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The Cargo Airship (unofficial) was an Atlesian transport aircraft introduced in the episode "No Safe Haven" of Volume 4 piloted by an unnamed pilot. More of them are seen in Volume 8.



The airship transported cargo across the Kingdoms.

It had a bulky hull, with two large wings that had two intakes on each wing and three smaller winglets were placed over the top of the aircraft. There were three large engines on the back of it.

The airship had an autopilot, but it could also be piloted remotely, which was exploited by Arthur Watts.

Interior and Accommodations

The bridge of the airship

The cargo hold

The bridge of the airship was seen in "Welcome to Haven". It had a single workstation to pilot the ship and to receive radio transmissions on a wavelength screen.

It also had a cargo hold in the back which was used for transporting objects and passengers.


The airship is first seen in "No Safe Haven" when Weiss Schnee pays a pilot to sneak away from Atlas and fly to Mistral.

Over the course of "Welcome to Haven" and "Dread in the Air", the airship travels over Lake Matsu in the continent of Anima. During this period, it encounters a swarm of Lancers and a Queen Lancer. Following the battle with the Grimm, the cargo airship crash lands near the shore of the lake, where it remains in a badly damaged state.

The same model ship later returns in "Witch" during the Battle of Atlas to transport a bomb from the city to the front lines in Winter Schnee's plan to blow up Monstra. However, Monstra is destroyed before they have a chance to use the bomb and it's flown back to Atlas.

Several of these were seen stationed inside a hangar in Atlas.

Harriet Bree decides to follow James Ironwood's plan to blow up Mantle and takes the airship alongside Vine Zeki. To follow them, Qrow Branwen transforms into his corvid form to fly into the airship's cockpit and take Harriet in a fight. Meanwhile Robyn Hill flies after them in another Cargo Airship leading to a air chase. Robyn crashes into the first airship which accidentally makes Harriet arm the bomb while fighting Qrow. To make matters worse Watts takes over the autopilot.

After Harriet realizes what she is doing Vine puts her on Robyn's airship and creates a shield around the airship carrying the bomb, sacrificing himself but saving Mantle for the time being.

After Atlas falls Qrow, Robyn, Harriet, Elm and Marrow remain flying above the ruins calling out not knowing if anyone survived with Qrow trying to contact his nieces.