Atlas Military

A young Cordovin being used for Atlas Military propaganda

Cordovin was originally part of the Atlas Military when it was still active and had been a member since she was young. At some point, she was used for propaganda posters to convince people to join the Atlas Military.

Cordovin showing her patriotism towards Atlas

Due to her patriotism towards Atlas, she would often look down on people that weren't from her Kingdom and always believed that Atlas was superior to everyone else. At some point in the past however, she was stationed in Argus and put in command of the Argus Military Base by her coworkers in Atlas due to finding her annoying and wanting her to be as far away from the Kingdom as possible.

Despite her coworkers in Atlas finding her annoying, the Nubuck Guards and the Atlesian Soldiers stationed at the base with her willingly followed her orders such as preventing Ruby's Group from reaching Atlas due to the borders being closed and later cheering her on when she fought against them.


Ruby Rose

In "Dead End", Cordovin does not listen to Ruby and refuses to let her and the others go to Atlas. In "The Lady in the Shoe", Cordovin has no problem attempting to kill Ruby when she is stuck at the bottom of the cliff. In "Seeing Red", after Ruby's last attempt to reason with Cordovin, she refuses to listen to the Huntress. She is then overwhelmed when Ruby is willing to go inside of the cannon and destroy it from the inside at the cost of her Aura. In "Our Way", Cordovin has a reflection on Ruby's words about protecting people, and after Ruby petrifies the Leviathan with her Silver Eyes, Cordovin saves her by finishing it off when it tries to break free. She then pardons the Huntress and allows her and her group to continue to Atlas.

Weiss Schnee

Cordovin and Weiss

Cordovin does not show any hostility towards Weiss since she is originally from Atlas. She tells Weiss that she is willing to let her back to Altas if she leaves her friends behind, but Weiss refuses.

In "Stealing from the Elderly", Cordovin sounds pleased that Weiss listened to her and decides to return to Atlas alone. She tells Weiss that she hopes she will follow her sister's footsteps as heiress, without realizing Weiss is no longer the heiress.

Blake Belladonna

There has not been much interaction between them, but Cordovin refers to Blake as a "questionable character", indicating that she is discriminatory against Faunus.


Maria Calavera

Witch vs. She-devil

Maria is Cordovin's enemy. The two do not get along and Cordovin calls Maria a witch. She is annoyed by Maria's statement that the reason Cordovin is stationed in Argus because Atlas wanted to get rid of her.

In "Stealing from the Elderly", she angrily demands Maria to return her airship after she found out that she and Weiss stole her airship. She later gets very annoyed when Maria eats cashews over the radio while flying in the airship. She has no problem blasting at Maria with the Colossus.

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