The cast and crew of RWBY. Please note that this list is currently outdated and missing information.

Rooster Teeth Staff and English Cast

Name Role Notes
Rooster Teeth.png Rooster Teeth Productions Production Company
Monty4ec4fdb8ab6ca.jpg Monty Oum Creator and former Director, Animator, Writer and Voice Actor Creator of RWBY and former voice of Lie Ren.
Miles4efe80e86f95ft.jpg Miles Luna Writer, Voice Actor Principal writer and voice of Jaune Arc.
KerryShawcross.png Kerry Shawcross Writer, Director and Voice Actor Principal writer of RWBY and voice of Neptune Vasilias.
MattHullum.png Matt Hullum Producer Previous CEO of Rooster Teeth from 2012 to 2019.
Burnie.png Burnie Burns Producer and Voice Actor Creative Director of Rooster Teeth, voice of Detective #1 and Taiyang Xiao Long.
Guest4fd7c9c774fa8.jpg Kathleen Zuelch Producer Producer and former voice of Glynda Goodwitch.
RWBY Torchwick 2 800 Silly 1.jpg Gray G. Haddock Producer and Voice Actor Producer and former voice of Roman Torchwick.
Shanenewville.jpg Shane Newville Animator and Voice Actor Former animator and former voice of Russel Thrush.
JordanCwierz.jpg Jordan Cwierz Animator Supplemental 2D animations.
Einlee50d524be474b1t.jpg Einlee Concept Artist
Erinwinn.jpg Erin Winn Production Artist and voice actor Production Artist and voiced the efforts of Reese Chloris in Volume 3.
PatrickRodriguez.jpg Patrick Rodriguez Artist
Bret.jpg Bret McNee 3D Character Artist
372b5be.jpg Kristina Nguyen Environmental Artist
Jeff Williams.png Jeff Williams Music Composes and performs the music for RWBY.
XxCaseyLeeXx50ea26347b678.jpg Casey Lee Williams Singer Vocals on several songs and singing voice of Weiss Schnee. Also voiced efforts for Neopolitan in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.
Lamarhall.png Lamar Hall Rapper Rap verses on several songs.
RosieSamterProfilePicture.jpg Roselie Samter Violist
Stevegoldsheinpic.jpg Steve Goldshein Composer
Alexabrahamprofile.jpg Alex Abraham Composer
Sandy Casey.png Sandy Lee Casey Singer Vocals on "Red Like Roses Part II".
Lindsay.jpg Lindsay Jones Voice Actor Voice of Ruby Rose.
Kara May2013.jpg Kara Eberle Voice Actress Voice of Weiss Schnee.
Arryn.jpg Arryn Zech Voice Actress Voice of Blake Belladonna.
Barbara May2013.jpg Barbara Dunkelman Voice Actress Voice of Yang Xiao Long.
Samantha Ireland.png Samantha Ireland Voice Actress Voice of Nora Valkyrie.
Jen Brown 2.0.png Jen Brown Voice Actress Voice of Pyrrha Nikos and Red Haired Woman (Volume 6).
Tumblr m5jnsmiPx11qbz2c6.png Garrett Hunter Voice Actor Voice of Adam Taurus.
Jack AHWU.png Jack Pattillo Voice Actor Voice of Junior Xiong.
Margaret Tominey.PNG Maggie Tominey Voice Actress Voice of Melanie and Miltia Malachite and Deery.
Shannon.png Shannon McCormick Voice Actor Voice of Ozpin and Ozma.
Ryan50ba8afb9fedf.jpg Ryan Haywood Voice Actor Former voice of Peter Port.
Adamellis.jpg Adam Ellis Voice Actor Voice of Cardin Winchester and Tukson.
Caiti twitter.jpeg Caiti Ward Voice Actress Voice of Velvet Scarlatina.
Joel Heyman.jpg Joel Heyman Voice Actor Former voice of Bartholomew Oobleck and Detective #2.
Ah Michael.jpg Michael Jones Voice Actor Voice of Sun Wukong.
