For the sixth chapter of the 2018 manga, RWBY: The Official Manga, see Chapter 6 (2018 manga).

The sixth chapter of the manga adaptation of RWBY was published in Shueisha's Ultra Jump June 2016 issue on May 19th, 2016.[1]


The chapter is a retelling of the second half of the "Black" Trailer, featuring Adam Taurus' fight against the Spider Droid and Blake Belladonna's departure from the White Fang. It also features an opening narration about the feud between the Humans and the Faunus.



  • While the chapter follows the trailer quite closely, the manga's depiction differs in several key ways:
    • In the manga, Adam's Moonslice attack does not turn the Spider Droid into rose petals.
    • Adam turns his back on the droid after his final attack, and Blake is forced to intervene. This does not happen in the original trailer.
    • In the manga, Blake takes off her bow before bidding Adam farewell.
  • In the full release of the RWBY manga, an extended scene shows that Chapter 6 and 7 are one of Blake's dreams. It is implied that the end of the extended version of Chapter 6 scene took place after "Black and White" since Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long are already comfortable with Blake without her hiding her Faunus trait.

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