Volume 6

Dead End

You're just like the rest of these Argus ingrates! This city wouldn't even be here if it weren't for our Atlesian ancestors, and what do we get in return? The entire world is ready to put a knife to our throats!
—Cordovin, to Maria Calavera
The General is no coward! Atlas is strong. If all the Kingdoms plan to make us their enemy, then so be it! Atlas will prevail!
—Cordovin, to everyone
If Miss Schnee has truly come to her senses and wishes to return to her family, then, of course, the Atlas military will escort her home. But the Kingdom will not be responsible for her "friends" of... questionable character.
—Cordovin, to Weiss Schnee

Stealing from the Elderly

Ah, I was relieved to hear that you came to your senses, Miss Schnee. Many of us were devastated when we heard you would be attending... Beacon Academy. Knowing that you'll be returning to Atlas just warms my old heart.
—Cordovin, to Weiss
You thought you could undermine my authority? If you don't return my ship this INSTANT, I will make an example out of you. I will show you the true might of Atlas!
—Cordovin, demanding that Maria return her airship
Clearly the people have forgotten that they live in peace thanks to the awesome might of Atlas!
—Cordovin, to everyone
It's time you asked yourselves, children... Do you truly wish to defy me?
—Cordovin, to everyone

The Lady in the Shoe

You little spider-coaches thought you could creep your way to Atlas?! Well, let's see how your resolve holds out against the might of the Atlesian Military!
—Cordovin, to everyone
This is what happens when you think you know better than those rightfully in charge!
—Cordovin, to Ruby Rose

Seeing Red

Surrender for your crimes, and accept your punishment.
—Cordovin, to Ruby
No! No, no, no, NO!!! You! You're never getting to Atlas! Do you hear me?! NEVER!!! All forces converge on my position and eliminate these pests at once!
—Cordovin, to everyone

Our Way

This is your fault! Do you hear me?!
—Cordovin, to everyone
This is your fault!! YOUR FAULT!!! This is... your fault...
—Cordovin, to everyone before giving up yelling
I'll take it from here!! After all, I was sworn to protect the people!
—Cordovin, to Ruby on dealing with the Leviathan
The Atlas military can handle the stragglers.
—Cordovin, to Ruby
I'm saying I don't think anyone would notice if one more ship went missing in my lengthy report.
—Cordovin, to Ruby
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