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The Cargo Airship (unofficial) is an Atlesian transport aircraft piloted by an unnamed pilot.


The airship is first seen in "No Safe Haven" when Weiss Schnee pays a pilot to sneak away from Atlas and fly to Mistral.

Over the course of "Welcome to Haven" and "Dread in the Air", the airship travels over Lake Matsu in the continent of Anima. During this period, it encounters a swarm of Lancers and a Queen Lancer. Following the battle with the Grimm, the cargo airship crash lands near the shore of the lake, where it remains in a badly damaged state.


The airship transports cargo across the Kingdoms.

It has a bulky hull, with two large wings that have two intakes on each wing and three smaller winglets are placed over the top of the aircraft. There are three large engines on the back of it.

Interior and AccommodationsEdit

V5 01 00009

The bridge of the airship

The bridge of the airship is seen in "Welcome to Haven". It has a single workstation to pilot the ship and to receive radio transmissions on a wavelength screen.

V5 02 00018

The cargo hold

It also has a cargo hold in the back which is used for transporting objects and passengers.


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