Taylor Pelto.jpg Taylor McNee Environmental Artist and Voice Actress Environmental artist and voice of Penny Polendina.
Jessica Nigri.png Jessica Nigri Voice Actress Voice of Cinder Fall.
Katie Newville.png Katie Newville Voice Actress Voice of Emerald Sustrai.
JJ Castillo.jpg J. J. Castillo Voice Actor Former voice of Mercury Black.
Ashley Jenkins Image.jpg Ashley Burns Voice Actor Voice of Coco Adel.
JasonRose.PNG Jason Rose Voice Actor Voice of James Ironwood.
William Orendorff.png William Orendorff Voice Actor Creature voice effects for the Grimm and voice of Hazel Rainart.
Neath Oum.jpg Neath Oum Voice Actor Current voice of Lie Ren.
Jen-taylor.png Jen Taylor Voice Actor Voice of Salem.
Dillon Gu.jpg Dillon Gu Former Animator
Anna Hullum Twitter.jpeg Anna Hullum Voice Actor Voice of Raven Branwen.
Yssa Badiola.jpg Yssa Badiola Voice Actor Voice of Ciel Soleil.
VicMignogna.jpg Vic Mignogna Voice Actor Former voice of Qrow Branwen.
Jason Liebrecht.jpg
Jason Liebrecht Voice Actor Current voice of Qrow Branwen.
ElizabethMaxwell.jpg Elizabeth Maxwell Voice Actor Voice of Winter Schnee.
Joe Macdonald v2.png Joe MacDonald Animator and Voice Actor Voice of Yatsuhashi Daichi.
Josh Ornelas.jpg Josh Ornelas Voice Actor Voice of Sage Ayana.
Gavin Free.png Gavin Free Voice Actor Voice of Scarlet David.
Yuri Lowenthal.jpg Yuri Lowenthal Voice Actor Current voice of Mercury Black.
Jon Risinger.jpg Jon Risinger Voice Actor Voice of Bolin Hori.
Christopher Sabat.jpg Christopher Sabat Voice Actor Voice of Arthur Watts.
JoshGrelle.jpg Josh Grelle Voice Actor Voice of Tyrian Callows.
JMichaelTatum.jpg J. Michael Tatum Voice Actor Voice of Klein Sieben.
Alejandro Saab Profile.jpg Alejandro Saab Voice Actor Voice of Henry Marigold and the Dying Huntsman.
HowardWang.png Howard Wang Voice Actor Voice of Whitley Schnee.
JasonDouglas.jpg Jason Douglas Voice Actor Voice of Jacques Schnee.
Tara Platt.jpg Tara Platt Voice Actor Voice of Kali Belladonna.
Kent Williams 4.png Kent Williams Voice Actor Voice of Ghira Belladonna.
AaronDismuke2.jpg Aaron Dismuke Voice Actor Voice of Oscar Pine and Ozma.
Mike McFarland.jpg Mike McFarland Voice Actor Voice of Fennec Albain.
DerekMears.jpg Derek Mears Voice Actor Voice of Corsac Albain.
Cherami.jpg Cherami Leigh Kuehn Voice Actor Voice of Ilia Amitola.
Scott Frerichs.jpg Scott Frerichs Voice Actor Voice of Businessman, Mata and Tall Boy.
Nick Landis.jpg Nick Landis Voice Actor Voice of Angry Businessman, Ramen Shop Owner and Yuma.
Kaiji Tang 2.jpg Kaiji Tang Voice Actor Voice of Li Ren.
Dawn M. Bennett.jpg Dawn M. Bennett Voice Actor Voice of An Ren and Elm Ederne.
Amber Lee Connors.jpg Amber Lee Connors Voice Actor Voice of Vernal, Businesswoman, Reporter 02 and Short Boy.
Apphia Yu.png Apphia Yu Voice Actor Voice of Young Lie Ren.
Kristen McGuire.jpg Kristen McGuire Voice Actor Voice of Young Nora.
