Volume 1


This is the part where you lose.
—Cardin, to Jaune Arc during their sparring match
I told you it was real!
—Cardin, bullying Velvet Scarlatina about her bunny ears

Jaunedice, Pt.2

Well, I know it's a lot easier to train an animal than a soldier.
—Cardin, replying to Bartholomew Oobleck's question, demonstrating his bigotry
I couldn't help but overhear you two from my dorm room. So, you snuck into Beacon, huh? I gotta say, Jaune, I never expected you to be such a rebel!
—Cardin, eavesdropping on Jaune's secret
Don't worry, Jaune; your secret's safe with me.
—Cardin, blackmailing Jaune

Forever Fall

Oh-hoho. You've done it now.
—Cardin, to Jaune in the Forever Fall forest

Forever Fall, Pt.2

You know that wasn't very smart, Jaunie-boy.
—Cardin, to Jaune as he pummels him

Volume 2


Lucky shot...
—Cardin, after losing to Pyrrha Nikos

RWBY Chibi

Uh, my name. It's Cardin, not-- It's fine! Let's go with Karen.
—Cardin, after Cinder Fall misreads his name
Let's see... (chuckle) I'm always beating up Jaune and his loser friends at school! Oh! I- I once put pepper in Professor Port's moustache! (laughs) He was sneezing for a week! I also never pet dogs. Not even really. Cute. Puppies.
—Cardin's evil résumé
My name's Cardin Winchester, I'm a huge fan of your work. You're a legend in the bully community! I wanna learn from you! How to beat down those nerds and losers with style!
—Cardin to Roman Torchwick
Ow! My head! I use that sometimes!
—Cardin as the Shopkeep beats him
Hah! Take that, squirrel! Bye-bye, birdie! Hah! Nailed ya, crow! (chuckles) Animals are so stupid.
—Cardin attacking animals (before the Crow knocks him unconscious)


Chapter 1

Oops. My bad. Didn't mean to kick the ball your way.
—Cardin, after knocking Jaune into Team RWBY's lunch table
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