For the first chapter of RWBY: The Official Manga, see Chapter 1 (2018 manga).

The first chapter of the manga adaptation of RWBY was published in Shueisha's Ultra Jump December issue on November 19th, 2015.[1][2][3] It had colored center and back pages, along with additional art from the manga.[3]

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Similar to the "Red" Trailer, the chapter begins with Ruby Rose fighting against a pack of Beowolves on her way to visit Summer Rose's grave. The scene transitions from Ruby standing by the grave staring into the dark night, unsmiling, to her staring up at Beacon Academy in the daylight and smiling. The other members of Team RWBY meet up with her and they all head inside together.

Inside the Beacon dining hall Team RWBY is eating a meal and discussing the nature and uses of Dust. They are interrupted by Jaune Arc being thrown into their table by the bully, Cardin Winchester.

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  • The manga plays it differently from the "Red" Trailer where Ruby fights a pack of Beowolves before visiting her mother's grave, as opposed to being on her way back and then fighting the Beowolves.

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