My own Semblance is nothing so glamorous... But I've always had a knack for detecting patterns... and unlocking puzzles.
—Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne is a main character who first appeared in RWBY/Justice League. He is based on his DC Comics counterpart Batman.

After the final battle against Starro, he decides to leave Remnant and travels to the multiverse with Justice League.


He is a young Bat Faunus with bat ears, short, slicked back black hair and blue eyes. He has a x-shaped scar on the lower right side of his face, and one diagonal scar on his left eyebrow.

When he first appears he is where a smart black blazer, waistcoat and trousers alongside a white shirt and orange bow tie. His bat ears are hidden under a black top hat with golden trim. He also wears a pair of black slip on brogues and a long blue coat with golden decorated lapels, hem and cuffs.

After leaving Atlas he wears a dark grey (appears navy blue sometimes) long coat with a light grey t-shirt that has golden trim and small lace up V section near the top as well as a pair of grey trousers and black shoes

In the concept art and cover art he wears a black jumpsuit and boots with gray sectioned gauntlets that have three black scallops on them and calf armor alongside armor over his boots. He also sports a matching gray chestplate with the Bat Symbol in the centre of it. In additional, he wears a gray scarf cape that covers half of his bottom face along with black fingerless gloves. He also sports a utility belt with an attached sash. This concept was fully introduced during Issue 5 (Digital) Issue 3 (Print).


He is mature, wise and patient young man. He seems to tolerate people from Atlas's hatred toward Faunus despite of him being rich. He is also shown to be a bit of a romantic as shown when he meets Diana for the first time.

When Starro brainwashed Jessica Cruz and made her project the traumas of the Group, Bruce's trauma was revealed to be the deaths of his parents.

Powers and Abilities

His Semblance "Detective Mode" gives him the ability to detect patterns and unlock puzzles. He is also shown to be able to mirror supersonics through whistling being able to shake or bring down a chandelier in the Schnee Manor to prevent a thief from escaping.


Bruce's weapon is called "Batwing" and is a black double headed battle axe, with it's blades resembling Batarangs or the Batman symbol that his DC Comics Counterpart is commonly seen using.


Sometime in the past, Bruce's parents were shot and killed by an unknown assailant, leaving him to be taken care of by a guardian.

He is wealthy teenager that is a Faunus hailing from Atlas and is first seen attending a ball at the Schnee Manor where he meets Weiss. The two of them slowly become friends and work together after Bruce is revealed to be a Faunus after being accused of stealing Mr. Alban's pocket watch. Bruce used his Semblance to uncover the true thief and brought down a chandelier over the door through mirroring supersonics. After leaving Atlas with Weiss, he is brought to Beacon and meets Professor Ozpin, the other members of Team RWBY alongside Clark and Diana where he learns of students with powerful Semblances vanishing across Remnant including Team JNPR. As the group's split up, Bruce invites Ruby to accompany him to the Faunus Quarter where another Speedster is located.

Bruce and Ruby make it to the Faunus Quarter and together they work to figure out who the Speedster discovering several wanted posters. After analyzing several nearby Faunus, they encounter a Fox Faunus is red and gold when runs off, prompting Bruce to tell Ruby to show her how fast she is as she gives chase. Eventually after catching her, the duo run into the real Speedster, Barry Allen. After being introduced to him and Jesse Quick, Bruce and Ruby learned that Jaune and Pyrrha have been seen around the Faunus Quarter thanks to Jesse vetting them for Barry. Bruce along with Ruby are taken back to Barry and Jesse's home where they meet Nora Allen who invites them to stay due to the disappearances happening. Barry reveals he has hooked up his TV to some of the Faunus Quarter cameras and shows them Pyrrha and Jaune before the feed dies. The group realizes that soon everyone could be control as they look at the window.