Bruce Carey.jpg Bruce Carey Voice Actor Voice of Captain.
K Ziegler.jpg Kai Ziegler Voice Actor Voice of First Mate.
Marissa Lenti.jpg Marissa Lenti Voice Actor Voice of Oscar's Aunt, Medium Boy and Joanna Greenleaf.
Dave fennoy.jpg Dave Fennoy Voice Actor Voice of Doctor Merlot and Pietro Polendina.
Felecia Angelle.jpg Felecia Angelle Voice Actor Voice of Trophy Wife.
Clifford Chapin.jpg Clifford Chapin Voice Actor Voice of Shay D. Mann.
Daman Mills.jpg Daman Mills Voice Actor Voice of Leonardo Lionheart.
Monica Rial.jpg Monica Rial Voice Actor Voice of Sienna Khan.
Luci Christian.jpg Luci Christian Voice Actor Voice of Lil' Miss Malachite and Fria.
Colleen Clinkenbeard.jpg Colleen Clinkenbeard Voice Actor Voice of Jinn.
Bruce DuBose.jpg Bruce DuBose Voice Actor Voice of God of Darkness.

Japanese Cast

Name Role Notes
Saori Hayami Profile Picture.jpeg Saori Hayami Voice Actor Current voice of Ruby Rose
Yoko Hikasa Profile Picture.jpg Yōko Hikasa Voice Actor Current voice of Weiss Schnee
Yu Shimamura Profile Picture.jpg Yū Shimamura Voice Actor Current voice of Blake Belladonna
Ami Koshimizu Profile Picture.jpg Ami Koshimizu Voice Actor Current voice of Yang Xiao Long
Hiro Shimono.png Hiro Shimono Voice Actor Current voice of Jaune Arc
Aya Suzuki Mako Mankanshoku.jpg Aya Suzaki Voice Actor Current voice of Nora Valkyrie, Melanie and Miltia Malachite
Megumi Toyoguchi.png Megumi Toyoguchi Voice Actor Voice of Pyrrha Nikos in Volume 1, 2 and 4 and Kali Belladonna.
Soma Saito.jpg Sōma Saitō Voice Actor Current voice of Lie Ren
Shizuka Itō Profilepicture.jpg Shizuka Itō Voice Actor Current voice of Coco Adel and Pyrrha Nikos in Volume 3
Kazuhiko Inoue.png Kazuhiko Inoue Voice Actor Current voice of Ozpin
Masumi Asano.jpg Masumi Asano Voice Actor Current voice of Glynda Goodwitch and Deery
Masaki Terasoma Profilepicture.jpg Masaki Terasoma Voice Actor Current voice of James Ironwood
Subaru Kimura.jpg Subaru Kimura Voice Actor Current voice of Cardin Winchester
Megumi Han.jpg Megumi Han Voice Actor Current voice of Penny Polendina and Velvet Scarlatina
Shinichiro Miki.jpg Shinichiro Miki Voice Actor Current voice of Roman Torchwick
Yuuko Kaida Profile Picture.png Yūko Kaida Voice Actor Current voice of Cinder Fall
Tomoaki Maeno Profile Picture.png Tomoaki Maeno Voice Actor Current voice of Sun Wukong
Yoshiki Nakajima Profilepicture.jpg Yoshiki Nakajima Voice Actor Current voice of Neptune Vasilias
Hikaru Midorikawa Profilepicture.jpg Hikaru Midorikawa Voice Actor Current voice of Mercury Black
Marina Inoue Profilepicture.jpg Marina Inoue Voice Actor Current voice of Emerald Sustrai and Whitley Schnee
Yūichi Nakamura Profilepicture.jpg Yūichi Nakamura Voice Actor Current voice of Adam Taurus
Kikuko Inoue.jpg Kikuko Inoue Voice Actor Current voice of Salem
YuichiKarasuma.png Yuichi Karasuma Voice Actor Current voice of Bartholomew Oobleck
SoichiAbe.png Soichi Abe Voice Actor Current voice of Peter Port and Dove Bronzewing
