The nineteenth chapter and final chapter of RWBY: The Official Manga was published for free on the main Viz Media on the RWBY: The Official Manga homepage on June 9th, 2020.

The nineteenth chapter was originally free on the Viz Media site until after the manga ended in June, the chapter was locked and is now only available for members of the site.


Neopolitan continues to fight Yang Xiao Long as Blake Belladonna battles the White Fang Lieutenant.

Meanwhile, Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee continue to battle Roman Torchwick in Vale, who knocks Weiss into a pile of rubble, seemingly rendering her unconscious. As Ruby retaliates, Roman begins to taunt her for now being all alone, maniacally kicking her into the air. As Roman watches Ruby fall back down, he notices a glyph form underneath him, only to be thrown off his feet by Weiss, who had been saved by Blake and Yang. Roman realizes the Lieutenant and Neo have been defeated, and is quickly defeated by Ruby before he can do anything to escape.

In Beacon Academy, Ozpin and James Ironwood discuss the Breach, Roman's capture, and Team RWBY's involvement in their mission to Mountain Glenn.

After the battle, RWBY discuss Neo's escape and having never discovered who had been behind the infiltration at the Cross Continental Transmit System Tower. Team RWBY repeat their resolve to be heroes.



  • The chapter is mix with "No Brakes" and the final part of "Breach".
  • The White Fang Lieutenant is revealed to have been captured during the Breach.
  • While the chapter follows the episode quite closely, the manga's depiction differs, cuts and extends it in several key ways.
    • Neo and the Lieutenant are defeated off screen, when in their original fights in "No Brakes", both antagonists had won their fights against Yang and Weiss, respectively.
    • The scene where Raven Branwen saves Yang from Neo is cut.
    • Glynda Goodwitch and Peter Port are absent in the Breach, as are Cinder Fall, Mercury Black, and Emerald Sustrai.
    • Team CFVY didn't appear after the grimm invasion in Vale.
    • Blake's Faunus trait is publicly shown in the Breach, whereas she still hid it in the show.
    • Unlike in the show, the Vale council never appoints Ironwood as head of security for the Vytal Festival, as they are never shown to be infuriated with Ozpin.
    • The scene where Ironwood visits Roman in his prison cell for questioning is cut.
    • Zwei does not appear with Team RWBY relaxing in Vale after the Grimm invasion.
    • Cinder's Faction never appears during the Breach, and as such they do not meet with Adam Taurus, unlike in the show.
    • The scene where a vision of Yang meeting Raven at Beacon Academy is cut.
    • In the final scene, where Team RWBY took a long rest in Vale a while in the show, they went back to Beacon Academy with Zwei.

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