RWBY: After the Fall

Chapter One

This old thing? I've had it forever. Picked it up in Mistral years ago. I want your purse. Who's the designer?
—Carmine after having her complimented for her outfit by Coco Adel
You made it yourself? Must be one of a kind. Careful, or I might have to take it from you.
—Carmine on Coco's outfit
I'll take a rain check. And I don't mean that in the Vacuo way. It rains so infrequently here, a 'rain check' is kind of their version of 'when pigs fly.'
—Carmine explains Vacuan culture
Originally? Atlas, believe it or not. Could you picture me in a uniform?
—Carmine tells Coco her origins
A lot has happened since I left. If you have time later, I'll gladly regale you with some hunting stories, but right now I should check on the Caspians.
—Carmine to Coco
Did you forget we're on the clock? We work for them. Let's go.
—Carmine scolds her partner, Bertilak Celadon

Chapter Four

We were worried. The desert is no place for an old man.
—Carmine to Edward Caspian
Hey, I'm not that old.
—Carmine, once Bertilak likens Team CFVY's experience to still being babies whilst he and Carmine were already in the field

Chapter Six

—Carmine's catchphrase in RWBY: After the Fall, repeatedly said in a hostile and annoyed tone
But you did sit down. Now, Slate makes a good point. Maybe we should leave. Now that we know Edward is drawing the Grimm, we should take him away from here as soon as possible.
—Carmine smugly snaps back at Bertilak's rude behavior from her ordering him.
It's remote, on the edge of CCT range, when the system was working. Guess it's moot now. But for a couple of people who don't want to be bothered? Bliss.
—Carmine on the western shore of Vacuo.
Nope. We're not doing this. Let's go, kid.
—Carmine attempts to avoid a fight with CFVY

Chapter Seven

Locked and loaded.

Chapter Nine

Not your fault, kid. Bertilak must have noticed and hurried after him. Bertilak kind of does his own thing a lot of the time, if you hadn't noticed. Too often, if you ask me. That's one of the drawbacks when it's just the two of you hunting Grimm, instead of a team with a strong leader to keep everyone in check. You'll see one day.
—Carmine awkwardly attempts to comfort August Caspian after Edward's disappearance

Chapter Twelve

What're we doing? And what fresh headache is that?
—Carmine upon seeing a Flatback Slider

Chapter Fifteen

Not bad. I think I'll keep this.
—Carmine eyes Fulcrum after taking it from Yatuhashi
Give up now, boy. And maybe I'll go easy on you.
—Carmine threatens Yatsuhashi

Chapter Sixteen

Bertilak! What are you doing, you idiot?
—Carmine screams at Bertilak
I thought you were supposed to be some kind of hotshot students, but none of you can take me down.
—Carmine to CFVY

About Carmine

Chapter One

Another benefit of wearing sunglasses was people couldn't tell when you were staring, and Coco couldn't take her eyes off the fit, dark-skinned woman. Tinted goggles were perched atop her head, and her wild, unbound scarlet hair reached just past her waist. Freckles dotted her nose and cheeks. A streak of silver hair starting at her left temple shone in the firelight, mirroring the short silver cape draped over her ride side. A chain mail crop top exposed her midriff, and he completed the ensemble with a black belt, red mini-shorts, and thigh-high black boots. Holsters on her belt held a pair of long said.
—Carmine's description

Chapter Three

The Huntsmen were leaving anyway. We just tagged along. As long as we kept up with them, they didn't mind. Much.
—Amaranth to Yatsuhashi Daichi on Carmine and Bertilak
They aren't the sharing type. The Caspians hired Bertilak and Carmine for protection, and whatever their faults, those Huntsmen are serious about protecting them – from everyone.
Slate comments on Carmine and Bertilak's suspicious behavior
Either Bertilak and Carmine aren't team platers, which is odd for Huntsmen, or they're hiding something.

Chapter Nine

Her skin glistened and she smelled like aloe, a common sunscreen cream in Vacuo. Very nice. Coco blushed.

Chapter Thirteen

I knew something was up with Bertilak and Carmine. I knew they weren't behaving like real Huntsmen.
—Edward Caspian
Bertilak and Carmine...they knew that we were causing those emotion bombs. I hired these fools to take us to safety, but over time, I realized they weren't taking us west at all, at least not directly. By the time I figured that out, though, we were already in the desert and the Grimm were following us – we needed the Huntsmen to survive. So I figured I'd try the distress call, see if it brought anyone in.
—Edward Caspian to Fox

Chapter Fifteen

We've sparred with Telekinesis before. And I'm willing to bet you're not as good as Goodwitch.
—Coco to Carmine

RWBY: Before the Dawn

Promotional Materials

Fancy meeting you here.
—Carmine and Coco reunite
Oh, you boys are in trouble now.
—Carmine to two Jackalope Grimm

RWBY: Amity Arena

Carmine is a veteran huntress hailing from Shade Academy currently active in Vacuo. An extremely skillfull, cunning individual, she lives up to her reputation as a rattlesnake of the sands. Every fiber of her being oozes style and cool that impresses a certain other stylish and cool huntress-in-training, immediately. Because it was the first time Coco found another individual as chic and fashionable, if not more so, than herself.

Carmine fights with wit and wiles to reach her goals, and is capable of feats of great power with her Sai, Semblance, and mastery over the desert. But in the end, her ability to manipulate the things around her is what makes her a truly fearsome huntress.

"I love your outfit." -Coco

"I want your purse. Who's the designer?" -Carmine​"
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