Volume 7

Cordially Invited

It's obvious that no kingdom intends to declare war on Atlas. We had no involvement in the incident at Haven, we have proof our drones weren't acting on orders at Beacon. At this point, the closure of Atlas borders is only serving to hurt our relations with the rest of the world.
—Camilla, about the previous incidents relating to Beacon and Haven

As Above, So Below

General, since the day you were appointed Headmaster, there have been Atlesians who are skeptical of one man holding two Council seats.
—Camilla, to Ironwood about his status as Headmaster and his reason for holding two Council seats
Is that... Arthur Watts?
—Camilla, shocked to see Watts with Jacques in the paused video
What else will he be able to do with the access Jacques' given him?
—Camilla, about what Watts received from Jacques
Ironwood wouldn't lie about something like this.
—Camilla, to Sleet about Ironwood telling them about Salem and Grimm
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