For the fifteenth chapter of the 2015 manga, RWBY, see Chapter 15 (2015 manga).

The fifteenth chapter of RWBY: The Official Manga was published for free on the main Viz Media on the RWBY: The Official Manga homepage on January 28th, 2020. However, the new chapter is reschedule to February 11th, 2020 instead.

The fifteenth chapter was originally free on the Viz Media site until May 12th, 2020, the chapter was locked and is now only available for members of the site.


The chapter covers are mixed and rearranged the second half of "Search and Destroy" and "Mountain Glenn", where Team RWBY fights a pack of Beowolves while Oobleck observes the ruins of Mountain Glenn. Afterwards, Oobleck asks Weiss, Blake, and Yang asks them their reasons for becoming Huntresses, but he is unsatisfied with their answers. He later talks to Ruby about Mountain Glenn.

In the middle of the night, Ruby searches for Zwei until she realizes her beloved pet has been captured by a White Fang member. As Ruby attempt to save him, another member catches her from behind. Ruby pleads with them to spare Zwei's life, but in exchange, she has to surrender and come with them. After Ruby regains consciousness, she finds herself in a dark cave with her hands tied up to a chair and her mouth taped shut. She unexpectedly encounters Roman, who mockingly greets her. Roman would love to have "entertain" with her, but he has other plans, so he decides to let the other White Fang members do whatever they want with her instead.

Meanwhile, Yang, Weiss, Blake, and Oobleck are searching for Ruby and Zwei in the abandon city until they find Zwei. Oobleck suspects the White Fang are hiding in a underground city of Mountain Glenn and captured Ruby. The chapter ends with Oobleck deciding to help Team RWBY and Zwei to search for Ruby and enters the hidden passage that leads to the underground city.



  • This chapter covers the second half of "Search and Destroy" and "Mountain Glenn".
  • In March 10th, 2020, Roman's last line to Ruby before he leaves has been changed. It's been changed from "Plenty of fun to be had, I'm sure." to "Farewell, Ruby Rose."
  • While the chapter follows two of the episodes quite closely, the manga's depiction differs, cuts and extends it in several key ways.
    • The scene where Ruby tells Zwei to cover his ears was cut.
    • Team RWBY's fight against the pack of Beowolves was cut short.
    • Oobleck didn't talk to Weiss, Blake, and Yang separately about their reason why they want to become Huntresses.
    • The scene where Blake shoots mini Nevermores was cut.
    • Ruby playing with Zwei during the investigation was cut.
    • The scene where Ruby and Oobleck sees a herd of Goliath was cut.
    • Ruby petting Zwei when she's on watch for Grimm at night was cut.
    • The scene where Ironwood and Glynda having a conversation at Beacon Academy was cut.
    • The conversation of Weiss, Blake, and Yang has been cut short.
      • Weiss never mentions or talks about her father running the Schnee Dust Company.
      • Blake never mentions Adam and talks about her Semblance.
      • Yang never compares herself to Ruby about her reason for why she wants to be a Huntress.
    • Oobleck wasn't asleep when he overheard Weiss, Blake and Yang's conversation.
    • Ruby and Zwei roaming somewhere in Mountain Glenn has been changed or cut completely.
      • Ruby and Zwei spying on two members of the White Fang is cut.
      • Zwei does not urinate somewhere in Mountain Glenn. Instead, he gets caught by a White Fang member.
      • Ruby ends up being caught by a White Fang member from behind.
      • Ruby didn't fall into a pit that leads to the abandon underground city of Mountain Glenn. Instead, she turned herself in to the White Fang in order to spare Zwei's life.
      • Ruby's weapon, Crescent Rose has been confiscated from the White Fang members instead of unintentionally leaving her weapon behind after she saves Zwei.
      • Ruby's failed attempt to fight one of the White Fang members without her weapon is cut.
      • Ruby gets knocked out by a White Fang member off-panel.
      • Perry does not appear in the underground city with the other White Fang members.
      • The scene where one of the White Fang members call out for Roman about Ruby is cut.
      • Ruby encounters Roman again somewhere in the abandoned underground city instead of by a train.
      • Ruby and Roman's conversation has been extended.
    • Oobleck, Weiss, Blake, and Yang finding a hidden passage to the underground abandoned city wasn't featured in the show.
    • Oobleck activating his weapon, Antiquity's Roast before he enters the underground city with Team RWBY (except Ruby) and Zwei is cut.

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