Episode 6 - "Burning the Candle"Edit

  1. Model - When Yang Xiao Long baits Blake towards her with a laser pointer, Yang can be seen pointing the laser pointer at Blake, but Blake is still looking at the dot on the floor.
  2. Model - At 8:44, the hilt of Gambol Shroud can be seen through Yang's suddenly partially transparent hair.
  3. Model - At 8:56, the shadow on Gambol Shroud's holster flickers for a moment after Yang pushed Blake onto the table.
  4. Model - Blake Belladonna's bow changes from black, to blue, to teal, to black before and during the dance.
  5. Model - The curtain behind Nora Valkyrie has the same cut as the curtain in Team RWBY's dorm room.
  6. Model - When Blake was first shown in her formal attire, she did not wear any accessories on her arms. But once she is shown on the dance floor, she is suddenly seen wearing a pair of black wristbands.

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