The group would reconvene with the remainder of Team RWBY and the rest of the Justice League in Vale, where they were attacked by mind-controlled enemies: Team JNPR, a Tentacle Grimm, and several Faunus who all wore distinct masks. They are rescued by the Green Lantern, Jessica Cruz. After making an escape, Jessica explains her origin and reveals the existence of the alien conqueror, Starro, and his plans of world domination to the group as she shows a hologram of the universe, Remnant included. There, she enlists their help in stopping Starro, explaining Starro's intent to conquer the world through the use of powerful Semblances and the might of the Atlas Military.

Shortly after, Arthur Curry takes the group to Atlantis, a city lost to time which is his home. There, they have a moment to rest while Arthur gathers intel from spies in Atlantis, discovering that Starro has aligned with Mr. Lloyd, and the two plan on taking the Dust weaponry to a hanger on the coast of Atlas. The group spends on last night in Atlantis to prepare and enjoy themselves, and in the next morning, set off for Atlas to face Starro.

Given how none of Team RWBY or most of the Justice League can fight in deep waters, the team hatches a plan to defeat Starro. Diana, being one of the few who can survive underwater, attacks Starro without being alerted due to being an Automaton, who does not register as human. With that, Arthur and Blake Belladonna draw Starro's forces to battle, where Victor Stone disables them with his technomancy Semblance. As the fight between Starro's forces and the Justice League wages, Starro calls on Team JNPR to provide himself aid.

As the Justice League’s battle against Starro continues, a mind-controlled Team JNPR joins the fray and does battle with their friends, Team RWBY. During the fight, Jessica Cruz’s mind is taken hold by Starro as she tries to help RWBY, and she begins to attack them. As the strongest member of the Justice League, Jessica uses her powers of creation to create images of Raven Branwen, Summer Rose, Adam Taurus, and Jacques Schnee to distract Team RWBY, and the various origins of the members of the Justice League.  The Trinity of the Justice League escape the fight, and lure Starro into a Dust hanger off the coast of Atlas, exploding it with Starro inside, freeing the mind controlled victims.

Starro, nearly defeated by the explosion, appears on the coast. Weakened, he loses his hold over most creatures he had mind control over. Still under mind control, Team JNPR attempts to defeat Team RWBY briefly before their mind control fades. Starro attempts one final assault, facing the entirety of the Justice League, RWBY, and JNPR, only to fail. With the alien defeated, Jessica imprisons Starro and leaves to seal him away for good as the heroes aid survivors and celebrate their victory.

With Starro defeated, the heroes return to Vale, where Ozpin congratulates and thanks the Justice League. The team goes to the Allen family’s apartment, where Bruce Wayne has provided funding for the Faunus in the area. There, they decide and actualize the idea of the Watchtower, a base of operations that can be found beyond Remnant’s atmosphere through a special Dust that Jessica Cruz has created, where the League can watch for unknown dangers and protect the world.

In Atlas, Bruce, Victor, and Weiss dedicate Bruce’s old manor to being an immense orphanage, where kids won’t be exploited. Arthur offers Jessica Cruz a gift, and the League leaves Remnant to protect the world with a goodbye to Team RWBY.


  • References and Differences from the DC Comics version:
    • The DC Comics version of Bruce Wayne is a human, while this version is a Faunus.
      • However, Bruce’s parents were humans and yet he’s the only Faunus in the family. It is unknown whether if he was adopted or not since they were not Faunus.
    • His weapon is called Batwing, which is a reference to his DC Comics counterpart's craft that he is commonly seen flying.
    • Bruce's unnamed butler and guardian is a reference to his DC counterpart's butler, Alfred Pennyworth.
    • The DC Comics version of Bruce is praised, loved, admired and respected by the public as a rich man, but this version of Bruce despite being rich, he is still hated, disgusted and disrespected by the people from Atlas due to his Faunus heritage.
    • His bat ears are a nod to his traditional bat-themed cowl in the comics.
    • Bruce, like the rest of the Remnant versions of the Justice League, keeps his DC counterpart's color scheme.
  • Bruce's first name means "Like wind through a thorn bush, through brushes and rushes and willow trees". Willow trees commonly bring browns and greens to mind. Wayne also means wagon builder and driver which also brings browns to mind.
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