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Centinels[1] are Creatures of Grimm that resemble large centipedes. They were first seen in the Volume 7 Trailer and made their debut in "Ace Operatives".

If a Centinel isn't killed fast enough, it will evolve into it's alpha variant the Cenitaur.[2]


Centinels have long, black segmented bodies. Each segment has a pair of clawed legs and is covered by a protective shell. Their heads have no eyes but possess large jaws. Inside their jaws, they have four small claws.

When injured, they sometimes "bleed" their bright green acid.

The Centinels are shown being able to grow into monstrous sizes as seen in "Midnight", where they were comparable in length to the base of Atlas' shield generators which are massive in size.


Centinels makes their debut in "Ace Operatives", where a swarm of the Grimm attack Team RWBY, JNPR, and the Ace Operatives in the Schnee Dust Company Mine 2.

They return in "Fault", when Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, and Lie Ren chase after The Hound and Oscar Pine. The Grimm summons help, calling forth a swarm of Centinels and Teryxes.

In "Midnight, a group of Centinels spawn from the Grimm Liquid used to pierce through Atlas' Hard-Light shields. They then proceed to destroy the generators disabling the shields, allowing Salem to land Monstra on the island.

During the Battle of Atlas, multiple Centinels were created by Salem to fight the Atlas Military. A few more Centinels attacked Schnee Manor and were killed by Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna in "Dark".

Powers and Abilities

Centinels can burrow through rock and coil themselves together when attacking, moving at fast speeds. They can rotate their sections to burrow like a drill. Centinels can spit a bright green acid, which is able to corrode and melt through steel.

They also appear to have a paired attack; when two Centinels meet, they spiral around each other towards a target for presumably a deadlier attack, as shown with the Centinels Marrow stopped in "Ace Operatives" and the Centinels that destroyed Jaune's hoverbike in "Fault".

Centinels are described as not exactly being dangerous Grimm, thought they are annoying creatures to hunt down due to the sheer numbers they travel in, thus making Huntsmen avoid bounty missions on the Grimm, as a result making their rewards be disproportionately large compared to the difficulty ranking.[3]

According to Miles Luna, if Centinels aren't taken out quickly enough, then they will evolve into their alpha variant the Cenitaur.[4]


  • The name "Centinel" combines the words Sentinel and Centipede.
  • It was stated at RTX that Grimm on the icy continent of Solitas are based on prehistoric and ice age animals[5]. With this in mind, the Centinel is possibly based on the Arthropleura, a prehistoric millipede from the late Carboniferous Period which was able to grow up to 2.50 meters long.
  • These creatures were designed by artist Aromie "Inkyou24" Kim, who also designed the Manticore Grimm.[6]
  • The Alpha variant of the Centinel, the Cenitaur, was intended to make an appearance in "Ace Operatives" as part of an extended fight scene, but its scenes were cut from the final version of the episode. They implied that we would see the alpha variant in the future.[7]
    • The scene in question was originally going to emphasize Harriet Bree's Super-Speed Semblance after taking out one of the Centinels after it evolved into a Cenitaur.[8]
    • The Cenitaur later made it's debut in "Dark" where it was fought and killed by Blake Belladonna.
  • RWBY: Amity Arena Card Bio:

    The Centinel Grimm aren't so much dangerous as they are terrifying and annoying. For Huntsmen and Huntresses that get an eradication order, it takes them ages to locate every single one, while enduring pop out scares from the floor, walls, and ceilings.

    We can safely say that bounty missions on this Grimm is one of the least popular, so the rewards have to be disproportionately large compared to the difficulty ranking.

    "That's... disgusting." -Yang


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