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The Cenitaur[1] is a Creature of Grimm that resembles a large centipede with clawed arms and bloated body and the alpha variant of the Centinel.[2] It first debuted in the Volume 8 Midseason Trailer and made a full appearance in "Dark".


The Cenitaur has a long, black segmented body. Each segment has a pair of clawed legs and is covered by a protective shell, like the Centinel. The Grimm's head is shown to have additional mandibles on the sides of its jaws.

According to Miles Luna, if a Centinel isn't killed quick enough, then it will evolve into a Cenitaur.[3]

It has an insect-like thorax with bone spikes protruding out of it, at the center of the thorax is a green tube which connects to a large, bulbous sac on the creature's underbelly. Using this, it is able to spit out green acid, which travels up the tube and out the Cenitaur's mouth. The Grimm has a pair of arms on the thorax, whose forearms and hands are replaced with blades.


The Cenitaur first debuts in "Dark", as a Grimm called upon The Hound to aid in finding Penny Polendina at the Schnee Manor. There, it attacks Blake Belladonna and nearly defeats her before being slain by Ruby Rose.

Powers and Abilities

The Cenitaur has the ability to regurgitate a corrosive green acid, and has two bladed arms it can use to slash at enemies with or grab them. It also seems to have the ability to burrow through the ground.

They are shown to be capable fighters, one dueling and nearly besting Blake in a fight.


  • The name "Cenitaur" combines the words Centipede and Centaur.
  • The Cenitaur was intended to make an appearance in "Ace Operatives" as part of an extended fight scene, but its scenes were cut from the final version of the episode. They implied that we would see the alpha variant in the future, which later happened in "Dark".[4]
  • According to 18th Anniversary Star Chart T-Shirt, Remnant follows several Grimm-themed constellations in their northern skies. March–April are the Cenitaur.


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