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Brunswick Farms is a farm located in the mountains of northern Anima that first appeared in "So That's How It Is".


Brunswick Farms consists of a large two-story farmhouse, several greenhouses flanking a cobblestone drive that leads to the house, and a red metal gate with an arch with the farm name over it. There are also at least two barns and several other smaller homes for farm workers. The well is fed by a network of water tunnels running under the farm. The farm is accessible by a trail leading up from near the railway line traveled by the Argus Limited, as well as a road that leads to Argus.

The farmhouse has a large front hall with a staircase leading to the second floor on the left. A ground floor library with a fireplace is to the left. Straight ahead is a bar and a large storage room for food and alcohol with a cellar door that is chained shut. There are several bedrooms are upstairs.

After having defeated the Grimm attack on the Argus Limited and encountering Jinn, Team RWBY, Qrow Branwen, Oscar Pine, and Maria Calavera follow the trail and find the farm. They enter the grounds seeking shelter from a snowstorm. Searching the grounds, they find the former occupants dead in their beds. In the library, Maria discovers the journals of Bartleby, the owner.

After spending the night at the farm, Team RWBY discovers a pack of Apathy living in the water tunnels underneath the farm. Escaping from the Apathy by breaking through the chained shut cellar door, Weiss uses the alcohol from the bar to light a fire to stop the remaining Apathy. The fire spreads and destroys the main farmhouse with the pack of Apathy inside it.

As the group drives down the road on a trailer pulled by Bumblebee, Maria read the last entries in the journal. Bartleby had tried to save expenses by reducing the need for huntsmen, so he captured two Apathy in the belief that they would reduce any strong emotions of the farm residents without doing any serious injury. However, the rest of the pack of Apathy followed Bartleby and made their way into the water tunnels. The remaining farm huntsman was killed attempting to stop the Apathy, and the rest of the farm residents died in their sleep from the nihilistic inducing abilities of the Apathy rendering them too tired and weakened to even leave their beds to eat or work.


  • Brunswick is a German city related to the "The Wild Huntsman", a Headless Horseman-like legend. It fits the Color Naming Rule by being partially named for Bruno, Duke of Saxony, which derives from the Germanic braun, meaning "brown" or "armor".
  • Bartleby was named after the Herman Melville short story "Bartleby the Scrivener", about an apathetic clerk who refuses to do anything because he would "prefer not to". It was one of Miles Luna's inspirations for the Apathy Grimm.[1]


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