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The Branwen Tribe is a group of bandits that operate in Anima, led by Raven Branwen.


It is unknown when the tribe was formed. Twin siblings, Raven and Qrow Branwen, were raised in the tribe which consisted, according to Qrow, of murderers and thieves. The tribe sent the twins to enroll in combat school to learn how to counter the Huntsmen, the only major threat toward the tribe other than Grimm. The two ended up attending Beacon Academy and comprised half of Team STRQ. Raven eventually returned to the tribe and became its leader, but Qrow did not, having grown to dislike their previous lifestyle.


The tribe survives by raiding villages and stealing their resources. Their attacks attract Grimm that then kill everyone in the village leaving behind nothing but bodies and destroyed remains. When fighting a village, the tribe is more formidable.[1]

Its been implied by the Tribe's current leader, Raven Branwen that the Bandit Tribe follows her philosophy of survival of the fittest and only respects those who have what it takes to survive. She wears a mask to not only hide her Maiden powers, but also to be intimidating when leading her tribe.[2]


The bandits live in a simple, but lived-in cobbled-together camp. The camp is a temporary settlement as the tribe migrates through Anima. The camp has a wooden log wall with a single gate. A path leads through the camp to the main open area in front of a large tent of the tribal leader. The camp is comprised out of different tents, created out of scavenged resources. Cut down tree stumps and campfires are scattered throughout the campsite.

Raven keeps a lot of different items from the villages her tribe had pillaged.[3]


Present Day

10 years before the events of "RWBY" the previous Spring Maiden abandoned her duties while joining the Branwen Tribe. While Raven tried to teach her how to use her powers, she eventually came to the conclusion she couldn't survive on her own and killed her. After this, she inherited her powers while keeping up the act by using a decoy.

The tribe prioritizes its own survival, holding a view of "survival of the fittest". They are responsible for multiple raids on villages, such as Shion.

The tribe normally does not deal in trafficking people, but Weiss Schnee was a notable exception. They originally planned to hold her hostage and ransom her back to her father Jacques Schnee. However, they abandoned this plan once Weiss freed herself.

When Yang Xiao Long goes to Mistral in order to find her mother, she encounters Shay D. Mann, one of the bandits in the tribe who told her he could lead her to her. In truth, he intended to rob her with the help of other bandits in the tribe, leading to a fight breaking out.

When the camp is discovered by people looking for the Spring Maiden, Raven ordered the tribe to move. She and Vernal agreed to help them as long as they help her kill Qrow in the process. In reality, they were planning to betray them to save themselves.

During the Battle of Haven, Raven and Vernal participate in order to steal the Relic of Knowledge for the Tribe. During the fight, Vernal is killed by Cinder Fall as she learns she was just a decoy.

Raven reveals herself as the true Spring Maiden and begins to fight her. Thanks to the help of Vernal before she died, Raven managed to defeat Cinder and opened the Haven Vault before Yang confronted her.

After learning about how her mother killed the previous Spring Maiden and tried to justify it with her Tribe's ideology, Yang realized that her mother was just a coward running away from Salem. After she accused her of this and convinced her to let her take the Relic instead, Raven runs away in tears using her bond to Taiyang Xiao Long instead of rejoining her tribe.


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  • The Branwen Tribe alludes to "Branwen the Blessed" from Norse mythology.


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