Cordial Dinner

Councilwoman Camilla was invited for the dinner hosted by Jacques Schnee in the Schnee Manor to discuss James Ironwood's seat in the Atlesian Council, along with Sleet and Robyn Hill.

During dinner, Camilla questions Ironwood's choice to keep Atlas' borders closed, citing the fact Atlas had nothing to do with the attack on Haven Academy and later stating that they have now acquired proof that their drones were not acting on their orders during the Fall of Beacon and that by closing the borders, Atlas' relationship with the rest of the world was being hurt.

Along with the rest of the council, Camilla calls for James to trust and work alongside them. However, Weiss Schnee interrupts the council to inform them of Jacques working with Arthur Watts to rig the election in his favor. After Jacques is arrested, Camilla is informed of Salem's existence alongside Sleet and Robyn by Ironwood.

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Martial Law

Camilla horrified after Ironwood kills Sleet

When Ironwood placed Atlas under martial law, both Camilla and Sleet arrived at the Atlas Medical Facility in order to confront him. As the two shove aside the medical technicians guarding the hallway, Ironwood stepped out into the hallway and shot and killed Sleet, much to Camilla's horror.

It is currently unknown what happened to Camilla following Sleet's death and the destruction of Atlas and Mantle.

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