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Ship Crew, Blake and Sun vs. Sea Feilong "Of Runaways and Stowaways" Won


Battle at Sea

The Captain approaches Blake Belladonna to learn more about her story. He quickly realizes to his amusement that she would rather be left alone. When a Sea Feilong Grimm attacks the boat. The Captain immediately goes into action, ordering his crew to help the Huntsmen and coming up with a plan to slay the monster.

Afterward, the Captain and the First Mate complete another voyage from Patch to Anima, transporting Yang Xiao Long and Bumblebee across the sea and later waving goodbye to her.

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Helping Hand

He later helps Blake, Sun, and Ghira Belladonna by providing transport to the Faunus militia headed for the city of Mistral to defend Haven Academy from the White Fang.

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