The sixteenth chapter of RWBY: The Official Manga was published for free on the main Viz Media on the RWBY: The Official Manga homepage on March 10th, 2020.

The sixteenth chapter was originally free on the Viz Media site until June 9th, 2020, the chapter was locked and is now only available for members of the site.


A bound and gagged Ruby is still tied to a chair at the mercy of White Fang members. Before they have a chance to do anything, the rest of Team RWBY arrives to rescue their leader. Ruby thanks them for the help, as Weiss expresses annoyance at Dr. Oobleck running off with Zwei and leaving the students on their own.

Roman Torchwick arrives with several more White Fang grunts, revealing a nearby train. Before proceeding to explain how they intend to attack downtown Vale. He brushes aside Yang's confusion by noting it is human mistreatment of Faunus that drove them to this point.

Ruby tells him to shut up, saying what matters is he plans on hurting people. The others step up to support her, agreeing their job is about protecting those in need. Torchwick responds by deploying several Paladins, as the girls prepare to fight. Oobleck appears having set many of the weapons on fire, while Zwei returns Crescent Rose to Ruby. He commends the team's attitude voicing certainty they will all be fine Huntresses, he then tells Roman not to underestimate Huntsmen as they get ready for battle.



  • This chapter covers the first part of "No Brakes".
  • While the chapter follows one episode quite closely, the manga's depiction differs, cuts and extends it in several key ways.
    • Team RWBY, Oobleck and Zwei split up to search for Ruby instead of searching for her together.
    • In the original scene, where one of the White Fang goons is about to do something to Ruby, Yang, Weiss and Blake arrive just in time and saves her.
    • A scene where Ruby is glad her team saved her wasn't featured in the show.
    • The scene where Roman taunts Ruby and interrogates her is cut.
    • The scene where Ruby jumps over Roman before she makes her escape.
    • Roman and the White Fang goons shooting at Ruby as she makes her escape is cut.
    • A scene where Roman bends Melodic Cudgel in frustration is cut.
    • Yang embracing Ruby after she and others find her is cut.
    • Team RWBY and Roman's conversation in the underground is added before he and the White Fang set off to Vale.
    • Roman revealing his plan to Team RWBY wasn't featured in the show.
    • In the show, Oobleck never loses his hat during the battle against Roman and the White Fang.
    • Oobleck destroying most of the Atlesian Paladin-290 in the White Fang's storage wasn't featured in the show.
    • Zwei delivers Crescent Rose to Ruby instead of Blake.
    • Oobleck and Roman never interacted in the show.

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