It's obvious that no Kingdom intends to declare war on Atlas. We had no involvement in the incident at Haven, we have proof our drones weren't acting on orders at Beacon. At this point, the closure of Atlas borders is only serving to hurt our relations with the rest of the world.

Councilwoman Camilla is a character in RWBY. She was a member of the Atlas Council, making her one of the Kingdom's leaders, before its destruction in "The Final Word".


Camilla has a dark complexion, styling her gray hair with a curly style. She wears purple eyeshadow and a black shirt with a wine-red coat over the top. Camilla wears a golden necklace around her neck and matching earrings. She wears black pants and a black belt with a golden circular buckle.


Camilla is a cordial woman who put her concerns for the Kingdom of Atlas before other priorities. Like the other councilmen of the Kingdom, she appeared to be frustrated with James Ironwood's practices as General and Headmaster of Atlas Academy and had begun expressing expiration and worry for the Kingdom due to the Dust Embargo and closing of its borders from the rest of the world implemented by him, showing that she valued her Kingdom's prosperity and diplomatic relations greatly and desired to restore it before it was too late.


Councilwoman Camilla made her debut in "Cordially Invited", appearing in the dinner hosted by Jacques Schnee in the Schnee Manor to discuss James Ironwood's seat in the Atlesian Council, along with Sleet and Robyn Hill.

During dinner, Camilla questions Ironwood's choice to keep Atlas' borders closed, citing the fact Atlas had nothing to do with the attack on Haven Academy and later stating that they have now acquired proof that their drones were not acting on their orders during the Fall of Beacon and that by closing the borders, Atlas' relationship with the rest of the world was being hurt.

Along with the rest of the council, Camilla calls for James to trust and work alongside them. However, Weiss Schnee interrupts the council to inform them of Jacques working with Arthur Watts to rig the election in his favor. After Jacques is arrested, Camilla is informed of Salem's existence alongside Sleet and Robyn by Ironwood.

When Ironwood placed Atlas under martial law, both Camilla and Sleet arrive to the Atlas Medical Facility in order to confront him. As the two shove aside the medical technicians guarding the hallway, Ironwood stepped out into the hallway and shot and killed Sleet, much to Camilla's horror.

It is currently unknown what happened to Camilla following Sleet's death.

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  • Camilla may refer to Camellia, a genus of flowering plants which are traditionally pink in color
  • Alternatively, the name Camilla is associated with the Old Roman family name, Camillus. It was also the name of a legendary warrior maiden of the Volscians in Virgil's Latin epic, Aeneid.
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