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Centinels[1] are Creatures of Grimm that resemble large centipedes. They were first seen in the Volume 7 Trailer and made their debut in "Ace Operatives".


Centinels have long, black segmented bodies. Each segment has a pair of clawed legs and is covered by a protective shell. Their heads have no eyes but possess large jaws. Inside their jaws, they have four small claws.

When injured, they sometimes "bleed" a bright green fluid.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Centinels can burrow through rock and coil themselves together when attacking, moving at fast speeds. They can rotate their sections to burrow like a drill.


  • The name "Centinel" combines the words Sentinel and Centipede.
  • It was stated at RTX that Grimm on the icy continent of Solitas are based on prehistoric and ice age animals[2]. With this in mind, the Centinel is possibly based on the Arthropleura, a prehistoric millipede from the late Carboniferous Period which was able to grow up to 2.50 meters long.
  • These creatures were designed by artist Aromie "Inkyou24" Kim, who also designed the Manticore Grimm.[3]


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