issue on June 18th, 2016.[1]


The chapter opens with a flashback to Yang Xiao Long promising a young Ruby Rose that she will protect her.

Years later, in a retelling of the "Yellow" Trailer, Yang visits an information broker, Junior Xiong, at his Club in Vale. After defeating his henchmen, she interrogates him for information regarding the whereabouts of a certain person. However, before Junior tells her anything, Yang is attacked by his bodyguards, Melanie and Miltia Malachite.



  • While the chapter follows the trailer quite closely, the manga's depiction differs in several key ways:
    • Yang defeats the henchmen off panel.
    • In the manga, Yang interrogates Junior after rather than before the battle.
    • Yang faces off with the twins and Junior at the same time, rather than fighting them separately.

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