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Bumblebee[1] is the name of Yang Xiao Long's motorcycle. It was first seen in the "Yellow" Trailer.

The bike fell into a river after Yang drove it off a cliff and dropped it on Adam Taurus during their fight, possibly leaving it damaged or swept away in the current.


Being Yang's personal bike, it shares her yellow-themed color scheme. It appears to be a sports bike, with a design emphasizing speed and aerodynamics.

The sides of the engine compartment include supercharger intakes; a close view of the rear wheel whilst the vehicle is in motion shows a complex high-ratio gearing in operation. These all indicate that the bike has a very powerful engine and the capability to use that power efficiently.

In an interesting variation on the motorcycle design, Bumblebee does not have a kickstand for balance when it is parked. This suggests that it may use some form of gyro-stabilization or have an as-of-yet-unseen and unspecified non-physical stabilizing system to keep it upright when stationary. However, this may also simply be an oversight.


  • While riding it, Yang wears a yellow biker's helmet and yellow-tinted goggles. Later, it would become a pair of aviator shades.
  • The name for Yang's motorcycle was brought up in the RWBY Crew Chat live stream that aired on October 24th, 2013. Miles stated that he forgot the motorcycle's full name. According to Miles, the name was "The (something) Bumblebee". It was brought up during the chat in response to a question about a fan ship of Blake Belladonna and Yang that has also been named Bumblebee.[2]
    • In reference to this fan ship, Bumblebee is also the name for a double team formation performed by Blake and Yang during a battle in "Painting the Town...".



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