Volume 1Edit


This is the part where you lose.
—Cardin, to Jaune Arc during their sparring match
I told you it was real!
—Cardin, bullying Velvet Scarlatina about her bunny ears

Jaunedice, Pt.2Edit

Well, I know it's a lot easier to train an animal than a soldier.
—Cardin, replying to Bartholomew Oobleck's question, demonstrating his bigotry
I couldn't help but overhear you two from my dorm room. So, you snuck into Beacon, huh? I gotta say, Jaune, I never expected you to be such a rebel!
—Cardin, eavesdropping on Jaune's secret
Don't worry, Jaune; your secret's safe with me.
—Cardin, blackmailing Jaune

Forever FallEdit

Oh-hoho. You've done it now.
—Cardin, to Jaune in the Forever Fall forest

Forever Fall, Pt.2Edit

You know that wasn't very smart, Jaunie-boy.
—Cardin, to Jaune as he pummels him

Volume 2Edit


Lucky shot...
—Cardin, after losing to Pyrrha Nikos

RWBY ChibiEdit

Uh, my name. It's Cardin, not-- It's fine! Let's go with Karen.
—Cardin, after Cinder Fall misreads his name
Let's see... (chuckle) I'm always beating up Jaune and his loser friends at school! Oh! I- I once put pepper in Professor Port's moustache! (laughs) He was sneezing for a week! I also never pet dogs. Not even really. Cute. Puppies.
—Cardin's evil résumé
My name's Cardin Winchester, I'm a huge fan of your work. You're a legend in the bully community! I wanna learn from you! How to beat down those nerds and losers with style!
—Cardin to Roman Torchwick
Ow! My head! I use that sometimes!
—Cardin as the Shopkeep beats him
Hah! Take that, squirrel! Bye-bye, birdie! Hah! Nailed ya, crow! (chuckles) Animals are so stupid.
—Cardin attacking animals (before the Crow knocks him unconscious)


Chapter 1Edit

Oops. My bad. Didn't mean to kick the ball your way.
—Cardin, after knocking Jaune into Team RWBY's lunch table

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