Kenyu Horiuchi.jpg Kenyu Horiuchi Voice Actor Current voice of Taiyang Xiao Long
Hiroaki Hirata.jpg Hiroaki Hirata Voice Actor Current voice of Qrow Branwen
Ayako Kawasumi.jpg Ayako Kawasumi Voice Actor Current voice of Winter Schnee and Amber
Ami Naito.jpg Ami Naito Voice Actor Current voice of Arslan Altan and Ciel Soleil
Chisato Mori.jpg Chisato Mori Voice Actor Current voice of Dew Gayl and Reese Chloris
Eiji Takeuchi.jpg Eiji Takeuchi Voice Actor Current voice of Nadir Shiko
Konomi Fujimora.jpg Konomi Fujimura Voice Actor Current voice of Neon Katt, Gwen Darcy and Neopolitan
Kijima ryuichi.jpg Ryuichi Kijima Voice Actor Current voice of Brawnz Ni and Sage Ayana
Tooru Sakurai.jpg Tooru Sakurai Voice Actor Current voice of Flynt Coal
KentaMiyakeProfile.jpg Kenta Miyake Voice Actor Current voice of Tukson
Akio Ootsuka Profile Picture.jpg Akio Ōtsuka Voice Actor Current voice of Hazel Rainart
Tooru Ookawa Profile Picture.jpg Tooru Ookawa Voice Actor Current voice of Arthur Watts
Yoku Shioya Profile Picture.jpg Yoku Shioya Voice Actor Current voice of Tyrian Callows
Rie Kugimiya Profile Picture.jpg Rie Kugimiya Voice Actor Current voice of Oscar Pine
MariyaIse.jpg Mariya Ise Voice Actor Current voice of Ilia Amitola and Young Ren
KenUo.jpg Ken Uo Voice Actor Current voice of Klein Sieben
MadokaShiga.jpg Madoka Shiga Voice Actor Current voice of Jacques Schnee
MasafumiKimura.jpg Masafumi Kimura Voice Actor Current voice of Ghira Belladonna
Megumi Hayashibara.jpg Megumi Hayashibara Voice Actor Current voice of Raven Branwen
Cast and Crew
Rooster Teeth Productions
Lindsay JonesKara EberleArryn ZechBarbara DunkelmanMiles LunaSamantha IrelandJen BrownMonty OumNeath OumAdam EllisShane NewvilleKatie NewvilleCaiti WardGarrett HunterMichael JonesKerry ShawcrossTaylor McNeeJack PattilloMaggie TomineyKathleen ZuelchShannon McCormickRyan HaywoodJoel HeymanGray G. HaddockJessica NigriJen TaylorGavin FreeWilliam OrendorffJ.J. CastilloJason RoseAshley BurnsAnna HullumSheena Duquette OumVic MignognaElizabeth MaxwellYuri LowenthalJon RisingerBlaine GibsonAaron MarquisJosh OrnelasKim NewmanFlynt FlossyYssa BadiolaJoe MacDonaldMeg TurneyLaura BaileyTravis WillinghamJosh GrelleJ. Michael TatumChristopher SabatChris GuerreroAlejandro SaabHoward WangJason DouglasTara PlattKent WilliamsAaron DismukeMike McFarlandDerek MearsCherami Leigh KuehnScott FrerichsNick LandisKaiji TangDawn M. BennettAmber Lee ConnorsApphia YuKristen McGuireBruce CareyKai ZieglerMarissa LentiDave FennoyFelecia AngelleClifford ChapinDaman MillsMonica RialLuci ChristianColleen ClinkenbeardBruce DuBoseChase McCaskillMelissa SternenbergJamie SmithLindsay SheppardMela LeeKyle PhillipsJason LiebrechtChristopher WehkampMick LauerCristina VeeRuth UrquhartChad JamesCaitlin GlassLaura YatesChris KokkinosKdin JenzenAmaLeeChristian YoungAnthony Sardinha
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