That's a big Ursa!
—Russel, leaving Cardin to fight off the Ursa by himself

"Cardin vs. Ursa Major" is a conflict that occurred at Forever Fall during "Forever Fall, Pt.2", where Cardin Winchester is attacked by an Ursa Major.

Preceding Events[edit | edit source]

On a school field trip to Forever Fall, after forcing Jaune Arc to collect sap from the trees, Cardin, with the rest of his team, brings Jaune to a cliff overlooking the area where the rest of the students are.

Cardin then tells Jaune to throw a jar of red sap at his own teammate, Pyrrha Nikos, to get back at her for when she previously humiliated Cardin in class.

However, Jaune, unwilling to attack his teammate, throws it at Cardin instead. Infuriated, Cardin responds to this act by beating Jaune up. However, the smell of the red sap attracts a large Ursa, who interrupts Cardin's assault on Jaune and triggers the confrontation.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

The appearance of the Ursa causes the entirety of Team CRDL to panic and flee, with the exception of Cardin. The Ursa then proceeds to attack Cardin due to the presence of red sap on his armor.

Cardin attempts to defend himself with The Executioner, but is quickly disarmed by a swipe from the Ursa. As the Ursa attempts to finish Cardin off, Jaune intervenes, initiating the next phase of the fight against the Ursa.

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